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From the grave. St. John Paul II backs Father Chisolm against Archcoward of Kingston, the homosexualist Mulhall

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Sunday 9 July 2000
Jubilee in Prisons

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

1. This morning I had the joy of meeting the inmates of "Regina Caeli" Prison for the celebration of the Great Jubilee. It was a touching moment of prayer and humanity. Looking into their eyes, I tried to glimpse the sufferings, anxieties and hopes of each one. I knew that in them I was meeting Christ, who identified with them in the Gospel to the point of saying: "I was in prison and you came to me" (Mt 25: 36).

Precisely with their hard situation in mind, I asked in my Message for the Jubilee in Prisons that on the occasion of the Holy Year they would be offered a gesture of clemency. I especially asked lawmakers throughout the world to rethink the prison system and the penal system itself, in order to make it more respectful of human dignity in accord with a justice that redeems the offender and not only repairs the disorder caused by crime. Those who have made mistakes must be helped to begin a process of moral redemption and personal and community growth for their effective return to society.

2. Today in Baltimore the Joint International Commission for the Theological Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches is meeting in plenary session to study, on the threshold of the third millennium, several topics regarding the future of our mutual relations.
I invite everyone to pray to the Lord that he will instill in hearts the gifts of his Spirit, so that this meeting can foster an ever greater understanding between Catholics and Orthodox and thus contribute to further progress towards the desired goal of full ecclesial communion.

3. I feel obliged, now, to mention the well-known demonstrations held in Rome in the past few days.

In the name of the Church of Rome I can only express my deep sadness at the affront to the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 and the offence to the Christian values of a city that is so dear to the hearts of Catholics throughout the world.

The Church cannot be silent about the truth, because she would fail in her fidelity to God the Creator and would not help to distinguish good from evil.

In this regard, I wish merely to read what is said in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which, after noting that homosexual acts are contrary to the natural law, then states: "The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.

These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition" (CCC, n. 2358).

May the heavenly Mother assist us with her protection.

After leading the Angelus and giving his Blessing, the Holy Father greeted Italian and Mexican pilgrim groups and then said:

Tomorrow, God willing, I will go to the mountains of Valle d'Aosta for a time of rest. I would like to greet those who are already at various holiday spots and those who are still in town. In a special way I offer my best wishes to the young people taking examinations at the end of the school year.

I also greet those who cannot go on holiday. I am thinking of the sick, those alone and all who are obliged to remain at home for various reasons. May they receive our solidarity.

I promise to remember you all and give you a special Blessing.

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Serial Plagiarist and Slap Suit-happy Basilian priest Thomas J. Rosica removed from Salt + Light Media Corporation

Vox Cantoris

Thomas J. Rosica, CSB, the plagiarising priest, former "organiser" of the 2002 World Youth Jamboree in Toronto, founder of the little-watched and irrelevant Salt + Light Media, former Board member of St. Michael's College amongst others, one-time Consultor to the Pontifical Council on Social Communications and  has been ousted (resigned?) from Salt + Light. His apologies in a general way are meaningless. Let him apologise personally to each and every writer, author and academic from which he stole and then lied about it. Let him apologise personally to each Intern he accused.

This writer was the first to expose his plagiarism over four years ago when he repeatedly used in writing and speeches a text from Richard Gailladartz of the National Catholic Reporter. But what do we bloggers know, we write "fake news," according to Bergoglio.

Tom Rosica stole money right out of our extra mortgage payments with his scandalous, frivolous and vexatious lawsuit which I had to defend against. His Wiki page has this action listed. One of the most prominent there. A joke. You can also click to the history at the top left of this post.

In this matter, he has never apologise nor has the Board of Salt + Light, Tony Gagliano of St. Joseph Communications or Fogler, Rubinoff's Nina Perfetto for their scandalous actions against my family. A pro-bono lawsuit based on lies and attempt to control my rights.

There is more. He attempted to interfered with my employment which those lobbied have admitted to me and he confessed in a scandalous series of emails to me that he contacted people at my employer to gossip about me. I have reason to believe that he even tried to undermine my professional Cantor position. His emails to me alluded to it as did actual warnings from priests that something was going on behind the scenes. Some have succumbed to his lobbying and have me as persona non grata and you know who you are, right Fathers Lace and No Grace? Others, have a pair.

He is an evil man. He has gotten what he has deserved. A complete removal from any position of responsibility. Complete and utter humiliation. All brought on by his own arrogance, his own egotistical mind, his own narcissism. He has his reward. 

He caused undo stress upon my family. He is a disgrace lacking in true empathy and a man of false compassion and no moral compass. A sociopath and a narcissistic bully. 

Now, let him publicly apologise to me and the many others whom he has hurt. 

His "career" is over. May he forever disappear from any public life. May he repent for the evil he has done, make amends and do penance and by such, save his soul.

May this be the last mention of this wretched little man on this blog.

So let it be written. So let it be done!

Antipope "Francis" Bergoglio: The Freemasonic Conspiracy to Destroy the ...

Don't criticise the person.

Defeat her argument.

Bet you can't.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Kingston's new Archbishop Mulhall proves himself to be a trembling coward! And you thought he was one of the "good ones."

Archbishop Michael Mulhall
Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario
Ph: (613) 548-4461 

To support Fr. Robert Chisholm 
Ph: (613)-476-6276 

In an note in a church bulletin, not dissimilar to American Bishop Tobin's original statement, the Pastor of Picton's St. Gregory the Great parish in the bucolic Prince Edward County in eastern Ontario, has come under intense media fire and has been thrown under the Sodomite Mafia bus by his bishop. What is also not dissimilar, is the Archbishop's response, nearly modelling that of the backtracking coward, Tobin.

Father R.J. Chisolm was correct in his warning. The movement of the PRIDE is the public face of the normalisation of a sodomite culture that rejoices in anal sodomy, analingus, fisting, felsching, oral copulation and coprophagia and other degenerate activities that harm the body and destroy the soul. This is what people want to take PRIDE in. They say it is about "love." It is anything but love.

Father Chisolm was doing his work, leading, teaching and warning the flock that participating in the public aspects of PRIDE is actually acknowledging it as legitimate and normal. It is anything but.

On Facebook and Twitter, the Pastor has come under intense fire. In comment boxes on media web pages, he has been threatened and attached, even by those who call themselves, "practicing Catholics." Deluded, apostates are more like it.

And into the fray comes the cowardly Mulhall, newly arrived from the Diocese of Pembroke, Mulhall has been long thought of as one of the "good ones." He is a coward and has now sent the message to all his priests, that he does not have their backs and like Father Chisolm, they will be thrown under the bus if they dare to hold up the faith and stand against the Sodomite Mafia.

Hey Mulhall, what do they have on you?

Statement from the Archbishop of Kingston
regarding a bulletin announcement
at St. Gregory the Great Parish in Picton
Friday, June 14, 2019
For immediate release
I understand that there was a message published in the Sunday bulletin of St. Gregory the Great Parish regarding Pride Month activities in Prince Edward County.
I did not sanction this message, and it does not reflect the spirit of accompanying charity and compassion that should always characterize our faith.
The Archdiocese has spoken with the pastor of the parish. He regrets any hurt that his inappropriate comments have caused.
+ Michael Mulhall                                                                                                                   Archbishop of Kingston

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Globalist Bergoglio proclaims "Carbon Tax" as the salvation of mankind

An absolutely stunning piece of globalist drivel, The Vicar of Christ on Earth, "the sweet Christ" as he has been called actually demanding the implementation of carbon taxes to fight the fraud of man-caused climate change and global warming.

Rather than priest Our Lord Jesus Christ as Salvator Mundi, this pompous, arrogant puss-filled Argentinian boil on the Seat of Peter has once again, thrown himself in with the fascist-globalist scum of the Soros world and set himself against the people of Christ.

When he is judged, may he go out condemned; and may his prayer be turned to sin. May his days be few: and his bishopric let another take. Ps. 109: 7,8.
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Casina Pio IV
Friday, June 14, 2019

Distinguished Managers, Investors and Experts,
Ladies and Gentlemen ,

I extend a warm welcome to all of you on the occasion of this Dialogue on the Energy Transition and Protection of the Common Home. Finding yourself in Rome, after last year 's meeting , is a positive sign of your constant commitment to work together in a spirit of solidarity in order to promote concrete steps for the protection of our planet. For this I am grateful.

The present, according to Dialogo, takes place at a critical moment. Today's ecological crisis, especially climate change, threatens the very future of the human family, and this is not an exaggeration. For too long we have collectively ignored the fruits of scientific analysis, and "catastrophic predictions can no longer be viewed with contempt and irony" (Enc. Laudato si ' , 161 ). Any discussion on climate change and the energy transition must therefore assume the best fruits of scientific research available today and allow it to be touched in depth (see ibid. , 15 ).

A significant development in the last year has been the publication of the Special Report on the Impact of Global Warming of 1.5ºC on Pre-Industrial Levelsby the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. That Report clearly warns that the effects on the climate will be catastrophic if we exceed the 1.5ºC threshold outlined in the Paris Agreement goal. The Report also warns that it is only a little over a decade to reach this global warming barrier. In the face of a climatic emergency, we must take appropriate measures, in order to avoid committing a grave injustice towards the poor and future generations. We must act responsibly well considering the impact of our actions in the short and long term.

In fact, it is the poor who suffer the worst impact of the climate crisis. As the current situation shows, the poor are those who are most vulnerable to hurricanes, drought, floods and other extreme weather events. Therefore, courage is certainly required to respond "to the increasingly desperate cry of the earth and its poor" ( Address to the participants in the International Conference on the third anniversary of Laudato si ', 6 July 2018). At the same time, future generations are about to inherit a very ruined world. Our children and grandchildren should not have to pay the cost of the irresponsibility of our generation. I apologize but I would like to emphasize this: they, our children, our grandchildren will not have to pay, it is not right for them to pay the cost of our irresponsibility. In fact, as it is becoming increasingly evident, young people demand a change (see Laudato si ' , 13 ). "The future is ours," the young people shout today, and they are right!

Your meeting focused on three interconnected points: first, a correct transition; second, the price of carbon; and third, transparency in reporting climate risks. These are three enormously complex problems and I thank you for having proposed them to the discussion and at your level, which is a serious, scientific level.

A correct transition, as you know, is referred to in the Preamble to the Paris Agreements. This transition involves managing the social and employment impact of moving to a low-carbon society. If managed well, this transition can generate new employment opportunities, reduce inequality and increase the quality of life for those affected by climate change.

Second, a carbon price policy is essential if humanity wants to use the resources of creation wisely. The failure to manage carbon emissions has produced a huge debt that will now have to be repaid with interest from those who come after us. Our use of common environmental resources can be considered ethical only when the social and economic costs of their use are recognized in a transparent manner and are fully supported by those who use them, rather than by other populations or future generations (see ibid. , 195 ).

The third theme, transparency in reporting climate risks, is essential because economic resources must be exploited where they can do the most good. Open, transparent, scientifically founded and regulated communication is in everyone's interest, making it possible to move financial capital into those areas that offer the widest «possibilities for human intelligence to create and innovate, while protecting the environment and creating more job opportunities "( ibid. , 192 ).

Dear friends, time is running out! The reflections must go beyond mere exploration of what can be done, and focus on what needs to be done, from now on. We cannot afford the luxury of waiting for others to come forward, or give priority to short-term economic benefits. The climate crisis requires a determined action from us, here and now (see ibid. , 161 ) and the Church is fully committed to doing her part.

In our meeting last year , I expressed concern that "Civilization requires energy, but the use of energy should not destroy civilization!" [1] . Today a radical energy transition is needed to save our common home. There is still hope and the time remains to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, provided that there is prompt and resolute action, because we know that «human beings, capable of degrading themselves to the extreme, can also be overcome, return to choose the good and regenerate yourself "( Laudato si ' , 205 ).

I thank you once again for responding generously to the invitation of the Department for the Integral Human Development Service . I assure you of my prayers for your decisions; I cordially invoke the blessings of the Lord on you and your families. Thank you.

[1] Speech to the participants in the meeting for managers of the main companies in the oil, natural gas and other energy-related businesses , 9 June 2018.

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Perverted, Drunken, Sodomite Thief Bishop Michael Bransfield

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In the years before he was ousted for alleged sexual harassment and financial abuses, the leader of the Catholic Church in West Virginia gave cash gifts totaling $350,000 to fellow clergymen, including young priests he is accused of mistreating and more than a dozen cardinals in the United States and at the Vatican, according to church records obtained by The Washington Post.
Bishop Michael J. Bransfield wrote the checks from his personal account over more than a decade, and the West Virginia diocese reimbursed him by boosting his compensation to cover the value of the gifts, the records show. As a tax-exempt nonprofit, the diocese must use its money only for charitable purposes. 
The gifts — one as large as $15,000 — were detailed in a draft of a confidential report to the Vatican about the alleged misconduct that led to Bransfield’s resignation in September. The names of 11 powerful clerics who received checks were edited out of the final report at the request of the archbishop overseeing the investigation, William Lori of Baltimore. 
Read the rest at The Washington Compost.
And this:

The Vortex — Cover-Up Bishop Attacks CM

Monday, 3 June 2019

Was Bishop Tobin Blackmailed?

Some of you may have noticed this Tweet by Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, the one known as the "Good Tobin" as opposed to "Nighty-night" Tobin. He was correct in it in every way. He was truthful and not in any way, hateful.

A barrage of assaults on Twitter from the sodomite mafia went his way. It mattered not how many Catholics encouraged him and supported him, it continued to include the likes of homosexualist clerics, James Martin and Edward Beck. You can search their Tweets directly.

Alas, twenty-four hours later, Bishop Tobin has issued a statement, offering "regret" for his truthful statement. 

Methinks, I smell blackmail.

World Over – 2019-05-30 – Raymond Cardinal Burke with Raymond Arroyo

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Help for a disabled father


A few years ago, you showed what you could do when we raised $10,000.00 for a Deacon in India to build a house for his parents who lived in a three walled hut. It was done.

Eight years ago, I took up a position of Cantor for the traditional Latin Mass in the hamlet of Kinkora about 20 km northwest of Stratford, Ontario. There I met a man who became my friend. If you are on Facebook, you may have seen some of his beautiful church pictures

A few years ago, he married and they now have a baby, he is nearly two. He was diagnosed, not long after, with Parkinson's Disease. He has now found it impossible to be hired.

His name is Carl VanderWouden.

Carl is a humble man. Kind, and a faithful Catholic. He had the humility to publicly ask for $1,000.00 to help him support his family and it ended up at $1059.00 But what is that? It will cover him for a little while but I am writing this because I've known Carl for 8 years, I feel terribly for this hard-working honest man and I hope that this little post will send that modest amount much higher.

Will you help?

I vouch for him, 100%

No Facebook?

Enter Carl's email address and it will open his account or  you can write him directly:

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Bergoglio is "lying" - Viganò

EXCLUSIVE: Abp Viganò says Pope is lying in latest denial about McCarrick 

ROME, May 28, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — For what appears to be the first time, Pope Francis has openly denied that he knew anything of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s immoral activities, directly contradicting Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s account of their conversation on the subject. 
“I didn’t know anything ... nothing, nothing,” Pope Francis said in a new interview published on Tuesday in Vatican News.
In response, the former apostolic nuncio to the United States has directly accused Pope Francis of lying.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Confirmation that McCarrick was under discipline, he ignored it, Wuerl lied, and Bergoglio says he knew nothing!

The latest on the filthy sodomite predator pervert Theodore McCarrick, still living comfortably on Catholic money reveals that he was disciplined, disobeyed, Wuerl knew and lied, and Bergoglio denies any knowledge and Viganò was right all along.

Given the hand that that filthy pervert had in the election of Bergoglio we are expected to believe his denial of any knowledge?

I know nuzzing – sargeant schulz hogans heroes | The ...


A former aide to Mr. McCarrick, Msgr .Anthony Figueirdo, has published a report verifiying the information.

‘Follow the Path of Truth Wherever it May Lead’
By Monsignor Anthony J. Figueiredo
May 28, 2019

The former Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick ordained me to the priesthood 25 years ago today.  I served as his personal secretary in the Archdiocese of Newark (September 1994 – June 1995) and also assisted him in a secretarial capacity during his many visits to Rome in my 19 years of ministry there.After long consideration, I have made the decision to place in the public domain some of the correspondence and other information related to McCarrick that I possess in my many years of service to him. I have spent time in prayer and discernment about the moral basis for revealing these. My decision follows attempts since September 2018 to share and discuss these with the Holy See and other Church leaders.

Realizing full well that the debate about McCarrick has become highly politicized, I wish only to present facts that will help the Church to know the truth. From the outset of this report, I pledge my unswerving affection, loyalty and support for Pope Francis and his Magisterium in his tireless ministry as the Successor of Peter, as I manifested also to Pope Benedict XVI, grateful for their paternal solicitude and efforts to address the scourge of abuse. Indeed, my actions in releasing this report at this time are encouraged by the Holy Father’s motu proprio “Vos Estis Lux Mundi” (“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Mt 5:14), based on the overriding principle that it is imperative to place in the public domain, at the right time and prudently, information that has yet to come to light and impacts directly on allegations of criminal activity, the restrictions imposed on my now laicized former Archbishop, and who knew what and when.

It is my firm hope that this information will help the Church as she further endeavors to create a culture of transparency. This report, which may form the first of others, is a contribution to the wish of Pope Francis and the Holy See “to follow the path of truth wherever it may lead” in terms of the ongoing McCarrick investigation (Pope Francis, Philadelphia, USA, September 27, 2015;  Press Statement of the Holy See, October 6, 2018). It aims to help the US Bishops in their promise last August to “pursue the many questions surrounding Archbishop McCarrick’s conduct … we are determined to find the truth in this matter” (Statement of Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, President, USCCB, August 1, 2018). What Archbishop Wilton Gregory expressed for his local Church, upon his appointment to the Archdiocese of Washington, I wish to do for the Universal Church: “The only way that I can serve this Archdiocese is by telling the truth” (Press Conference, April 4, 2019).

Read the rest at:

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Buffalo: Police and Church conspire to cover Sodomite Predator Abusers!

The latest diocese in the United States to explode with the filth of homosexual perverts in the priesthood is Buffalo. 

President Trump; RICO NOW!

Some of the Catholic priests who served in the Buffalo Diocese and were accused of molesting children.

For years, most of their victims were too scared or embarrassed to make complaints.
But Buffalo Police had marching orders not to arrest Catholic priests, according to former vice squad Detective Martin Harrington and other retired officers. Instead they alerted the bishop’s office to any illegal activities.
“The department’s unwritten policy was that Catholic priests did not get arrested,” said Harrington, who investigated vice crimes for 17 years and retired in 1995. “I never had any experience with priests who molested children. I never heard of any priests molesting children. But we had priests we caught with pornography, or masturbating in the city parks, and our orders were to turn them over to the Buffalo Diocese. The diocese would deal with them … but they would not be arrested.”
The policy “only extended to Catholic priests,” Harrington recalled. “If we caught clergy from other religions, we arrested them.”

This is going to really make Bergoglio and his minions angry!

“Personally, I entrust Italy, my life and your lives to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let’s entrust ourselves to the six Patrons of Europe.”

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Bergoglio and his bludgeoning, browbeating bullies!

From Father Hunwicke.

Earlier in this pontificate, I received a letter from a friend which included these words: "You will know that all of us who require the nihil obstat of the Holy See for our work have been threatened with its removal if we identify with any formal criticism. I received a renewal of this 'advice' only this morning".
Lovely lot, these Bergoglians, aren't they?

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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Bergoglio gets it on with the ladies - well, mostly ladies!

To the butch masquerading as a Nun sitting beside the Peronist masquerading as the Pontiff.  Sorry, dearie, you are not Our Lord Jesus Christ and Bergoglio is not the "Father!"

“I never thought I’d be sitting at the right hand of the Father,” Sr. Carmen quipped before offering introductory remarks to the Holy Father on the groups’s plenary meeting this week in Rome.

As for the rest of it.

One hundred public hangings would have been a good start.

Revelation is not in a "continual movement to clarify itself" and Bergoglio's move to declare capital punishment as "immoral" is heretical.

As for the German butch that wants to be a Deaconette, thanks, you forced him to give one Catholic remark. Feel free to join the Lutheranettes.

Read the rest here:

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Bergoglio the Insulter, Bergoglio the Hypocrite

Oh, how we just love the interviews on the journey back to Rome by Bergoglio the Papal Clown. A blog post or two can always be posted. I would write, “written” but they write themselves.

"Today we are used to insulting each other: one politician insults another, a neighbor insults another, even in the family we insult each other. I dare not say that there is an insult culture, but it is a weapon at hand." 

Does he mean in the same manner as these all documented and linked at

"Old maid!"
"Fomenter of coprophagia!"
"Specialist of the Logos!"
"Rosary counter!"
"Self-absorbed, Promethean neo-Pelagian!"
"Ideological Christians!"
"Mr and Mrs Whiner!"
"Rigid Christians!"
"Modern gnostics!"
"Liquid Christian!"
"Superficial Christians!"
"Slaves of superficiality!"
"Museum mummy!"
"Renaissance prince!"
"Airport Bishop!"
"Leprous courtier!"
"Long-faced, mournful funeral Christian!"
"Careerist Bishop!"
"Querulous and disillusioned pessimist!"
"Sad Christian!"
"Pickled pepper-faced Christian!"
"Children! Afraid to dance! To cry! Afraid of everything!"
"Asker for certainty in all things!"
"Christians allergic to preaching!"
"Closed, sad, trapped Christian who is not a free Christian!"
"Pagan Christian!"
"Little monster!"
"Defeated Christian!"
"Creed-reciting, parrot Christian!"
"Watered-down faith, weak-hoped Christian!"
"Inquisitorial beater!"
"Seminarians who grit their teeth and wait to finish!"
"Those who follow rules and smile [who] reveal the hypocrisy of clericalism - one of the worst evils!"
 "Abstract ideologue!"
"Smarmy, idolator priest!"
"Worshiper of the god Narcissus!"
"Priest-wheeler dealer!"
"Religious who have a heart as sour as vinegar!"
"Promoter of the poison of immanence!"
“Those closed in the formality of a prayer that is cold, stingy!"
"They might end up as Michal, in the sterility of her formality.”
"Older people nostalgic for structures and customs which are no longer life-giving in today’s world!"
"Young people addicted to fashion!"
"Pastry-Shop Christians!"
"Luscious cakes, sweet dainties!"
"Delectable, but not real Christians!"
"Existential tourist!"
"Anesthetised Christian!"
"Christian hypocrites only interested in their formalities!"
“They disguise themselves, they disguise themselves as good people!
"They make themselves up like little holy cards, looking up at heaven as they pray, making sure they are seen!"
"They believe they are more righteous than others, they despise others!"
 ‘Mah,’ they say, “I’m very Catholic, because my uncle was a great benefactor, my family is this, I’m that… I’ve learned... I know this bishop, this Cardinal, this priest... I am this or that...’
"They think they are better than others! This is hypocrisy!"
"Sloth-diseased, acedic Christians!"
“Catholics, but without enthusiasm, even embittered!"
"People without light – real downers!"
"Selfish Christans, out for themselves!”
“Christians who do not leave space for the grace of God!"
"Christians with all the paperwork, all the certificates, in order!”
"The theologian satisfied that his thought is complete and conclusive is mediocre!”
“The theologian who does not pray and does not adore God ends up drowning in the most disgusting narcissism.”
“This is an ecclesiastical sickness!"
“The narcissism of theologians and thinkers does such harm; it’s disgusting!"
“Your institutions are not machines for producing theologians and philosophers!”
"Christian bats who prefer the shadows to the light!”
"Starched Christians!"
"Christians who are too polite!
"Christians who speak of theology calmly over tea!"  
"Catholics who work for personal profit!
"Catholics who presented themselves as benefactors of the Church and made money on the side!”
"Climbers! People driven by ambition!"
"Vain, butterfly-priest!"
"If you like climbing go to the mountains and climb them: it is healthier! Do not come to Church to climb!"
"A simple numerary in this sect!"
"Rotting in the heart, weak!"
"Weak to the point of rottenness!"
"Gloomy in the heart!"
"Weak-hearted Christians!"
"So much sterility within our Mother Church!"
"The weight of the hope in the Commandments!" that pelagianism that all of us carry within our bones, she becomes sterile!"
"She believes she is capable of giving birth…she can’t!"
"The Church is more like an entrepreneur than a mother!"
"A discouraged, anxious, sad Church!"
"Church who is more spinster than mother!"
"This Church isn’t useful!" "such a Church is no more than a museum!"
"Christians in appearance!
"Made-up Christians, because when the rain comes, the make-up runs off!"
“So many ‘apparent Christians,’ collapse at the first temptation!”
"Christians of appearance!"
"Dead Christians!"
“Band of the chosen” in that “ecclesiastical microclimate!”
"Christians who prefer a spectacle to the silence of the Kingdom of God!"
“Vain, pageant Christians!"
"Christians without strength, without fertility"!
"A Christian out for himself, to serve himself!"
"Christian with a sad life!"
"Christians enemies of the Cross of Christ!"
"Pagans with two strokes of Christian paint, so as to appear like Christians, but pagans nonetheless!"
“A pastor who opens the doors of the Church and stays there, waiting, is sad!”
"Dark Christians who lead a life of sin! "A life distant from the Lord who belong to the evil!" one!"
"Christians who are neither light nor dark!"
"Christians of grey areas on one side first and then the other!"
"Is this person with God or the devil? Always in the grey area! They are lukewarm!"
"They are neither light nor dark! And God does not love these!"
"Christians who live for appearances! For vanity!"
"Peacocks Christians! They strut about like peacocks!”
"Soap bubble Christian!"

Crux calls our Persecuted Catholic Sister, and "Illiterate Catholic" -- Inés San Martín calls kettle "black"

It is again being reported that persecuted Catholic, Asia Bibi, is on her way to our patriot land of Canada. May this be so. Her daughters are already here having been granted asylum.  (Real refugees, unlike those invading America from the southern border)

Note, that I referred to Asia as a "persecuted Catholic," unlike Inés San Martín, who referred to her fellow "Third World" Catholic sister as the "illiterate Catholic."

Another reason to mock and the "Catholic" MSM and its sycophantic writers.

Surely Inés, you can do better.

On the other hand, maybe she can't.

Asia Bibi reported to be on her way to Canada
Inés San Martín
Asia Bibi reported to be on her way to Canada

In this Monday, Oct. 30, 2017, file photo, Aasia Bibi is presented to journalists at a police station in Muzaffargarh, Pakistan. Bibi was acquitted in Pakistan, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018. (Credit: AP Photo/Iram Asim, File.)

SANTIAGO, Chile - Asia Bibi, the illiterate Catholic woman who spent almost a decade on death-row over blasphemy allegations in Pakistan, has finally been allowed to leave for Canada, where she will be reunited with her family.

The information was first shared by the UK’s The Daily Mail, and then confirmed by Paloma Garcia Ovejero the London correspondent for Cope, the Spanish bishops’ radio network.

Church officials in Pakistan told Crux they couldn’t verify the news.

Bibi was acquitted in October after a years-long court battle.

She headed to Canada late on Tuesday, and was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, where she will join their daughters, who’ve been granted asylum by the Ottawa government.

The 53-year old woman had been jailed in June 2009 after an argument with a group of Muslim women after she drank water from a local well. The women claimed she blasphemed Mohammed, which Bibi has always denied.

The country’s Supreme Court absolved Bibi, dismissing the case against her as “nothing short of concoction incarnate.”

She was secretly released from prison in November amidst riots in Pakistan’s largest cities, with extremists protesting a Supreme Court decision acquitting her of blasphemy, a criminal offense that carries the death penalty in the South Asian country.

She had been in hiding since her release, with countries such as Italy saying they were open to granting her asylum.

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Radical Islamists demanded Bibi’s death as well as the death of the three Supreme Court judges who acquitted her.

According to one national survey from November, at least ten million Pakistanis said they would be willing to kill Bibi with their bare hands, either out of religious conviction, for the money, or both. A Pakistani mullah offered a reward of roughly $10,000 to anyone who killed her, either inside or outside  prison.

Last year, the demonstrations dispersed after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government promised a court would review a motion to challenge the acquittal and denied Bibi permission to leave Pakistan.

In January, the court upheld her acquittal, removing the final obstacle to her leaving Pakistan.

Speaking to reporters in Islamabad, Khan had anticipated in mid-April that Bibi was soon to be allowed to leave Pakistan, together with her husband, Ashiq Masih, who’d been hiding with her since her acquittal.

According to a source quoted in The Daily Mail in March, Bibi was “very unwell” and being denied medical care while holed up in a safe house with “low blood pressure.”

Her departure from Pakistan coincides with the beginning of Ramadan, considered by Muslims as a  a time for peace and reconciliation.

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Bergoglio worries about the "cry of the poor," except in Venezuela!

Vatican City, May 3, 2019 / 10:22 am (CNA).- Pope Francis Friday offered a critique of captialism’s impact on the environment, calling for a response that hears “the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.”

“The precarious condition of our common home has been the result largely of a fallacious economic model that has been followed for too long,” Pope Francis said May 3.

Francis called this economic model “profit-oriented, shortsighted, and based on the misconception of unlimited economic growth,” and said that it results in a “disastrous impact on the natural world.”