Friday, 12 October 2018

Donald Wuerl has "touched us" and he has "entered our lives" according to Tom Rosica

Oh when will Tom realise that blocking one on Twitter does not mean one cannot read his Twitter.

Tom has a problem. He has a terrible lack of judgement. 

How many times has he praised a clericalist only to find it blow up in his face? 

Think here of his ebullient praise for the ebullient praise of Uncle Teddy McCarrick long since bleached away. Or how about his reference to Canada's child porn bishop as a "kind and gentle pastor." And of course, one cannot forget the sycophantic worship of the notorious homosexual priest and corrupted Vatican II peritus, Gregory Baum

The fawning interview with Donald Wuerl was a real act of poor judgement given the facts that were emerging at that time.

Bergoglio accepted Wuerl's two years ago resignation by appointing him now as Administrator.

Now he praises Wuerl.

This is going to look pretty bad when the rest of the truth comes out about the pervert protecting Wuerl.

As for Wuerl's humility, it is to laugh. The man is a clericalist and a bully, ask George Neumayer.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Francesco, "CocoPuff" Coccopalmerio was present and a participant in drug-fueled homosexual orgy - and Bergoglio knows - Report!

John-Henry Westen and Maike Hickson are reporting on LifeSiteNews that Cardinal Coccopalmerio was at that cocaine-laden, homosexual orgy where numerous persons were arrested, including Monsignor Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi. We have written on both of these perverts at the following links:

The report indicates that Bergoglio knows of Coco's presence.

As hard is it is to bear this, this is really great news. All this writer would add is that those who report this who fear being found out must find the courage to come into the light and make their names public to lend credibility to the reports. The time to remain fearful has long since past.

Let these filthy, Christ-hating perverts be exposed.

All of them.

Source: Vatican cardinal was at drug-fueled homosexual party, and Pope knows it 

Featured Image
ROME, October 10, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, a close collaborator of Pope Francis, was present at the homosexual drug-fuelled party raided by the Vatican police in the summer of 2017 at which his secretary, Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, was arrested.

A highly-placed Vatican source with direct knowledge, who must remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, tells LifeSite that the Pope himself knows of Coccopalmerio’s presence at the party. The party took place in an apartment in the building of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).

Coccopalmerio was head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts until his retirement in April.

The same Vatican source spoke in more depth in a private meeting this summer with a group of priests, three of whom spoke to LifeSite about it.

One of these priests told LifeSite that according to the Vatican source, Cardinal Coccopalmerio, 80, was not only an attendee. The source said “in fact, that he ‘was presiding’ over it when the Vatican Gendarmes broke in, and that they instructed him to absent himself before they started making arrests,” according to the priest.

Another priest who was at the private meeting said the Vatican source “stated clearly to me and a number of others that, when the police raided the apartment and arrested Capozzi, Cardinal Coccopalmerio was actually present at the orgy.” He was then told by the police to leave “immediately.” This priest added that the source “gave us to understand that Coccopalmerio is a practicing homosexual.”

Read the rest at:

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Marc Cardinal Ouellet Writes Open Letter of Threat and Intimidation to Archbishop Viganò

Image result for cardinal ouelletMarc Cardinal Ouellet has issued a response to the most recent letter by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò calling on Ouellet to tell what he knows about McCarrick. What spin. What abuse, what open threats.

Typical of the Bergoglian Peronist regime.

I can imagine the next response from Viganò will be ground-breaking and provide even more evidence of the corruption of these prelates. He did not come into this, unarmed.

“Dear Brother Carlo Maria Viganò,

In your last message to the media, in which you denounce Pope Francis and the Roman Curia, you urge me to tell the truth about facts that you interpret as an endemic corruption that has invaded the hierarchy of the Church to its highest level. With due pontifical permission, (We can see that this is a set-up and a professionally drafted response. Bergoglio is not smart enough himself to provide the right spin, you can bet that this has been written by Greg Burke, Spadaro, Rosica and others. Ouellet is playing fast and loose,) I offer here my personal testimony, as prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, on the events concerning the Archbishop Emeritus of Washington Theodore McCarrick and his alleged links with Pope Francis, which are the object of your vehement public denunciation as well as of your demand that the Holy Father resign. I write this testimony of mine on the basis of my personal contacts and the documents in the archives of the above mentioned Congregation, which are currently the object of a study to shed light on this sad case.

Allow me to tell you first of all, in all sincerity, by virtue of the good relationship of collaboration that existed between us when you were nuncio to Washington, that your current position seems to me incomprehensible and extremely reprehensible, not only because of the confusion that it sows among the people of God, but because your public accusations seriously damage the reputation of the Successors of the Apostles. I remember a time when I enjoyed your esteem and confidence, but I observe that I have lost in your eyes the dignity you placed in me, for the mere fact of having remained faithful to the directions of the Holy Father in the service that he entrusted to me in the Church. (How far will Ouelette go in being "faithful" to the Pope? We already know. He will endorse heresy as he did in his vocal support of Amoris Laetitia.) Is not communion with the Successor of Peter the expression of our obedience to Christ who chose him and supports him with His grace? (This should be considered a threat, he is accusing Viganò of fomenting schism and is a shot across the bow at the same time as welcoming real excommunicated schismatic, bishops of the Communist Church in China.) My interpretation of Amoris Laetitia, which you complain about, is inscribed in this fidelity to the living tradition, of which Francis has given us an example with the recent modification of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the question of the death penalty. (A complete heresy to equate capital punishment with an intrinsic evil. Ouelette, right here, endorses Bergoglio's latest heresy.)

Let's get to the facts. You say you informed Pope Francis on 23 June 2013 about the McCarrick case in the audience he granted to you, as well as to many other pontifical representatives he then met for the first time on that day. I imagine the enormous amount of verbal and written information he had to gather on that occasion about many people and situations. I strongly doubt that McCarrick interested him to the extent that you believe, since he was an archbishop emeritus of 82 years and seven years without a post. (Why should it matter how old McCarrick was or is or that he was no longer the Ordinary? Were the "rumours" true or were they now? Why was there no investigation? Why no public denouncement? Does Bergoglio not care about perverted clerics and homosexual predators in the priesthood? Does he not care about the hundreds of thousands of suffering victims?) In addition, the written instructions prepared for you by the Congregation for Bishops at the beginning of your service in 2011 did not say anything about McCarrick, except what I told you about his situation as an emeritus bishop who had to obey certain conditions and restrictions because of rumours about his behaviour in the past. (Then why did Ouellete as Prefect not demand further action? Shame on Marc, an embarrassment to Canada.)

Since June 30, 2010, when I became prefect of this Congregation, I have never taken the McCarrick case to an audience with Pope Benedict XVI or Pope Francis, (Then that is a convictioin of Ouellet as a failure and someone willing to cover up the perverts. He has disgraced himself with this sentence.) except in the last few days, after his fall from the College of Cardinals. The former cardinal, who retired in May 2006, was strongly urged not to travel, nor to appear in public, in order not to provoke further rumours about him. (But Ouellet failed to investigate the rumours.) It is false to present the measures taken against him as "sanctions" decreed by Pope Benedict XVI and annulled by Pope Francis. After reviewing the archives, I note that there are no documents in this regard signed by either Pope, (Where are they then, were they destroyed as part of the whole cover-up?) nor a note of an audience of my predecessor, Cardinal Giovanni-Battista Re, which would have given a mandate to the archbishop emeritus McCarrick to live a private life of silence, with the rigor of canonical penalties. The reason for this is that, unlike today, there was not enough evidence of his alleged guilt at the time. (This is a lie, payouts were made by two dioceses, if there was no guilt why were there payouts?) Hence the position of the Congregation inspired by prudence and the letters of my predecessor and mine reiterated, through the Apostolic Nuncio Pietro Sambi and then also through you, the exhortation to live a discreet life of prayer and penance for his own good and for that of the Church. His case would have been the subject of new disciplinary measures if the nunciature in Washington, or any other source, had provided us with recent and decisive information about his behaviour. I hope, like so many others, that out of respect for the victims and the need for justice, the investigation underway in the United States and the Roman Curia will finally give us a critical, overall view of the procedures and circumstances of this painful case, so that such events do not recur in the future. (Ouellet is simply lying, the so-called rumours were reported as early as 2001 by Father Boniface Perry. John Paul II was Pope and Oulette was in Quebec. The perversion of McCarrick and his crimes were not properly investigated, they were covered up.)

How can it be that this man of the Church, whose inconsistency is known today, has been promoted on several occasions, to the point of holding the highest positions of Archbishop of Washington and Cardinal? I myself am very surprised by this and recognize the shortcomings in the selection process that has been carried out in his case. But without going into detail here, it must be understood that the decisions taken by the Supreme Pontiff are based on the information available at that precise moment and that they constitute the object of a prudential judgment that is not infallible. (The information was known, at least rumours, they were not investigated, or they were and covered up. It is disingenuous to deflect fault elsewhere. The dicastery for Bishops was responsible and they put the recommendation forward to a sick and suffering Pope.) It seems unfair to me to conclude that the persons in charge of prior discernment are corrupt even though, in the concrete case, some clues provided by the testimonies should have been further examined. The prelate in question knew how to defend himself with great skill from the doubts raised in his regard. (It seems unfair to Catholics that prelates such as Ouellet continue to deflect, obfuscate and manipulate.) On the other hand, the fact that there may be people in the Vatican who practice and support behaviour contrary to the values of the Gospel in matters of sexuality does not authorize us to generalize and to declare this or that, and even the Holy Father himself, unworthy and complicit. (And what, pray tell, are you doing about it Marc, and where is that dossier?) Should the ministers of truth not, first of all, guard themselves against slander and defamation? ((The Truth shall set you free," DNJC, and "It is better for scandal to rise than truth to be suppressed," St. Gregory the Great, Pope.)

Dear pontifical representative emeritus, I tell you frankly that to accuse Pope Francis of having covered up with full knowledge of the facts this alleged sexual predator and therefore of being an accomplice of the corruption that is spreading in the Church, to the point of considering him unworthy of continuing his reform as the first pastor of the Church, is incredible and unlikely from all points of view. (What about the coverup in Argentina? Shall we talk about his appointment of Barros in spite of the evidence? How about Don "Mercedes" Inzoli, come on Marc, the facts do not support this statement.) I can't understand how you could let yourself be convinced this monstrous accusation could stand. Francis had nothing to do with McCarrick's promotions in New York, Metuchen, Newark and Washington. (True, but in the matter of releasing him from the "sanctions" you do not know the private conversation between Bergoglio and Viganò and Bergoglio has lost all credibility based upon his past behaviour.) He removed him from his dignity as a Cardinal when a credible accusation of child abuse became apparent. I have never heard Pope Francis allude to this self-styled great adviser of his pontificate in relation to [episcopal] nominations in America, even though he does not hide the trust he gives some prelates. I sense these are not your preferences, nor those of your friends who support your interpretation of the facts. However, I find it aberrant that you take advantage of the sensational scandal of sexual abuse in the United States to inflict on the moral authority of your Superior, the Supreme Pontiff, an unprecedented and undeserved blow.
I have the privilege of meeting Pope Francis for a long time each week, to discuss the appointments of bishops and the problems that affect their government. I know very well how he treats people and problems: with much charity, mercy, attention and seriousness, as you yourself have experienced. Reading how you end your last, seemingly very spiritual message, making light of yourself and casting doubt on his faith, seemed to me really too sarcastic, even blasphemous! (One can only blaspheme God, is Marc equating Bergoglio with God? Has the disease of Rosica, that we know longer need scripture or tradition because we have Francis spread to Ouelett?) This cannot come from the Spirit of God. (Truth comes from God, Ouellet is calling Viganò a liar.)

Dear Brother, I would really like to help you rediscover communion with him who is the visible guarantor of the communion of the Catholic Church; (He insinuates that criticism of a Pope and calling out error is schism. This is abuse, this is a threat, and it is wrong.) I understand how bitterness and disappointment have marked your path in service to the Holy See, (A disgraceful attack on the motives of Viganò and another attempt to discredit him.) but you cannot end your priestly life in this way, in an open and scandalous rebellion, which inflicts a very painful wound on the Bride of Christ, whom you claim to serve better, worsening division and bewilderment in the people of God! What can I answer your question if I don't tell you: come out of your hiding place,  (So we can arrest you or even have you murdered.) repent of your revolt (I guess Jesus making a whip of cords and beating the prelates of his day out of the temple was a sin too?) and return to better feelings towards the Holy Father, instead of exacerbating hostility against him. How can you celebrate the Holy Eucharist and pronounce his name in the canon of Mass? How can you pray the Holy Rosary, Saint Michael the Archangel and the Mother of God, condemning the one she protects and accompanies every day in his weighty and courageous ministry? (How can Marc do the same on a daily basis with a pontiff who promotes heresy?)

If the Pope were not a man of prayer, if he were attached to money, if he favored the rich to the detriment of the poor, if he did not show an untiring energy to welcome all the poor and give them the generous comfort of his word and his gestures, if he did not multiply all the possible means to proclaim and communicate the joy of the Gospel to everyone and to all in the Church and beyond her visible borders, if he did not reach out to families, to abandoned old people, to the sick in soul and body and especially to the young people in search of happiness, perhaps someone else could be preferred, according to you, with different diplomatic or political attitudes. But I, who have known him well, I cannot question his personal integrity, his consecration to the mission and especially the charism and peace that dwell in him by the grace of God and the power of the Risen One.

In response to your unjust and unjustified attack, dear Viganò, I conclude therefore that the accusation is a political set-up without a real foundation that can incriminate the Pope, and I reiterate that it deeply hurts the communion of the Church. (Sorry Marc, heresy is worse than schism, you are both the real heretics and the real schismatics. This "political set-up" comment is defamation and deflection, it is you and your Peronist Pope who have created the problem.) May it please God that this injustice is quickly remedied and that Pope Francis continue to be recognized for what he is: an outstanding pastor, a compassionate and firm father, a prophetic charism for the Church and for the world. May he continue with joy and full confidence his missionary reform, comforted by the prayer of God's people and by the renewed solidarity of the whole Church with Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary.

Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops,

Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, October 7, 2018.”

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Archbishiop Viganò again accuses Bergoglio of a cover up - calls out Cardinal Marc Ouellet

Tit. Archbishop of Ulpiana
Apostolic Nuncio

Scio Cui credidi
(2 Tim 1:12)

Before starting my writing, I would first of all like to give thanks and glory to God the Father for every situation and trial that He has prepared and will prepare for me during my life. As a priest and bishop of the holy Church, spouse of Christ, I am called like every baptized person to bear witness to the truth. By the gift of the Spirit who sustains me with joy on the path that I am called to travel, I intend to do so until the end of my days. Our only Lord has addressed also to me the invitation, “Follow me!”, and I intend to follow him with the help of his grace until the end of my days.

“As long as I have life, I will sing to the Lord,
I will sing praise to my God while I have being.
May my song be pleasing to him;
For I rejoice in the Lord.”
(Psalm 103:33-34)


It has been a month since I offered my testimony, solely for the good of the Church, regarding what occurred at the audience with Pope Francis on June 23, 2013 and regarding certain matters I was given to know in the assignments entrusted to me at the Secretariat of State and in Washington, in relation to those who bear responsibility for covering up the crimes committed by the former archbishop of that capital.

My decision to reveal those grave facts was for me the most painful and serious decision that I have ever made in my life. I made it after long reflection and prayer, during months of profound suffering and anguish, during a crescendo of continual news of terrible events, with thousands of innocent victims destroyed and the vocations and lives of young priests and religious disturbed. The silence of the pastors who could have provided a remedy and prevented new victims became increasingly indefensible, a devastating crime for the Church. Well aware of the enormous consequences that my testimony could have, because what I was about to reveal involved the successor of Peter himself, I nonetheless chose to speak in order to protect the Church, and I declare with a clear conscience before God that my testimony is true. Christ died for the Church, and Peter, Servus servorum Dei, is the first one called to serve the spouse of Christ.

Certainly, some of the facts that I was to reveal were covered by the pontifical secret that I had promised to observe and that I had faithfully observed from the beginning of my service to the Holy See. But the purpose of any secret, including the pontifical secret, is to protect the Church from her enemies, not to cover up and become complicit in crimes committed by some of her members. I was a witness, not by my choice, of shocking facts and, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church states (par. 2491), the seal of secrecy is not binding when very grave harm can be avoided only by divulging the truth. Only the seal of confession could have justified my silence.

Neither the pope, nor any of the cardinals in Rome have denied the facts I asserted in my testimony. “Qui tacet consentit” surely applies here, for if they deny my testimony, they have only to say so, and provide documentation to support that denial. How can one avoid concluding that the reason they do not provide the documentation is that they know it confirms my testimony?

The center of my testimony was that since at least June 23, 2013, the pope knew from me how perverse and evil McCarrick was in his intentions and actions, and instead of taking the measures that every good pastor would have taken, the pope made McCarrick one of his principal agents in governing the Church, in regard to the United States, the Curia, and even China, as we are seeing these days with great concern and anxiety for that martyr Church.

Now, the pope’s reply to my testimony was: “I will not say a word!” But then, contradicting himself, he has compared his silence to that of Jesus in Nazareth and before Pilate, and compared me to the great accuser, Satan, who sows scandal and division in the Church — though without ever uttering my name. If he had said: “Viganò lied,” he would have challenged my credibility while trying to affirm his own. In so doing he would have intensified the demand of the people of God and the world for the documentation needed to determine who has told the truth. Instead, he put in place a subtle slander against me — slander being an offense he has often compared to the gravity of murder. Indeed, he did it repeatedly, in the context of the celebration of the most Holy Sacrament, the Eucharist, where he runs no risk of being challenged by journalists. When he did speak to journalists, he asked them to exercise their professional maturity and draw their own conclusions. But how can journalists discover and know the truth if those directly involved with a matter refuse to answer any questions or to release any documents? The pope’s unwillingness to respond to my charges and his deafness to the appeals by the faithful for accountability are hardly consistent with his calls for transparency and bridge building.

Moreover, the pope’s cover-up of McCarrick was clearly not an isolated mistake. Many more instances have recently been documented in the press, showing that Pope Francis has defended homosexual clergy who committed serious sexual abuses against minors or adults. These include his role in the case of Fr. Julio Grassi in Buenos Aires, his reinstatement of Fr. Mauro Inzoli after Pope Benedict had removed him from ministry (until he went to prison, at which point Pope Francis laicized him), and his halting of the investigation of sex abuse allegations against Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor.

In the meantime, a delegation of the USCCB, headed by its president Cardinal DiNardo, went to Rome asking for a Vatican investigation into McCarrick. Cardinal DiNardo and the other prelates should tell the Church in America and in the world: did the pope refuse to carry out a Vatican investigation into McCarrick’s crimes and of those responsible for covering them up? The faithful deserve to know.

I would like to make a special appeal to Cardinal Ouellet, because as nuncio I always worked in great harmony with him, and I have always had great esteem and affection towards him. He will remember when, at the end of my mission in Washington, he received me at his apartment in Rome in the evening for a long conversation. At the beginning of Pope Francis’ pontificate, he had maintained his dignity, as he had shown with courage when he was Archbishop of Québec. Later, however, when his work as prefect of the Congregation for Bishops was being undermined because recommendations for episcopal appointments were being passed directly to Pope Francis by two homosexual “friends” of his dicastery, bypassing the Cardinal, he gave up. His long article in L’Osservatore Romano, in which he came out in favor of the more controversial aspects of Amoris Laetitia, represents his surrender. Your Eminence, before I left for Washington, you were the one who told me of Pope Benedict’s sanctions on McCarrick. You have at your complete disposal key documents incriminating McCarrick and many in the curia for their cover-ups. Your Eminence, I urge you to bear witness to the truth.


Finally, I wish to encourage you, dear faithful, my brothers and sisters in Christ: never be despondent! Make your own the act of faith and complete confidence in Christ Jesus, our Savior, of Saint Paul in his second Letter to Timothy, Scio cui credidi, which I choose as my episcopal motto. This is a time of repentance, of conversion, of prayers, of grace, to prepare the Church, the bride of the Lamb, ready to fight and win with Mary the battle against the old dragon.

“Scio Cui credidi” (2 Tim 1:12)
In you, Jesus, my only Lord, I place all my trust.
“Diligentibus Deum omnia cooperantur in bonum” (Rom 8:28).


To commemorate my episcopal ordination on April 26, 1992, conferred on me by St. John Paul II, I chose this image taken from a mosaic of the Basilica of St. Mark in Venice. It represents the miracle of the calming of the storm. I was struck by the fact that in the boat of Peter, tossed by the water, the figure of Jesus is portrayed twice. Jesus is sound asleep in the bow, while Peter tries to wake him up: “Master, do you not care that we are about to die?” Meanwhile, the apostles, terrified, look each in a different direction and do not realize that Jesus is standing behind them, blessing them and assuredly in command of the boat: “He awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Quiet! Be still,’ … then he said to them, ‘Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?’” (Mk 4:38-40).

The scene is very timely in portraying the tremendous storm the Church is passing through in this moment, but with a substantial difference: the successor of Peter not only fails to see the Lord in full control of the boat, it seems he does not even intend to awaken Jesus asleep in the bow.

Has Christ perhaps become invisible to his vicar? Perhaps is he being tempted to try to act as a substitute of our only Master and Lord?

The Lord is in full control of the boat!

May Christ, the Truth, always be the light on our way!

+ Carlo Maria Viganò
Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana
Apostolic Nuncio
September 29th, 2018
Feast of St. Michael, Archangel

Monday, 24 September 2018

Bergoglio blocked investigation of abuse against a Cardinal who was his promoter!

Image result for cormac murphy o'connor

Mon Sep 24, 2018 - 3:30 pm EST

Source: Pope blocked investigation of abuse allegations against cardinal who helped elect him

September 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis told Cardinal Gerhard Müller in 2013 to stop investigating abuse allegations against British Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, according to a highly-placed Vatican source who spoke to Marco Tossati. Murphy-O'Connor, as a member of the “Sankt [St.] Gallen mafia,” played a pivotal role in getting Jorge Bergoglio elected Pope in 2013.
A source from England with inside knowledge of the case told LifeSiteNews that a woman alleges the cardinal had himself been involved in abusing her when she was 13 or 14 years old and that she was the reason for the investigation by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).
Tosatti and LifeSiteNews have worked together on this joint story for some weeks now. We have shared our findings with each other.
Tosatti had previously revealed what he learned in September 2013 from a high-ranking Vatican source – “an extremely good source, who was then in the government of the Curia,” and he adds that his source has “learned [it] from those directly concerned.” – that Cardinal Müller, then Prefect of the CDF, was interrupted by the Pope while saying Mass at the Church of Santa Monica (next to the CDF building) for a small group of German students. But now Tosatti reveals that the reason for the interruption was to demand that an investigation into Cardinal O’Connor be halted.
Read the rest at:

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Come on now Blase, don't be a cupich

You know about this, right? 

Father Kalcik, You are a priest forever, after the Order of Melchizedek. ThisCupich won't last, he's a bully, an effeminate, a rageful homosexualist and an unmerciful, uncharitable fraud and a disgrace to the priesthood and on top of all that, a pretty stupid man.

Be brave Father, Christ has your back.

There are many faithful, no doubt, who will be there with you.


Image result for Fr. Kalchik

ImageCHICAGO ( - Church Militant confirmed Saturday that Fr. Paul Kalchik, pastor of Resurrection Parish in Chicago, has fled his parish and gone into hiding, one day after two chancery priests threatened him that if he did not get psychiatric treatment, Cdl. Blase Cupich would ensure he'd be taken away by police.
"The full frontal attack took place this evening, and the attack resulted in me not saying the evening Mass, nor leading the Rosary Benediction," Fr. Kalchik told Church Militant Friday night about the confrontation with Msgr. Dennis Lyle and Fr. Jeremy Thomas, both vicars for priests.

Displaying cupich letter.jpg_large

Rick Stick, Bishop of Knoxville chastises Michael Voris for his past shriven sins. What sins lurk in the heart of the unmerciful and judgmental Bishop Rick?

Bishop Rick Stika has been proving to one and all on Twitter that he is the back end of a mule and about as smart. I had a little post about him a few weeks back. He blocked me on Twitter but did leave a smarmy comment on the blog.

The man has no mercy, no charity, no humility and knows nothing about repentance and redemption.

He is a stinking fraud.

Michael Voris repented long ago for his sins and for his "past."

How dare this man raise the sins of Michael's past that have been erased by the Lord Jesus Christ?

Does Rick Stika think he is holier than Christ?

Who is he to judge?

Has he no mercy?

Rick Stika is a fraud.

Someone must know something about little Ricky and the Diocese of Knoxville. How many perverts is this episcopal fraud protecting?

Is he one of them?

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Pope Francis: "Ice cold, sly Machiavellian, and, what is worse – he lies’

It looks like George is going to have a rough weekend in the Baltics.

Featured Image

Cardinal: Pope is ‘ice cold, sly Machiavellian, and, what is worse – he lies’

September 22, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Today, the German magazine Der Spiegel, one of the most influential political magazines in Europe, published a report on the failures of the papacy of Francis. LifeSiteNews already summed up the parts of this report about the involvement of Pope Francis in a cover-up of abuse cases in Argentina. But the Spiegel authors also make a report from their conversations with unnamed prelates in the Vatican who spoke quite critically about Pope Francis.

According to the magazine, one cardinal not only called the Pope effectively a liar, but he also said: “From the beginning, I did not believe one word of his.” The Spiegel's own comments on this papacy, as we shall see, are no less strong.

Read the rest by Maike Hickson at LifeSiteNews.

National Shrine's Rossi - I'm so pretty, Oh so pretty, I'm so pretty and witty and wild

Image result for msgr rossi shrine

Rossi drives from the mansion to his cordoned off parking spot at the Basilica in a fancy Lexus. He is notorious for “ruling by fear,” as one archdiocesan source put it. “He is the meanest, most un-Christian person I have ever met in my life.” Where other bosses might commit random acts of kindness, Rossi is famous for his random acts of meanness, popping into offices to berate staffers for minor offenses. He is particularly exacting with respect to the Basilica’s floral arrangements. “He won’t let anyone touch his flowers,” says the archdiocesan source.
He is far less fastidious about his body. According to Catholic University alumni, Rossi would proposition them. “He insinuated that he would be up for a threesome,” recalled one CUA graduate, who had a gay roommate with whom Rossi was overly familiar. “It was gay sexual harassment.”

Bergoglio sells out the Chinese Catholics - Satan has taken control of the visible Church!

There is little which I can write about this latest horror from Bergoglio. The complete and utter sell-out of the faithful Church in China for a schismatic church with bishops appointed by the communist government. An affront to the faithful, a betrayal of the Martyrs.

There is this important historical summary.

The Catholics of China have been handed over to the communist dragon by the communist Pope.

Of Parolin, the Secretary of State who negotiated this sell-out, Cardinal Zen said:

“I don’t think he has faith. He is just a good diplomat in a very secular, mundane meaning, he should resign, it’s a complete surrender, I have no other words.”

Image result for catholics china

Image result for catholics china


Bono's good friend is not only Bergoglio but Uncle Teddy "Predator Pervert" McCarrick

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. A video, even more.

The same week that abortion advocate Bono, who has made hundreds of millions of pounds, dollars and shekels from capitalism, condemns capitalism along with the Peronist Pope Bergoglio, this little gem emerges.

"This goes out to my old friend, Cardinal McCarrick." (about 2:38)

Uncle Ted McCarrick was the founder of the Papal Foundation, The Papal Foundation became more well-known earlier this year when a scandal erputed as certain cardinals manipulated the Board to provide funds on behalf of Bergoglio for a dermatological hospital in Rome caught up in malfeasance. 

The abortion advocating Bono and his globalist-laden charity One, is now providing funds for Bergoglio. 

What is the connection between the globalist funding network, the homosexual pervert and predator McCarrick, the coverup by Bergoglio, the deflective visit and financial collusion with Bergoglio and the world of child sex trafficking, abuse, blackmail and pornography, the Podesta Group and the WikiLeaks of the need for a "Catholic Spring" and the revelations by Dr. Henry Sire in The Dictator Pope of funding from Peter's Pence for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the reported rage that Bergoglio flew into upon the election of Donald J. Trump?

Image result for bono pope francis

Nothing to see here.

Marc Ouellet proves himself a coward and an episcopal fraud

He cares nothing about the truth.

French Canadian coward.

Cardinal Marc Armand Ouellet – b. 1944, created Cardinal by St. John Paul II (2003), formerly Primate of Canada, Prefect for the Congregation of Bishops since 2010; Viganò says he must have known about sanctions on McCarrick. LifeSiteNews

The Synod is no longer a Synod, but a Politburo - It is not Catholic, it is not of the Holy Spirit

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Was Father Joseph Moreno of Buffalo murdered?

Image result for father joe moreno buffalo

Was this priest of Buffalo, Father Joseph Moreno, whose death was framed as a suicide actually murdered? 

Was Father Moreno silenced due to his knowledge of a network of homosexual pervert priests?

Bergoglio meets and smiles with hair-dying, communist, abortion advocate Bono

It was only a few months ago, that the ageing, hair-dying rocker of U2 known as Bono was in Ireland advocating for the killing of babies. Yesterday, he was in the Vatican to meet with the Bishop of Rome.

It is two years since the Dubia was issued and two of the Cardinals are dead, Bergoglio has still not responded or met with those two remaining regarding the matter. 

Bergoglio likes to meet with celebrities such as Bono and Leonardo DiCaprio and abortionists such as Emma Bonino, he does not like to meet with Catholics. Bono says that they spoke about the "wild beast of capitalism" and that Bergoglio is "aghast" over the sexual abuse crisis, saying, "You can see the pain in his face, and I felt it was sincere," and that they spoke about Bergoglio's "feelings" over the crisis. 


Jorge Mario Bergoglio is an evil man. He hates you, he hates me, he hates Our Lord  Jesus Christ. If he did not hate us and Christ, he would not do that which he does. By meeting with Bono, he has caused scandal amongst the faithful and those Catholics, particularly in Ireland now, who have so long worked to prevent or end the scourge of abortion. 

The man is evil.

May God in his great mercy rid us of this filthy man soon and send us the pope we need, not the one we deserve.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Bergoglio: Known by the friends he keeps

Well, what do we have here?

Clutching hands with Bergoglio is Michael Bransfield, ex-bishop of Wheeling, WV accused of "inappropriate conduct with adults"—media-speak for gay sex, along with Donna Wuerl looking downright thrilled, and Uncle Teddy McCarrick lurking in the background.

H.T to @Patrick_Coffin

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Francis' little holy card - a hypocrite? who me?

“The sign that we are far from the Lord is hypocrisy. The hypocrite does not need the Lord, he is saved by himself – so he thinks – and he disguises himself as a saint.”

“What makes people hypocrites?” he asked, observing that “they disguise themselves, they disguise themselves as good people: they make themselves up like little holy cards, looking up at heaven as they pray, making sure they are seen – they believe they are more righteous than others,” but really “they despise others.”

If this pervert protecting pontiff had any humility he would have thanked Babailov for his work and then promptly ordered it removed and burnt.

Source for the origin.

Source for quotes:

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Bergoglio again refuses a blessing!

A few days after being elected, Bergoglio spoke before the assembled media in the Paul VI Audience Hall. I recall that he refused to bless them because they were not all Catholics and he said that he would not provide a blessing because he respected their consciences. I have no time to look up a transcript or video of the event, if someone can, please leave it in the comment section.

Today in Sicily, he did it again. He refused a pontifical blessing so as not to offend the "many non-Catholic Christians, those of other religions, and the agnostics."

Yet, he himself has no problem being "blest" by a layman.

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The man is truly evil. 

He denied Catholics the right to the pontifical blessing and denied those non-Catholic Christians, agnostics and others the opportunity for grace to be poured out that might lead to their conversion.

Did I say the man is truly evil?

Don't pull a cupich

If there is a more dumbass clericalist in the Church today than Blase Cupich, it would be a surprise.

Here he is pictured with his Uncle, Teddy McCarrick having just given him an award.

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Oh, by the way, Bergoglio just appointed him to the shameful Synod of Bishops on Youth, this coming October.

When will the non-gay Catholic priests and seminarians of Chicago rise up and depose this filthy malefactor?

Bergoglian Cardinal Farrell implicated in scandal

Il fatto quotidiano

The list with the names of the gay lobby: The Vatican trembles

Il Fatto Quotidiano

5 Sep 2018


Behind the tenacious silence of the highest levels of the Vatican regarding the accusations made in the now-famous document of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò may be the fear of being smeared by new facts and developments which may come to light in the explosion of the “nuclear war” which is said to be occurring – for several days now – within the Holy See.

Yesterday we told you about the “Farrell case” which alleged that a dossier had been given to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which oversees the handling of cases of sexual and other moral crimes, concerning Kevin Joseph Farrell, one-time auxiliary bishop of Washington, which if proven true would fall like a boulder on top of the Pope. Farrell, directly nominated by Bergoglio as head of the Dicastery for the Family, lived together with Theodore McCarrick, former cardinal and archbishop of Washington, who was involved in numerous cases of sexual abuse against seminarians.

Upon contacting the Congregation for a comment, or perhaps a denial, the response was: “There will be no comment.” The Vatican thus is not denying the report of Il Fatto Quotidiano, but like McCarrick chooses the strategy of silence. Also because the concerns of the Holy See do not end here.

The new clouds on the horizon are the concrete possibility that there will be a leak of the documents pertaining to the investigation of cardinals Julián Herranz, Jozef Tomko e Salvatore De Giorgi, which they gave to Pope Benedict XVI prior to his resignation. The report contains a detailed and disturbing account of the moral and financial corruption of Vatican clergy, with specific names and circumstances. We have succeeded in seeing a copy of the document with the papal seal on the heading, and from which we will publish excerpts here: a list of both prelates and lay people who belong to the so-called gay lobby, who by means of blackmail and secrets are able to influence, or have influenced, the positions and careers of both themselves and others.

We will not reveal the specific names given in the list, but we are able to confirm that among the names there are persons removed by the Pope, others who had their offices changed, others who still hold important strategic positions in the internal workings of the Vatican, such as in the Propaganda Fide and the Secretariate of State.

The investigation of the three cardinals Herranz- Tomko- De Giorgi has as yet remained “top secret.” However, a small and yet not-so-small circle of persons had the opportunity to read it, and this before the Conclave of 2013, in order to give a hand to the Holy Spirit who would carry Bergoglio across the threshold of the papacy. In order to make the report, dozens of priests and high prelates were interrogated, and all sorts of documents were gathered together. If the public became aware of the content of the report, it would be a disaster for the image of the Church, already devastated throughout the world by sexual scandals. But that is exactly what could happen in this phase of the battle, since the squawking of “crows” is a secular practice which takes place in the Vatican every time there is an escalation in which the civil war gets fiercer.

And this time the war is against the Pope himself. This time Bergoglio can no longer count on the protection of the Curia, given that he has such a complicated relationship with it both personally and doctrinally (one need only think of the questions of the dubia raised by the four cardinals to the Pope concerning the encyclical Amoris Laetitia, in which Bergoglio opened up communion to the divorced and remarried).

Nor can Francis count on some of his powerful friends and allies, overwhelmed as they are by their own sex scandals or by having covered up for others: McCarrick and Farrell, Cardinals Roger Mahony and Godfried Danneels, on the Chilean bishops, on the very powerful number 3 in the Vatican Cardinal George Pell, currently on trial in Australia for multiple sex crimes. Pell wanted to resign as the Vatican Minister of Finance, but the Pope preferred a simple leave of absence. Moreover, when he was named as Number 3 at the Vatican Bergoglio himself could not possibly not have known about Pell’s abuses.

We ask by means of our newspaper to Pope Bergoglio and to Secretary of State Parolin: bring clarity to matters of McCarrick, Farrell and the commission of the three cardinals, to the moral questions which cannot be hidden away under a veil of silence. The reform of the church will take place by means of the truth.

Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino

Friday, 14 September 2018

Podesta's "Catholic Spring" participant Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga - Did he order Pizza?

Image result for cardinal maradiaga

Date: 2015-10-27 20:11
Subject: Fwd: Details for Nov. 2nd Discussion with Cardinal Rodriguez

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Carr <>
Date: Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 5:44 PM
Subject: Details for Nov. 2nd Discussion with Cardinal Rodriguez
Cc: Caitlin Devine <>, Angela Miller McGraw <

Dear John,

I wish to thank you for your participation in the discussion with Cardinal
Rodríguez on Monday, November 2 at Georgetown Law Center Hart Auditorium. We
are delighted and honored that you will be a part of this timely and
important discussion. I am following up on your communication with Peter
Byrne. This email includes information on the program, logistics and
related matter. Here is how we have been describing the discussion:

Pope Francis' Environmental Encyclical: Protecting the Planet and the Poor

A Conversation with Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez

Monday, November 2, 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Hart Auditorium

Georgetown Law Center

*Purpose and Focus:*

Pope Francis' environmental encyclical *Laudato Si* makes a powerful moral
case for the dual obligation to care for creation and care for the poor.
Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez is a key advisor to Pope Francis, chair of his
Council of Cardinals. As the first cardinal from Honduras, he knows
firsthand the damaging human impact from environmental degradation and
leads the church’s efforts to defend the life and dignity of the poor.

Following the conversation with Cardinal Rodríguez, which will be moderated
by John Carr, director of Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public
Life, members of Georgetown Law Center will respond.

- Edith Brown Weiss, Francis Cabell Brown Professor of International
Law, member of United Nations Environment Programme's International
Advisory Council on Environmental Justice.

- John Podesta, Distinguished Visitor from Practice, former Counselor to
President Barack Obama on climate change and energy policy.

*Background Information*:

Cardinal Rodríguez will not be giving a formal presentation, but will be
responding to series of questions from me as moderator. I will send you
some preliminary questions I plan to raise with him on the topic. I
included a link to a video that was shot at Georgetown University featuring
Cardinal Rodríguez discussing Pope Francis' views on climate change and
environmental issues. This indicates some of the tone and content of his
likely responses and may be useful for you as you prepare your remarks.

Since it may be difficult to anticipate how best to respond to Cardinal
Rodríguez, I suggest you might focus your 10-12 minute reflection on your
response to the Encyclical
What are its most important messages? Given your experience, what are its
potential impacts?

I will be introducing you and Edith Weiss. Please send me information on
what you'd like to be emphasized in a brief, relatively informal
introduction. What parts of your work, affiliations, education, family do
you wish me to lift up as I introduce you?

Here is an outline of the session:

3:45 pm – Arrive at green room adjacent to stage of Hart Auditorium to get
mic'd and go over last minute details

4:00 pm – Discussion begins in Hart Auditorium

4:05 pm – Peter Byrne, Faculty Director, Georgetown Environmental Law and
Policy Institute calls the session to order, welcomes people and
introduces topic and John Carr

4:10 pm – John Carr introduces Cardinal Rodríguez and begins a structured
conversation, asking a series of questions

4:40 pm – John Carr invites Edith Brown Weiss and John Podesta to join
Cardinal Rodríguez and him on the stage and introduces them

4:45 pm – Edith Brown Weiss gives remarks

4:57 pm – John Podesta gives remarks

5:10 pm – Questions from the audience

5:30 pm – Closing

5:35 - 6:30 – A reception begins immediately in the Hart Auditorium lobby

We encourage you to invite family, friends, colleagues, and others who
would be interested to the reception and discussion. They may RSVP here

I have attached a speaker release form for photographic purposes. Please
sign and return to

Thank you for your leadership and for your participation in this important
discussion. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by
email or on my cell 240-988-6276 or Caitlin Devine, copied here, or on her
cell 610-202-4501.

We look forward to a great discussion.


*John Carr*
*Director, Initiative on *
*Catholic Social Thought and Public Life*
*Georgetown University*
*202-687-1599 <202-687-1599>*