Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Weeds amongst the wheat

With an unusual amount of speed and short notice, it was announced yesterday in Rome and at the same time in London that the Holy Father has signed an Apostolic Constitution to provide for the reception of members of the world-wide Anglican Communion into the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI has in this act created a process for true ecumenical reunion. Two years ago, the bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion petitioned Rome for full and complete union with the Church. They went as far as signing the Catechism of the Catholic Church and proclaiming their acceptance of the Petrine Ministry. 

This move by the Holy Father goes even further because it opens up the possibility for all Anglicans to return to Rome under a juridical structure which will allow them to maintain their culture and liturgical heritage. The structure remains to be seen but could also serve as a model for the reintegration of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X. It is also not yet known what form the liturgy would take; Would it be the Book of Common Prayer (the Cramner Prayer Book) with the appropriate theological corrections? Would it be the Anglican Use Missal known more properly as the Book of Divine Worship used in the United States as part of the Pastoral Provision? Could it be the Knott Missal, the Mass codified at Trent in English or the ancient, Sarum Rite?

That sound you hear which cannot drown out the beauty of the music playing here in the background is the groaning of those who for forty-five years have foisted upon us a false interpretation of the Second Vatican Council and a relativist and syncretic Christianity that is simply anti-Christ. Pope Benedict XVI is taking on all comers and working to restore the Catholic faith and if that means bringing in disaffected “Christian” Anglicans and lifting the excommunication of the Society of St. Pius X bishops then so be it and long-life and health to him!

The bleating reached a fever-pitch at St. Paul’s University in Ottawa last week as two well-known catholic heretics, former Jew turned Catholic priest, Vatican II peritus, turned laicised married and Presbyterian minister and former professor at St. Michael’s University Gregory Baum (shudder) was backed up by former horse-buying, land-scamming, enneagram mastering, call-to-action dancing retired Bishop of Victoria, Remi de Roo (double shudder). Both men waxed on about how a “conservative movement, sponsored by the Vatican itself, remains attached to the old paradigm, overlooks the bold texts of the conciliar documents and tries to restore the Catholicism of yesterday.” Frankly, both Baum and de Roo cannot be trusted. They and their ilk have perpetuated a lie of the so-called “spirit of Vatican II” and their false interpretation of the Council. They were wrong then, are still wrong today; they are heretical and their heterodox teachings have done damage to the faith of millions over the last forty-five years.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops meets for its annual plenary in Cornwall, Ontario. Former Toronto Auxilliary Bishop and now Bishop of Charlottetown Anthony Grecco has united with Archbishop Weisgerber of Winnipeg and CCCB President to defend the indefensible Development & Peace funding of groups that have supported abortion in Latin America. In their interpretation, the problem is not Development & Peace but LifeSite News. Fortunately, there are some bishops with a little more going on upstairs and Archbishops Collins of Toronto and Prendergast of Ottawa can be commended for standing up for accountability and the Faith. LifeSite News reports that +Prendergast firmly stated that he could not "accept" a continuation of "business as usual" which is what appeared to have been presented by his brother bishops. Archbishop Collins expressed concern that it is important to "listen to criticism."

Another topic for discussion at the Plenary is the Internet and bloggers and news organizations. However, the actions of Development & Peace and +Weisgerber and +Grecco and +De Roo and Baum are the exact reason why blogs such as Vox Cantoris and LifeSite are necessary.

Have you noticed the attitude of the CCCB is not too far off that of the Barack Hussein Obama administration and its view of FOX News?


Amy said...

That is a bold move but beware of the Catholic Church. I used to be Catholic but then I stopped practicing after I found out some disturbing truth. Some say the papacy is the antichrist. They changed the ten commandments which is the Law of God, the Pope claims to be a god, they have killed innocent people for centuries like the Spanish Inquisition and supporting the Nazis, and the priests have molested a lot of children. Jesus would not approve of any of these, it is not Christian, that is evil hiding behind religion. I pray people really to open their eyes. I know I did!!!

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Amy,

I am going to respond to your comment with the utmost charity, but I caution you; if you've seen this blog, do you really think you're going to change my mind or anyone else that comes here? That being said, let me ask you a few questions.

You "used to be Catholic"

Actually, you still are. Your baptism leaves an indelible mark on your soul and if you were confirmed you have even more obligation to follow the truth of God as revealed in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. If you choose to do not, then you risk eternal damnation.

"Some say the papacy is the antichrist."

Yes, anti-Catholic bigots have been around since the apostolic age. Do you have any proof to make such a statement?

"They changed the ten commandments..."

Really, where do you find that?

"The Pope claims to be a god."

Which Pope? John Paul II? Benedict XVI, Pius XII? Please find me a pope that has called himself a "god." Any pope that did would be in serious mortal sin and risking eternal damnation as a violation of the First Commandment to which you referred to earlier.

"They have killed people..."

Oh, the Spanish Inquisition is the usual one people like to trot out--a few hundred died and mostly be the hands of the state. You forgot to mention the Crusades.

Have you heard of the encyclical in German Mit Brennender Sorge issued by Pope Pius XI where national socialism was condemned as anti-God, anti-Christ and that no Catholic could support the Nazis. How about Pope Pius XII? Did you know he was praised by Jews no less than Golda Meir, Albert Einstein and the owners of the New York Times for what he did to rescue Jews in World War II? Did you know that the Chief Rabbi of Rome became a Catholic after the war and took the name Eugenio, the Christian name of Pope Pius XII?

Homosexualist or paedophile priests molesting children is a heinous crime and all Catholics deplore it!

The Church of Christ Universal that is Catholic was founded by Jesus, the Christ.

Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...


Under your criterion that the Catholic Church is evil let's play a fill in the blanks...

"...beware of the teaching profession."
-(The statistic for teachers molesting children is around the same for priests.)

"...beware of Islam."
-(They still kill people in the Arab countries for breaking their laws. At least as a Catholic you only get excommunicated.)

"...beware of Germans."
- (Since the Nazies were Germans then all Germans must be bad. - one thing does not have to do with the other.)

Your hatred for the Catholic Church amounts to a child stomping it's feet when the parent tells him that he can't have it his own way. Childish actually. It would be laughable, but it saddens me to think that the Devil convinced you so easily that the evil that is perpetrated by men who "belong" to the Catholic Church "is" the Church.

Even we, as Catholics, hate the scandal that some Catholics have perpetrate, but we never confuse the two.