Saturday, 18 May 2013

"He was alive!"

When I first viewed this profoundly distressing interview the first thing that struck after the deep look of guilt and regret on their faces was that the two on each side were obviously Hispanic, confirmed a few moments later when their names appeared. These were presumably Catholic women. What happened to them and to the main spokeswoman that they could do such things to other women and to the babies. You can see they were brainwashed and still partly in denial; every few times it slips through, "baby" rather than the usual "fetus" reference.

Gosnell's trial is going to cause more of these outings and very soon. Women working in these clinics now are coming to realize that they are accomplices to murder.

It is worthy to remember that the President of the United States of America supports these murders. It is recorded fact that he stood against the implementation of laws to protect babies born alive as a result of what is incorrectly called, "a botched abortion." Make no mistake, there is nothing botched about the baby being born alive through forced labour at these late weeks.

Barack Hussein Obama has blood on his hands. So does Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Joseph Clark, Brian Mulroney,Kim Campbell, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper in Canada, especially with all except Prime Minister Harper and the easily forgotten Campbell being Catholic.

Many of us have blood on our hands by our votes, by our direct action and by our inaction.

This video is disturbing, it is moving, but it must be watched. More; it must be spread around. America, Canada, the world must see this, must listen.

This crime will not end until people change; or until God has had enough and can no longer hold back His hand.

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Barona said...

And what did our bishops say when these "Catholic" PMs supported murder? It is time to discuss the silence of the Canadian bishops --- where is the Pastoral letter of abortion? Where?????