Sunday, 17 June 2018

Blasphemy and Sodomy tolerated by Timothy Dolan

The "art" promoted on "Out at St. Paul's", a "gay" Catholic ministry in New York cannot be posted here, it is an abhorrent blasphemy of Our Lord.

Joseph Sciambra has it in this article. 

God bless Joseph for his courage. As for Timothy Dolan, well...

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Regina's Jesuit Campion College swallows the Gay lifestyle

Good, no HUGE news!

I have just heard that the "rainbow" logo of Campion College has been taken down. Out of respect for those at the College who did not agree with it, I have removed the logo and the commentary from the Facebook page, the link shows the post does not exist.

Let us all remember in our prayers the good Jesuit Fathers and administrators on campuses who strive to do the Lord's work and to remain faithful.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Still here

Just really busy.

So, you can read about how Archbishop Kissyface is now married to a diocese and the current Archbishop has been told to hit the road.

If that doesn't make you puke, you can always read about the Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin attending the Bilderberg Conference.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Arrogant, egotistical monster - Peronist Bergoglio has his Riefenstahl

By Maureen Mullarkey 

Jorge Bergoglio found his Leni Riefenstahl in Wim Wenders. I went to see Wenders’ “Pope Francis: A Man of His Word” expecting hagiography. What I watched came closer to pornography. It was the pornography of blatant propaganda, that notorious key to “the heart of the broad masses.” Lust for dominance is airbrushed into a semblance of piety; avarice for celebrity is lighted and staged to look like humility.

Contrary to the court press, Damon Linker recently ascribed “psychological acuity and Machiavellian cunning” to Pope Francis. And he is correct. But Linker’s interest lies in the Catholic Church’s eventual alignment with contemporary mores, especially legitimization of homosexuality. Yet there remains a larger, more compelling issue: the sacralization of politics via the person of the pope himself. Francis is not reforming the church but denaturing it, reducing it to a social tool.

Commissioned by the Vatican, the film ups the ante on papalolotry. Its deluge of glorifying images stimulates devotion to Bergoglio himself, papa to all the world. A quasi-erotic glow infuses the whole. It is the eros of surrender to a liberator, a defender against ideological bogeys: “the globalization of indifference”; “money drenched in blood”; “fear of foreigners.” The old creed proclaimed Christ risen. The new Bergoglian one, emblazoned on St. Peter’s dome during the 2016 light show repeated here, proclaims: “Planet Earth first.”

Read the rest here:

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Pope Francis is against the "interruption of pregnancy"

I'll just leave this here.

Dear brothers and sisters:

I am pleased to welcome you and greet you all, starting with the President, Dr. John Lee, whom I thank for his words.

Your qualification of "catholic doctors" commits you to a permanent spiritual, moral and bioethics formation in order to put into practice the evangelical principles in medical practice, from the doctor-patient relationship until reaching the missionary activity of improving the conditions of the health of populations in the peripheries of the world. Your work is a peculiar form of human solidarity and Christian witness; In fact, your work is enriched with the spirit of faith. And it is important that your associations commit themselves to raise awareness about these principles to medical students and young doctors by involving them in associative activities.
The Catholic identity does not compromise your collaboration with those who, from a different religious perspective or without a specific creed, recognize the dignity and excellence of the human person as the criterion of their activity. The Church is in favor of life, and her concern is that nothing is against life in the reality of a concrete existence, even if it is weak or defenseless, even if it is not developed or is not very advanced. To be Catholic doctors, therefore, is to feel health professionals who, from the faith and from communion with the Church, receive the impulse to make their Christian and professional formation more mature, their tireless dedication, and the inexhaustible necessity of penetrate and know the laws of nature to better serve life (see PAUL VI, Encyclical Letter Humanae Vitae, 24 ).

The fidelity and coherence with which the associations of your Federation, in the course of the years, have given faith of their catholic appearance are known, putting into practice the teaching of the Church and the guidelines of its Magisterium in the medical field. moral. This criterion of recognition and action has favored your collaboration in the mission of the Church to promote and defend human life from its conception to its natural end, the quality of existence, respect for the weakest, the humanization of medicine and its full socialization.

This fidelity has entailed and entails hardships and difficulties that, in particular circumstances, can demand a lot of courage. Continue with serenity and determination along this path, accompanying the magisterial interventions in the fields of medicine with the corresponding awareness of their moral implications. Nor has the field of medicine and health been effectively spared the advancement of the technocratic paradigm, the adoration of unlimited human power, and a practical relativism where everything becomes irrelevant if it does not serve one's own interests (cf. Lit. in  Laudato si  ', 122).

Faced with this situation, you are called to affirm the centrality of the patient as a person and their dignity with their inalienable rights,  in pris The right to life. It is necessary to confront the tendency to debase the patient as if it were a machine to repair, without respecting moral principles, and to exploit the weakest by discarding what does not correspond to the ideology of efficiency and benefit. The defense of the patient's personal dimension is essential for the humanization of medicine, in the sense also of "human ecology". Worry about compromising in the respective countries and in the international arena, intervening in specialized environments, but also in debates related to legislation on sensitive ethical issues, such as the termination of pregnancy, the end of life and genetic medicine. Do not miss your request in defense of freedom of conscience, doctors and all health workers.

At your next congress, which will be held in Zagreb in a few days, you will reflect on the theme "The sanctity of life and the medical profession, from   Humanae vitae  to   Laudato si  '". This is also a concrete sign of your participation in the life and mission of the Church. This participation, as the Second Vatican Council emphasized, is so necessary that "without it the same apostolate of the pastors often can not fully achieve its effect" (Decr.  Apostolicam Actuositatem, 10). Be increasingly aware that today it is necessary and urgent that the action of the Catholic physician be presented with a character of unmistakable clarity in the field of both personal and associative witness.

In this sense, it is desirable that the activities of the Associations of Catholic doctors be interdisciplinary and also involve other ecclesial realities. In particular, know how to harmonize your efforts with those of priests, men and women religious and of all those who work in the pastoral care of health, being with them together with the people who suffer: they have great need of your contribution and yours. Be ministers, besides that of priests, of fraternal charity, transmitting to those who approach you with the contribution of your knowledge, wealth of humanity and evangelical compassion.

Dear brothers and sisters, many look at you, as well as at your work. Your words, your gestures, your advice, your choices have an echo that goes beyond the strictly professional field and become, if they are coherent, a testimony of lived faith. The profession rises to the dignity of a true apostolate. I encourage you to continue the associative path with joy and generosity, in collaboration with all the people and institutions that share the love of life and strive to serve it in their dignity and sacredness. May the Virgin Mary,  Salus infirmorum,  support your purposes, which I accompany with my Blessing! And please, pray for me too. Thank you.

Monday, 28 May 2018

New FrancisCardinal alleged to have a concubine and children. Well, at least it's a woman!

The latest potential Bergoglian scandal is breaking. Adelante la Fe is reporting that one of the new Cardinal elects of Pope Francis, Bishop Toribio Ticona, Titular Bishop of Timici and Prelate Emeritus of Corocoro in Bolivia has a concubine and children.

On Twitter, Edward Pentin is reporting that he has requested comment and confirmation from the Vatican.

In response to reports () that Bolivian Cardinal-Designate Bishop Toribio Ticona, 81, has a "wife" and "children," I've asked to confirm whether story is true, and if so, whether the knew of it before he named him Cardinal. Will post updates


SCANDAL: Francisco appoints Cardenal to Bishop "married" and with children
05/28/18 9:45 am
by Adelante la Fe

Pope Francis announced on May 20, 2018, that in the consistory of June 29 of this year at the Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, he will create a cardinal to Bishop Toribio Ticona, Titular of Timici, Prelate Emeritus of Corocoro in Bolivia The 81-year-old Bishop was born on April 25, 1937, was ordained a priest in 1967, and consecrated titular Bishop of Timici and Auxiliary of Potosí, Bolivia on May 31, 1986, in 1992 he was appointed Prelate of Corocoro retiring in 2012.

In his repeated visits to Oruro, at the beginning of his episcopate, being at that time Bishop of Oruro, the future Third World cardinal, Julio Terrazas Sandoval, CSsR, prided himself on visiting the Bishop of Oruro, calling him his "godfather", since he affirmed that he owed Terrazas his promotion to the episcopate, because he served several times as President of the Episcopal Conference of Bolivia, evidently being very influential among the other bishops and the Apostolic Nunciature.

Ticona attended two Ad Limina visits in 2008 and 2017. He served as "mayor" according to the uses and customs of a community of 12 people in Bolivia. During the decade of the Bishop-Prelate Ticona in the Prelature of Corocoro the Catholic congregation went from 94.6% to 87.6%, giving growth to the Protestant sects. It is public knowledge that while working in Corocoro, at the same time, in the Bishopric of Oruro he maintained a marital life with a woman, the wife and children are proud to call themselves the wife and children of the "Bishop of Patacamaya" as is also known Bishop Toribio Ticona.

The family of the "Bishop of Patacamaya" Monseñor Toribio Ticona inhabited three different homes in the city of Oruro.

From the iron age of the pontificate in the ninth and tenth centuries there had been no certain and reliable news that a Concubine Bishop was "rewarded" with the Cardenalato. Being a Prince of the Church entails an important responsibility for those who are created as such, because their service is done directly to the Petrino Ministry, therefore, the promotion of a Concubine Cardinal carries two messages, one the desire of Pope Francis for the suppression of Celibacy Priestly, and the other the most serious, is to have a "scapegoat" with which I managed to break the hierarchy of the Bishops of Bolivia. This year will be renewed 2 archbishoprics and other 3 ecclesial circumscriptions of Bolivia, we do not doubt that the Barros case will be repeated in Bolivia, whereupon the Pope Francisco would have with the support of Evo Morales the control of the Bolivian Church that would be of leftist imprint.

Forward Faith

PS We use the term "married" because his wife speaks properly of her husband.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Ireland has fallen

There is not much that one can write about the results of the referendum to repeal the constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion in Ireland. On this Trinity Sunday, it's constitutional preamble is a mockery.

No one should be surprised about the outcome; sad, but not surprised. 

The blame for this lays squarely on a silent pope and a cabal of derelict bishops who did little to nothing to preach to the faithful the evil of abortion. The blame is also on those bishops who permitted sodomites into the priesthood who undermined the faith of the people.

The people of Ireland will live to regret what they have done. We in Canada and the United States had little "choice" in the matter. In both our countries, abortion was forced upon us by supreme court justices. We were not asked, we did not vote for it. 

You in Ireland voted for the devil.

You will pay dearly for your betrayal of Christ. You will celebrate now but later you will weep and gnash your teeth.

Not even Cromwell himself could have imagined this.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Something different from the Bergoglio imbroglio

On the brighter side, notwithstanding the stacking of the deck don't discount the fact that this man may be, please God, the next Pope.

TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018

Cardinal Sarah’s Homily to the Chartres Pilrgims

With the kind permission of His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, we here publish an English translation of the homily which he delivered yesterday in the cathedral of Chartres to the pilgrims present for the annual Notre-Dame de Chrétienté pilgrimage. Our deepest thanks to His Eminence, and to the organizers of the pilgrimage for the pictures, from the Notre-Dame de Chrétienté website.