Friday, 22 September 2017

Bergoglio's overreach with the tolerance of perverts exposes his hypocrisy. Is James Martin next?

There were remarks made yesterday by Jorge Bergoglio, the man thrust upon the Chair of St. Peter by malefactors, on the matter of child abuse. Edward Pentin reported on Twitter that the Vatican media were instructed only to report the "prepared text" on the abuse of minors. The Bergoglian regime has learnt well from Peron on the manipulation of the truth and the control of the message. Too bad it can't hide from Internet reality. After some blowback they relented that the casual remarks would need to be vetted. Such fools.

Let us be perfectly clear on the matter of child sexual abuse in the Church. While there has been some despicable sexual abuse of girls, the overwhelming majority has been due to the admission of sodomites - homosexuals into the priesthood. These perverts came in to the priesthood to put then in close contact with their potential victims, with the indisputable facts that show that these victims were post-pubescent boys between thirteen and seventeen years. It is the age perversion of hebephilia and ephebophilia.  

In the "off-the-cuff" that was probably intended not to be reported, La Stampa writes that Bergoglio stated that the he has never "signed a request for grace," in the matter of abusers. 

Well, history seems to show something different and even the National Catholic Reporter did its homework back at the time.

Let us re recall then, the case of Mauro Inzoli, a notorious sodomite who infiltrated his way into the priesthood of Christ in order to find his young male victims with which he could enjoy his sexual deviance, Known as "Don Mercedes" after his love of luxury, this filthy sodomite was found out, Pope Benedict XVI defrocked him, only to see this Bergoglio come along and retract Benedict's decision and reinstate the carbuncle on the Body of Christ. That was until it was found out and the pervert priest Inzoli did it again and Bergoglio had to defrock the cretin again.

The Catholic New Service  translation states Bergoglio did say that he has "never and would never grant a papal pardon to a proven perpetrator."

But this is not true as we've seen above, to say nothing of Msgr. Ricca caught with his boy-toy in an elevator. The tolerance of the situation in Chile, Danneels and how many others?

How many more examples are necessary to show the hypocrisy of Bergoglio?

Apparently, he also stated that he has been learning “on the job” better ways to handle priests found guilty of abuse. He actually recounted the Don Mercedes situation and that his made a "decision he has now come to regret: that of agreeing to a more lenient sanction against an Italian priest, rather than laicizing him as the doctrinal team recommended." 

Is this the closest that the victims and the faithful will get to an apology from Father Bergoglio.

What it really shows is his own pathetic arrogance, his own delusion of grandeur of the "merciful Francis." He has overreached on his manufactured mercy and it has come up an bitten him harshly. 

It is not beyond question that the pathetic and scandalous tweeting and articles of Bergoglio's fellow Jesuit, James Martin, is going to blow up right in his face. The overreaching by both of these pathetic men cannot continue.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Bergoglian enshrinement of the heresy of Amoris Laetitia as doctrine

"Doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge."

The occupant of St. Peter's Chair in Rome has issued another motu proprio today; this one, renaming and reconstituting the John Paul Institute on Marriage and the Family to be one of "sciences."

The war against the faith has taken another step. 

Humanae vitae is on the chopping block.

The cardinals and bishop alive today that refuse to challenge this destruction are going to be held accountable before God for the betrayal. We have been deserted by filthy rats who call us a "cancer."

They are the cancer. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Persecution of Catholics on the uptick by the Bergoglian regime - now we are a "cancer"

In what can only be described as a regime rather than a papacy, it is quite obvious to all that are prepared to take their heads out of the sand that it is open season on faithful Catholics.

We see an unending and almost obsessive stream of publicity from the homosexualist James Martin, S.J., and a string of supporters lined up behind him including now Robert McElroy, Bishop of San Diego. This McElroy puts forward the notion that one who upholds the Catholic truth, that sodomitical acts are grievous sins in the eyes of God and one of the four sins which "cry out to heaven for justice," are a "cancer" in the Church and opposed to Pope Francis.

Can you imagine that a Bishop of the Catholic Church of Christ would write this?

It would be too easy to say that Robert McElroy is badly-formed or deluded. No; the man is a bishop, he is educated he can only be described as evil, a wolf, a son of Satan, he is not a true shepherd of Jesus Christ. Robert McElroy is a man that is going to Hell for the souls he is leading there.

If you are a cancer call McElroy and let him know at 858-490-8300.

What these filthy malefactors are doing is, as Father Zed calls it, outright "bullying."

I stand with Jesus Christ, and His Church and its magisterial teaching over time. I do not stand with a pope, bishop or priest who does not. If this puts this writer against the current claimant to the Chair of Peter, then so be it.

Professor Claudio Pierantoni is a scholar of patristics and professor of medieval philosophy at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago. In this report on LifeSiteNews, Pierantoni explores the dismissal of Dr. Josef Siefert from the Catholic university at Granada, in Spain. He writes of this as an "official persecution" under the regime of Jorge Bergoglio.

Make no mistake, this is true in every way and I can speak of this personally and directly some of which has been made public on this blog and much of which cannot be made public. It is diabolical, hypocritical and deceitful and I can assure you, they will not triumph.

Let it be clear to Martin, McElroy, Bergoglio, Spadaro, Maradiaga and the rest of these malefactors, - we're not going anywhere and we are on the side of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We will not leave our Holy Mother, the Church, we will not abandon Her and, with the help of God, we will defeat you.

These filthy priests and prelates must repent and do reparation before it is too late. Their judgement will be swift, severe and eternal.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Congratulations to LifeSiteNews, Church Militant and Father Z - James Martin, S.J. says it's all your fault

Little Jimmy Martin of the homosexualist infiltrated Society of Jesus is having a hissy-fit. Jimmy is lashing out irrationally at the good folks at LifeSiteNews, Michael Voris and the team at Church Militant, and of all people, Father John Zuhlsdorf.

Perhaps Jim ought to see in this that his dissent and diabolical embrace of sodomy as a "differently ordered" act of God, is what has caused Catholics to rise up and say to this errant priest and those who would give him a platform, "enough.!"

The two recent examples of cancellations have shown us that we cannot stop in our opposition to the rampant and vicious actions of these malefactors and their hatred of Christ and His Church.

This is not the time to let up, but the time to "double-down."

As for this errant priest, he needs to seclude himself in a monastery for a life of repentance, prayer and reparation for the souls he has aided in their descent to Hell and to save His own from being there.

Dear friends: Theologica College, the seminary at The Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC, today cancelled a talk I was to give on Alumni Day, on Oct. 4, thanks to a campaign by Church Militant, the priest known as "Father Z" and Lifesite News.
That campaign caused a storm of phone calls, emails and messages to Theological College, which included, I was told, people screaming at the receptionists who answered the phone. In the end, they felt that the expected protests and negative publicity would distract from Alumni Day.
This follows the cancellation of another lecture at the Annual Investiture Dinner of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre in New York City, scheduled on Oct. 21. The organizers told me that they had received angry emails and calls from several members of the Order, most of whom, they believed, were encouraged to protest thanks to another campaign initiated by Church Militant, which you can see here:…/episode/vortex-unbelievable
As an aside, a few years ago I was invited to join the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, but couldn't because of its steep entrance fee. Also, Catholic University hosted me for a talk, one of a few that I have given there, just last year.
That follows an earlier cancellation of a lecture in London for Cafod (Catholic International Development Charity in England) which was scheduled for the third week in October.
Each of these cancellations was a result of anger or fear over my book "Building a Bridge," about LGBT Catholics. The book has the formal approval (the "Imprimi Potest") of my Jesuit Provincial, the Very Rev. John Cecero, SJ; and has been endorsed by Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Archbishop John Wester, Bishop Robert McElroy and Bishop John Stowe.
In the case of Theological College, the fears were of angry protesters disrupting their Alumni Day. In the case of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre Dinner, it was anger from some members over the topic of LGBT Catholics. In the case of Cafod lecture in London, it was not a response to any campaign but fear that my presence itself would garner negative attention, after the group had recently faced other similar problems. In none of these cases was the local ordinary--in each a cardinal--in any way advocating for the cancellation of the talk. The impetus was purely from those social media sites.
I have asked each organization to be honest about the reasons for these cancellations. That is, I told them I did not want to lie and say, "I withdrew" or "I declined" or "I was afraid to come."
So I share with you as much as I can in the interests of transparency, which we need in our church. And to show you the outsize influence of social media sites motivated by fear, hatred and homophobia.
For my part, I bear no ill will to Theological College, Catholic University, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre or Cafod. The organizers were all apologetic and in some cases more upset than I was. I know that they were under extreme pressure, and in some cases were overwhelmed by the rage that can be generated by social media: ill will based on misrepresentations, innuendos, homophobia and especially fear. Perfect love drives out fear, as 1 John says. But perfect fear also drives out love.
Also, I want to say that none of these cancellations disturbs me. I've not lost any sleep over them. (The outsize influence of social media sites that traffic in homophobia, specialize in personal attacks, and whips up hatred another matter. This is disturbing and should be disturbing to all of us. It is not coming from God.)
And there will be many other venues. In fact, after the talk in DC was cancelled, Holy Trinity Church in DC invited me to deliver a lecture a few days before the planned Theological College event was to occur, on Sept. 30. So I look forward to seeing you all in Washington.
I'm also happy to say that a revised and expanded version of "Building a Bridge," with a new introduction, more stories drawn from my encounters with LGBT people, more insights from church leaders, and more biblical meditations, will be published early next year.
Last night at the University of Scranton, after the talk to the incoming freshmen, a mother approached the book-signing table, and started to cry when she talked about her gay son and what the book had meant to her. And I told her that her tears put any opposition in perspective.
Because what is opposition next to the love of Jesus? It is nothing.
I also have the support of my Jesuit Provincial, my Jesuit brothers, and two cardinals and several bishops who endorsed my book (as well as many other cardinals, archbishops and bishops who have contacted me privately). Most of all, I want to say that Jesus is close to me in prayer.
So I am at total peace.
A final note: all of the talks that were cancelled--at Theological College, at the Order of the Holy Sepulchre Investiture Dinner, and at Cafod, were not about LGBT Catholics. They were about Jesus.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Jorge Bergoglio: Identify the child porn pervert priest and put him on public trial!

A priest working at the Embassy of the Holy See in Washington has been recalled to Vatican City after official in Washington asked him to be charge with possession of child pornography.

How dare the Secretary of State and Bishop of Rome hide behind "diplomatic immunity" when it come to the heinous crime of child pornography.
Image result for millstone around neck

Coming on the heals of the cocaine Capozzi and his sodomite orgy in the shadow of St. Peter's during Holy Week, this is just one more example of the depth of filthy perversion within the priesthood and the disgusting bishops and even the Bishop of Rome himself, who continue to cover up for these demons. 

Jorge Bergoglio has no credibility in dealing with the issue of sexual perverts in the Church. This is a disgrace and a betrayal of the Lord and the victims in the pornography. 

That millstone is going to be mighty heavy.

He has failed and will be judged for it in history and in eternity. He has been tested and found wanting.

Anonymous to the Cross is back!

After a blogging hiatus since April, the blog "Anonymous to the Cross" is back. It is said to be by a priest or two, in Rome. 

Things are going to get really interesting...

Nota bene; the blog is in Italian, some are reporting the inability to translate it but that may be your settings.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Vincent Long, CFM, Bishop of Parramatta blasphemes the Holy Spirit in the name of sodomy

A reader in Australia, which is undergoing a debate and plebiscite on so-called "marriage" between people of the same sex, has advised of scandalous "pastoral letter" by Vincent Long, OFM, the Bishop of Parramatta. We've written previously about this so-called, "bishop" and the suffering Catholics of Parramatta.

In his letter, Long, a Franciscan, writes about now each should vote according to their feelings and not by being a properly formed Catholic.

He actually blasphemes the Holy Spirit when he suggests, that the "Spirit" is saying something through the "signs of the times" that would test the truth of Holy Scripture and Catholic doctrine.

The Holy Spirit is not guiding this debate in Australia for Catholics to suddenly accept marriage within the same sex. The Holy Spirit is not a liar, but this Bishop, Vincent Long Van Nguyen is a liar, a deceiver and no doubt, a homosexualist.

What does this stupid man think that two men do together in bed? Just as with James Martin, they set up "straw men" and want you to believe it is all about love. It is not about which tea-cup and what colour the his and his towels are or the draperies, it is about felching and rimming and fisting and sodomy and oral copulation and slurp ramps and glory holes and coprophilia (as Bergoglio would know about). This is what two men do together. This so-called Bishop cares not about the poor souls, but instead, does not warn the person who will fall in to this deep sin which will take them to Hell.

It is not about love. No faithful Catholic hates anyone suffering with same-sex attraction. But we hate the sin in them as much as any in ourselves. That, is love.

The vote in Australia will no doubt fall in favour of those seeking this change in the definition of marriage. 

This Judas will be held accountable before God for his dereliction.

Pastoral letter on the same-sex marriage postal survey

Dear sisters and brothers,
As I write to you, the national debate on same-sex civil marriage is in full swing. It is an issue that many feel passionate about and hence, it has potential to polarise the community. I appeal to all Catholics in the Diocese of Parramatta to conduct this dialogue with a deep sense of respect for all concerned, and for the opinion and decision that each person is free to make.
It is important to remember from the very outset that the postal survey is about whether or not Australians want the legal definition of civil marriage changed to include same-sex couples. It is not a referendum on sacramental marriage as understood by the Catholic Church.
Many years ago, divorce was legalised in Australia; but this change did not alter the law of the Church. Therefore, whatever the outcome of the survey or the eventual legislation by the government, the Church will continue to hold that marriage is a natural institution established by God to be a permanent union between one man and one woman, directed both to mutual companionship and to the formation of a family in which children are born and nurtured.
For many Catholics, the issue of same-sex marriage is not simply theoretical but deeply personal. These may be same-sex attracted people themselves or that may be the case with their relatives and friends. In such cases, they are torn between their love for the Church and their love for their same-sex attracted child, grandchild, sibling, cousin, friend or neighbour.
As your bishop, I wish to reiterate the commitment I made at my installation: “I am committed to make the church in Parramatta the house for all peoples, a church where there is less an experience of exclusion but more an encounter of radical love, inclusiveness and solidarity.” As a community of disciples, we seek to accommodate, accompany and care for one another irrespective of sexual orientation, marital status and situation.
I invite all Catholics in our Diocese to exercise our responsibility as citizens to engage in this community discernment. It should not be a matter of a simple answer Yes or No to the postal survey. It should be an opportunity for us to witness to our deep commitment to the ideal of Christian marriage. But it should also be an opportunity for us to listen to what the Spirit is saying through the signs of the times.
Throughout much of history, our gay and lesbian (or LGBTI) brothers and sisters have often not been treated with respect, sensitivity and compassion. Regrettably, the Church has not always been a place where they have felt welcomed, accepted and loved. Thus, regardless of the outcome of the survey, we must commit ourselves to the task of reaching out to our LGBTI brothers and sisters, affirming their dignity and accompanying them on our common journey towards the fullness of life and love in God.
Let us pray, discern and act with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Catholics, in keeping with the tradition of the Church, are asked to exercise their consciences, ensuring that they are informed as they come to exercise their democratic rights in the coming postal survey.
Yours sincerely in Christ,
Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv
Bishop of Parramatta
13 September A.D. 2017, Memorial of St John Chrysostom

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

James Martin, S.J. - a man crying out in desperation for attention and secretly for help

One could blog nearly daily on the ravaged mind of James Martin, S.J., and the perverse, corrupted doctrine he bleats on Twitter, Facebook and in various media publications. Martin has been covered numerous times on this blog. Lately, I've avoided writing and instead, just end up shaking my head in disgust and in sadness for what this poor sick man has become.

Image result for james martin sjGiven his volume of activity on social media, one could rightly ask, "Does this priest ever pray his Office, or Rosary, does he spend an hour in adoration?" I think the answer must be, "no." How can it be otherwise? If a priest was rising early to read his Office and praying, and ministering to souls, and offering Mass well and hearing confessions, how could he have time to be as active on social media as Martin? How could he write that which he does in what can only be described as a pathological, deranged and obsessive promotion of homosexualism and an outright rejection of the Church's teaching on the grotesque sin of sodomy, effeminacy and same-sex behaviour.

In a recent interview at Fordham University, Martin has gone perhaps further to reveal the severely deranged and poisoned mind to the point where it can only be concluded that James Martin of the Society of Jesus must be possessed by the Devil, Satan himself. No Catholic priest, servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ could every state that which this wretched man does without being possessed by the Evil One. 

Martin and his cronies who leave comments here will no doubt call me a "hater." 

The truth is this; the real "hater" is James Martin. Martin hates himself, he hates Christ and His Church and the truth. He hates the men trapped in a sorrowful and suffering life of homosexuality. These men deserve our love because they are children of the same God. They deserve the truth, that the God who loves them does not expect them to live as they do. They were not born this way. Those who believe, this, who promote this, are liars.

In the Fordham interview, with Patrick Hornbeck, the Chairman of the Department of Theology, Hornbeck makes it clear that he is "married" to his "husband." How has Timothy Dolan, Cardinal Archbishop of New York not removed this man from his position? Let him sue. Take the lawsuit, pay him if you have to, but get him out.

In the interview, Martin states:

“He (a former Religious and friend of Martin) came out and has been with his partner for 20 years. His partner has a fairly serious illness that is at times extremely serious and requires a lot of attention. Mark has cared for him for, I think, 15–20 years now. And one of the questions I would like the institutional Church to reflect on is: 'Is this not love?'
"I have a hard time imagining how even the most traditionalist, homophobic, closed-minded Catholic cannot look at my (active homosexual) friend and say, 'That is a loving act, and that is a form of love that I don't understand but I have to reverence."

Martin dares to use the word "reverence" which has as a synonym, "adoration," something due only to Almighty God and states that we need to use this proper reverence to the people who practice acts of depravity. 

Let us be clear, Martin has set up a "straw-man." He wants you to believe it is all about "love." Of course, one friend should care for another in his sickness, that is what we should all do. But notice how this deceitful priest blends that idea of fraternal love with sodomitical debauchery. What does he think these two men do? It is not about "love."

Where are his Superiors?
James Martin is on his way to Hell. He must repent publicly of his grievous error and do penance. He must live a life of quiet reparation for what he has done to so many souls. Objectively speaking, if James Martin dies tonight, he will end up in Hell. He will be greeted there by those whom he deceived and joined sooner or later by those who failed to correct him.
Martin may interpret this as hate. The truth is, it is out of love for him and his priesthood that this is written.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Bergoglio says we will "go down." Well, some will go down - straight to Hell

As has become the custom from before Pope Bergoglio, no pope can travel anywhere without getting back on the aeroplane and having a presser, though this one has made a real "art" of it. Gosh, it makes one long for simpler days, you know, before popes decided that the world couldn't stand it if they weren't glad-handing and creating a whole damn economy around their star power or when news of the pope's death took a decade to reach the local parish. 

It's amazing how suddenly, when the southern United States has been hit with a hurricane or two, some have gone batty thinking this has never ever happened before. Oh, but of course, it's global warming, I mean, climate change.
"If we don't turn back, we will go down, you can see the effects of climate change and scientists have clearly said what path we have to follow. If someone is doubtful that this is true, they should ask scientists. They are very clear. These are not opinions made on the fly. They are very clear. Then each person can decide and history will judge the decisions,"

So says Bergoglio. What a bunch of lying bunk. What stupid drivel, and I am expected to believe that this Peronist, this politician, this NGO hack is the Vicar of Christ? Believe scientists? Junk science! So, is it now a sin in the Church of Bergoglio to refuse to bow to this fallacy? There are fossils of palms in Greenland and northern Alberta, what the heck does that tell us?

Climate changes, and then changes back and then to something else again.

Irma is the first Hurricane to hit Florida since Wilma, and that was in 2005. The worst in the last few decades were Andrew in 1992 and Charlie in 1994 and not even they compared to the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 and were generally equal to the pre-named storm of 1919, Great Miami in 1925 and Okeechobee in 1928. In Texas, the most hurricanes and cyclones took place in the decade of the 1940's followed by the 1880's. In the seventeen years since 2000, the total is still less by one, compared to those of the 1880's. In 1900, 8000 souls perished in Galveston, Harvey has claimed 70, and may they rest in peace.

Yet, we are to believe that these hurricanes in Texas and Florida are a result of climate change. Well, it must be true because the Bergoglio of Rome said so.

Listen, Pope Bergoglio is entitled to his own opinions just like anyone else, but the one thing that this man is not entitled to, are his own facts; and his opinions mean nothing, nothing, nothing!

It's amazing how the world will listen to every word this bleating from this Pope Bergoglio's mouths off with when it comes to "climate change" but won't hear it when he speaks on those rare occasions of abortion and gender dysphoria. Well, one can understand that since he appoints abortionists to Vatican commissions and goes out of his way to be photographed with "transvestites." The media are as confused about Bergoglio as he is himself.

Speaking of "pro-life," he also says that Trump cannot be, if he gets in the way of DACA. Don't even get me started on that one.

Such poppycock, coming from a man whose carbon footprint in the last four years has exceeded this writer's entire carbon lifetime.

Just once, I would like a presser with Bergoglio to go like this:

Media:    Holy Father, there is so much strife in the world, so much suffering, what do you have to say about this?         
Pope Francis: I would say that the world has lost its bearing because it is not focused on the reality of the God-man, Jesus Christ. When the first Pope, St. Peter, walked on water to meet the Lord he started to sink. He took his eyes off of Jesus and he sank. It is only when we have our eyes and our hearts and our minds focused on this Jesus, this Christ, this true Saviour of the World, that we do not sink, do not "go down." The world is groaning for a lack of Christ, but it is because the world has rejected Him. Jesus Christ is God come to earth in the flesh, born at Bethlehem of a woman named Mary, a virgin. This is real, this is true. He came for his own who rejected Him, and he came for all, you and me. He came for Jew and Gentile. He came for those who call themselves Moslem, and Hindu and Buddhist. He came for those who believe in Him but follow their own way apart from his One, True Church and those who do not believe in Him or the One who sent Him. He came for all, but many reject Him. Come to Him. Come to Jesus, let him free you from your sins and the world from its suffering, because, there is no other Way, no other Truth and no other Light. There is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ and the Church which he founded for the salvation of the world.

 That is what this Pope should say. That is what any Catholic should say.