Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Roman Missal for Canada-III

This is number three in an ongoing series. It is my intent that this blog, Vox Cantoris, will be the most authoritative in Canada on this issue and I will attempt to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the implementation of the new Roman Missal in Canada with the resources necessary to educate yourself and your friends on this great gift to the people of God.

Over the last few days, I've posted two articles about the new Roman Missal and its implementation in Canada. You can find them below or by clicking here on New Roman Missal for the entire series.

This is an important matter for Catholics in Canada and you have heard little or nothing about it from your pastor or bishop.

I am instituting this to provide as much up-to-date information on the situation in Canada for its implementation.

Just to remind you; this will be happening in England in September and the United States in November on the first Sunday of Advent.

It is time friends for your voice to be heard.

You must ask your Pastor (but don't pester him, he knows little more than you).

It is however time to write your bishop and the officials at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and raise this issue to ensure that English speaking Canadians are not deprived of the corrected translation to the English Novus Ordo Liturgy.

When writing to an Archbishop, the salutation is "Your Grace" and for a Bishop, it is "Your Excellency."

You should also copy, on this web page, Monsignor Patrick Powers, P.H., General Secretary of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Monsignor Powers does answer his email.
Your Grace, Archbishop....:

As a practicing Catholic living in your diocese and I am very pleased to know that the Third Edition of the Roman Missal issued by Pope John Paul II in 2000 and its General Instruction has finally been translated and approved by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.

Reports in the media indicate that the new Missal is going to be used in Great Britain in September 2011 and in the United States of America on the First Sunday of Advent 2011. Yet, there has been no announcement made in my parish or in the diocesan press in Canada for its implementation.

It is my fervent hope and desire that we English-speaking people in Canada will also reap the spiritual benefits from the new Missal and the corrected translation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from its Latin original. Yet, I am confused as to the delay and lack of communication on this most important matter. When can we expect this new Missal and its General Instruction to be implemented in Canada?

Yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Jacob ANGADIATH
Eparchial Bishop of the Syro-Malabarians Catholics in the United States
Apostolic Visitator to Canada
Most Rev. Manuel BATAKIAN
Eparchial Bishop of the Catholic Armenians in Canada and the United States
Most Rev. Bryan BAYDA , C.Ss.R.
Ukrainian Eparchial Bishop of Saskatoon
Most Rev. Gerard P. BERGIE
Bishop of St. Catharines
Most Rev. Jean-Pierre BLAIS
Bishop of Baie-Comeau
Most Rev. Daniel J. BOHAN
Archbishop of Regina
Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto
Most Rev. Donald BOLEN
Bishop of Saskatoon
Most Rev. Luc BOUCHARD
Bishop of Saint-Paul
Most Rev. Vincent CADIEUX , O.M.I.
Bishop of Moosonee
Bishop of Hearst
Most Rev. Vincent CADIEUX , O.M.I.
Bishop of Hearst
Bishop of Moosonee
Most Rev. Claude CHAMPAGNE , O.M.I.
Bishop of Edmundston
Most Rev. Murray CHATLAIN
Bishop of Mackenzie-Fort Smith
Most Rev. Stephen Victor CHMILAR
Ukrainian Eparchial Bishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada
Most Rev. Fred J. COLLI
Bishop of Thunder Bay
Most Rev. Thomas COLLINS
Archbishop of Toronto
Most Rev. John CORRIVEAU , O.F.M. Cap
Bishop of Nelson
Most Rev. Douglas CROSBY , O.M.I.
Bishop of Hamilton
Most Rev. Martin William CURRIE
Bishop of Grand Falls
Archbishop of St. John's
Most Rev. Martin William CURRIE
Archbishop of St. John's
Bishop of Grand Falls
Most Rev. Luc CYR
Bishop of Valleyfield
Most Rev. Robert Anthony DANIELS
Auxiliary Bishop of London
Most Rev. Nicola DE ANGELIS , C.F.I.C.
Bishop of Peterborough
Most Rev. Louis DICAIRE
Auxiliary Bishop of Saint-Jean-Longueuil
Most Rev. Brian DUNN
Bishop of Antigonish
Most Rev. Paul-André DUROCHER
Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall
Most Rev. Roger ÉBACHER
Archbishop of Gatineau
Most Rev. Thomas Mar EUSEBIUS
Bishop of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Exarchate in the United States
Apostolic Visitator for the Syro-Malankara Catholics in Canada and Europe
Most Rev. Ronald Peter FABBRO , C.S.B.
Bishop of London
Most Rev. Pierre-André FOURNIER
Archbishop of Rimouski
Most Rev. Richard GAGNON
Bishop of Victoria
Most Rev. Jean GAGNON
Bishop of Gaspé
Msgr. Edwin J. GALE
Diocesan Administrator Corner Brook and Labrador

Most Rev. André GAUMOND
Archbishop of Sherbrooke
Most Rev. André GAZAILLE
Auxiliary Bishop of Montréal
Most Rev. Lionel GENDRON , P.S.S.
Bishop of Saint-Jean-Longueuil
Most Rev. Gary GORDON
Bishop of Whitehorse
Most Rev. Richard GRECCO
Bishop of Charlottetown
Most Rev. Yousif HABASH
Bishop of Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Diocese
Most Rev. Robert HARRIS
Bishop of Saint John
Most Rev. Frederick B. HENRY
Bishop of Calgary
Most Rev. Lawrence HUCULAK , O.S.B.M.
Ukrainian Eparchial Archbishop of Winnipeg
and Metropolitan of Catholic Ukrainians in Canada
Most Rev. Peter HUNDT
Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto
Most Rev. Ibrahim M. IBRAHIM , O.B.S.
Eparchial Bishop of the Catholic Greek-Melkites of Canada
Most Rev. Joseph KHOURY
Bishop of the Catholic Maronite Eparchy of Canada
Most Rev. Gérald Cyprien LACROIX
Auxiliary Bishop of Québec
Diocesan Administrator of Québec
Most Rev. François LAPIERRE , P.M.E.
Bishop of Saint-Hyacinthe
Most Rev. Donald LAPOINTE
Auxiliary Bishop of Saint-Jérôme
Most Rev. Sylvain LAVOIE , O.M.I.
Archbishop of Keewatin-Le Pas
Most Rev. Albert LeGATT
Archbishop of Saint-Boniface
Most Rev. Gilles LEMAY
Auxiliary Bishop of Québec
Most Rev. Paul LORTIE
Auxiliary Bishop of Québec
Most Rev. Gilles LUSSIER
Bishop of Joliette
Most Rev. Anthony MANCINI
Apostolic Administrator of Yarmouth
Archbishop of Halifax
Most Rev. Anthony MANCINI
Archbishop of Halifax
Apostolic Administrator of Yarmouth
Most Rev. Paul MARCHAND , S.M.M.
Bishop of Timmins
Most Rev. Vital MASSÉ
Bishop of Mont-Laurier
Most Rev. William Terrence McGRATTAN
Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto
Most Rev. Michael MILLER , C.S.B.
Archbishop of Vancouver
Most Rev. David J. J. MONROE
Bishop of Kamloops
Most Rev. Dorylas MOREAU
Bishop of Rouyn-Noranda
Most Rev. Yvon-Joseph MOREAU , O.C.S.O.
Bishop of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière
Most Rev. Pierre MORISSETTE
Bishop of Saint-Jérôme
Most Rev. David MOTIUK
Ukrainian Bishop of Edmonton
Most Rev. Michael MULHALL
Bishop of Pembroke
Most Rev. Vincent NGUYEN
Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto
Most Rev. Kenneth NOWAKOWSKI
Ukrainian Eparchial Bishop of New Westminster
Most Rev. Brendan M. O'BRIEN
Archbishop of Kingston
Most Rev. John S. PAZAK , C.Ss.R.
Eparchial Bishop of the Catholic Slovaks of the Byzantine Rite in Canada
Most Rev. Gérard PETTIPAS , C.Ss.R.
Archbishop of Grouard-McLennan
Most Rev. Jean-Louis PLOUFFE
Bishop of Sault Ste-Marie
Most Rev. Terrence PRENDERGAST , S.J.
Archbishop of Ottawa
Most Rev. André RICHARD , C.S.C.
Archbishop of Moncton
Most Rev. André RIVEST
Bishop of Chicoutimi
Most Rev. Reynald ROULEAU , O.M.I.
Bishop of Churchill-Hudson Bay

Most Rev. Noël SIMARD
Auxiliary Bishop of Sault Ste-Marie
Most Rev. Richard SMITH
Archbishop of Edmonton
Most Rev. Raymond ST-GELAIS
Bishop of Nicolet
Most Rev. Donald J. THÉRIAULT
Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada
Most Rev. Albert THÉVENOT , M. Afr.
Bishop of Prince Albert
Most Rev. Eugène TREMBLAY
Bishop of Amos
His Eminence Jean-Claude TURCOTTE
Archbishop of Montréal
Most Rev. Martin VEILLETTE
Bishop of Trois-Rivières
Most Rev. Valéry VIENNEAU
Bishop of Bathurst
Most Rev. V. James WEISGERBER
Archbishop of Winnipeg
Most Rev. Gerald WIESNER , O.M.I.
Bishop of Prince George


Owen said...

Perfect. Thanks for this.

Gregory said...

Spring 2012, according to Monsignor Murray Kroetsch, when I went for my EMHC formation. Not sure why.

He's the liturgical bigwig in Hamilton Diocese, and had a big hand in implementing the changes here in Canada, working with the CCCB, so he probably would have a good idea of what's up.

My parish has been talking about it, and is planning info nights, so please, let's not be too reactionary. Yeah, we need this, and yeah, we should know more about it. But hopefully we can get about knowing more without assuming our pastors have been negligent in some way.

Vox Cantoris said...


I have not said that "pastors have been negligent." In fact, in my letter to the CCCB Executive Secretary Msgr. Patrick Powers I wrote, "Has anyone considered the poor parish pastor and how he is going to explain why Canadians are so out of step?"

Unless the pastors are those who have forced the congregation to get off their knees as in New Roman Missal for Canada-IV, then they are not the problem. In fact, I also said that to ask them but not to "pester" them as they are not the "problem."

The very fact that you were told Spring 2012 is part of the problem. Why is Rome having such a hard time approving the Roman Missal for Canada as it has done for the United Kingdom and United States? What has the CCCB asked for that has slowed this up?

These are the questions which we must have answers to and the determination of this is not "reactionary."

Had we had the internet and blogs 45 years ago, do you think they would have gotten away with the havoc and destruction and false interpretation after Vatican II?

Owen said...

Our Canadian parish has, more than once, heard that it is to be Advent 2011 but that's all.

Greg, I was going to say the very thing Vox Cantor has said above. The contradictory information between local pastors and a "liturgical bigwig" who had "a big hand in implementing the changes here in Canada" when Bishops in other English speaking countries are moving ahead and informing and equipping their people is a problem that needs addressing. Vox is passionate about this as are you regarding good apologetics and catechesis. Personally I don't see him as being reactionary. We do, very much, need to take action.

I echo Vox's thoughts per communication in this age: It's interesting, all the post Vat2 talk among clerics about empowering the laity because now when the laity does have empowerment through tools of communication not a few clerics, including those involved in communication themselves, are getting peaked as they see their absolute power base shifting.

Pray for us St. Joseph, patron of Canada, that we, clergy and laity may work in concert to do the will of Our Father for the good of souls and of His Church in our nation.

JP said...

Well, I just found out, in a rather offhand way, that I am responsible for implimenting the new RM in my chapel parish (in Canada).

We are not the most liturgically astute group, although some of us try hard.

Is anyone aware of an implementation plan, suggestions, study version of the new GIRM for Canada? Anything like that?

Vox Cantoris said...



So far, the GIRM is still a big secret.