Thursday, 25 February 2010

Availablility of the Traditional Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto

CLARIFICATION: I have received a clarification from Neil MacCarthy, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Toronto that the article in the Catholic Register should have expressed "archdiocese" and not "city." Further, the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite is offered in six locations (though the Carmel in Zephyr is not a parish, the public may attend) spread over different times during the week.

To confirm:
  • Sunday: St. Patrick's, Schomberg, 9:00AM Low Mass
  • Sunday: Carmel of the Infant Jesus, Zephyr, 11:30AM Low Mass
  • Sunday: St. Theresa Shrine Church 1:00PM Low Mass (beginning March 7.)
  • Sunday, St. Vincent de Paul Church, 11:30AM Oratorian Fathers Missa Cantata/Missa Solemnis once per month.
  • Monday to Friday, Holy Family 11:30AM, Saturday 8:30AM, Oratorian Fathers Low Mass.
  • Friday (not First Friday) St. Elizabeth Seton, Newmarket, 7:00PM Low Mass.
  • Saturday St. Elizabeth Seton, Newmarket, 10:00AM Low Mass.
The Mass is available in six locations in the Archdiocese of Toronto throughout the week.

However, in all of these places it is only offered by an elderly priest or by one religious congregation, the Oratorians and while they celebrate it at two parishes it is really only at one since it is only once per day. Not desiring to split hairs, but "six parishes" really means four on Sunday, one daily and one once or twice per week.--Vox


Anonymous said...

In the City of Toronto I know of only three locatins where the EF Mass is avaialable with any regularity. West of Yonge St. there is St. Vincent DePaul, (Sunday Mass only, no feast days). Next door there is Holy Family (daily low Mass, no Sunday Mass). East of Yonge St. St. Theresa's Shrine (since Fr. Venette's departure, Sunday low Mass only).

Spreading out the EF Mass locations throughout the city does not facilitate attendance at the Mass but only makes it more haphazard. What's wrong with havng a stable permanent home for the latin Mass community i.e. a "personal parish" would that not serve to build up the Body of Christ?

John Vicente

chloesmom said...

In the Montreal area, there are none -- count 'em, NONE -- parishes where the EF is offered. There used to be a church down town, but the ad no longer runs in The Gazette, so AFAIK this Mass is no longer being celebrated. It's a liturgical wilderness here, IMO, and people in Toronto should thank God they at least have the opportunity to choose. Don't sweat the small stuff, folks -- you could be living in Quebec!

Anonymous said...

To Cloesmom,

One of the reasons were all working so hard is so that it will spread. If we can get this elevated here, it will help you too.

Have you checked Because in a period of two years, the Holy Father can totally reshape the church in Quebec...that is, if he can find orthodox priests to elevate to bishop.



Pascendi said...

The fact is, that there are not six locations for Sunday Mass. In a city of this size, this is very sad.

There is -- unfortunately -- no real effort to promote the Mass. Why not have a Mass (with music) at the Newman Centre once a month with a talk on the liturgy prior to its celebration?

Teresa said...

It seems that Mr. McCarthy was trying to put a spin on the sad news of the departure of the FSSP from Toronto. Concerned Catholics should write to Archbishop Quintana, and Cardinal Levada and Archbishop Burke. As for Montrealers, Cardinal Turcotte is close to retirement and changes may be coming with his replacement. Let us keep praying for change.

Anonymous said...

I found this article while looking for a directory for churches where the TLM is offered in Canada, and I thought I'd mention here that there *is* an EF parish in Montreal, in full communion with the Holy See, and I must say... the community there is wonderful! It is at the beautiful St-Irenee church (corner of Atwater/Delisle). I'd say it's about 60% French and 40% English. The church and liturgy are beautiful, the choir has improved tremendously over the past few months, and the preaching is very, very good. If you ever go to Mass there, make sure to go to the basement afterwards: there's coffee, juice, cookies, etc., and the community really is welcoming and loving!

Here's the link to their website in case anyone is interested:

Anonymous said...

Hi there, FYI Holy Family on King street in Toronto offers the solemn high mass every Sunday at 11am.