Sunday, 30 January 2011

London Catholic Foundation to host Anti-Catholic Speaker

Why has a Catholic charitable foundation invited an anti-Catholic bigot to speak at a fundraising dinner? The group is the Monsignor Feeney Foundation for Catholic Education in the Diocese of London. The anti-Catholic bigot is Stephen Lewis, former leader of the Ontario Socialist Party, also known as the NDP (New Democratic Party) and Canadian Ambassador to that other Internationalist Organization, the United Nations. Lewis also heads a foundation, humbly named after himself to promote condom use in Africa. Lewis once accused the Pope of "complete indifference to the vulnerability of women, who are so hugely and disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS." For more of Lewis' quotations about the Pope, Ian Hunter has summarized them on Catholic Insight. Herman Gooder also writes frankly about the matter in today's London Free Press. The issue was also brought to the news by the ubiquitous

Most Rev. Ronald Peter Fabbro, C.S.B.
Bishop of London
1070 Waterloo Street
London, ON N6A 3Y2
Tel: (519) 433-0658 #224
Fax: (519) 266-4353

Mary Anne Foster, Executive Director
Monsignor Feeney Foundation
4474-135 Blakie Rd.
London, ON N6L 1G7
Phone: (519) 652-3033
Fax: (519) 652-3077

It is worth noting that the email contact has been removed from the Foundation's web site. Rumour has it, that if you raise the matter by telephone, you will be hung up on.

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