Saturday, 24 January 2009

Excommunication lifted

As expected over the last few days, Pope Benedict XVI has today lifted the excommuncation of the four bishops of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, illicitly consecrated by the late Archbishops Marcel Lefebvre and Castro de Mayer.

Without any doubt, this is a joyous day and time to sing a Te Deum!

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Pope Benedict is a great and courageous man. He is going to take hard criticism for this.

All of us need to stand by him in this decision for the sake of Catholic Tradition.

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Pascendi said...


This is a great day indeed. Sinister forces, led from hell, sought to sabotage this day without success.

These forces (liberals, neo-con "catholics", protestant-"traditionalists", and open and crypto- sedevacantists, as well as secular press), are being presently manipulated by satan to undermine the efforts of Pope Benedict and Bp. Fellay. Let us pray for these two heroic men who are acting as apostles.

On this Feast of St. Francis de Sales we should take note of his solicitude for Switzerland - a lovely sign for Econe! We should also reflect on the upcoming week of true Christian unity within the one and only Mystical Body of Christ.