Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Delirious Dichotomy - the profound liturgical wisdom of Francis

 An Apostolic Letter was issued in Rome today by Pope Francis. A Jesuit has commented formally on the liturgy. The last time I was at Mass celebrated by a Jesuit, everything had changed but the bread and wine. In Toronto, we are blest to have a Jesuit pastored parish, Our Lady of Lourdes.

The document urges proper liturgical formation. I can agree with that.


Let's see. Pope Francis would like proper liturgical formation.

Can we begin with Sacrosanctam Concilium?

Chirograph on Sacred Music?

Redemptionis Sacramentum?

How about the General Instruction on the Roman Missal?

Please, spare me, Jorge.

As for this, your "intention" will mean nothing. Nor, will you live long enough. Your attempt to tear the Church apart over this will fail. You will not stop It. Who thought at Easter or a year ago or a decade ago that we would see Roe vs. Wade collapse so quickly? The same will happen to the false church dwelling within the Bride of Christ. 

For more information, Father Zuhlsdorf has explored the shallow depths of the mind of Francis and his ghostwriters.


Catholic Mission said...

Pope Francis interprets Vatican Council II with the False Premise while I interpret it with the Rational Premise. Vatican Council II cannot be Magisterial when it is interpreted by the popes, from Paul VI, with a Fake Premise to create a fake break with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the rest of Tradition.
So as a Catholic I am not obliged to follow apostolic letters based upon an unethical interpretation of the Council.
If the Council Fathers ( Rahner, Ratzinger, Kung and Congar) made the same mistake we are not obliged to follow them.Instead we must reject their interpretation.
When Pope Francis interprets Vatican Council II with the Rational Premise and then affirms Feeneyite EENS and the ecclesiocentrism of the Roman Missal, then he would be Magisterial.

-Lionel Andrades
Blog : Eucharist and Mission

Irenaeus said...

Well said, Vox. God bless you.

Barona said...

" many languages....expressing her unity...reestablishing this the whole Church of the Roman Rite"?????

Really Pope Francis is this "unity". A cacophony of living languages in constantly evolution? And "re-establishing"???? Really Pope Francis? You mean "unity" was lost or did not exist under the ancient Roman Rite?

What madness is this. This is a sinister attempt at gas-lighting Catholics who have unity and are merely holding onto what has always been held onto.

One notices also another very interesting point. There is NO mention of doctrine How could there be? It is doctrine that is the glue that binds the unity of the Church. It was this adherence to doctrine that gave unity in worship and public prayer. For the same doctrine informed the same worship.

To quote an American expression: "sorry Pope Francis, this dog won't hunt".

mazara said...

Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul receive communion in the Vatican

Kathleen1031 said...

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Isn't it interesting how the church now parallels secular culture? Leftists in the secular culture have gone so far afield they have embarrassed themselves, shown how extreme their views are, and discredited themselves. Fewer and fewer take them seriously anymore. You can't, they're too weird.
It is now the same in the church. Catholics understand the importance of the papal office, but Francis and his court are so extreme, they have discredited themselves. We do not listen to him at all. Ever. This is not by our choice, but his. Our Lord gave us instructions, we are just following them. We realize it has not been this easy for many, but we do not recognize his voice, but consider him a hireling. Case closed. He disturbs us, not at all. He cannot do away with the Mass of the Ages, try as he might. It won't happen. Not under him. Not under the next one. Nor the one after that. Deus vult! God wills it. Praise be to you, Jesus Christ.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I recall hearing often that instead of the Holy Sacrifice modernists are transforming the Holy Mass into a communal meal. What I read in Bergoglio's ghostwriters' new document is that Jesus Christ desires to eat the meal with us. This is allegedly the meaning of the Mass. They also say that just as Jesus is eaten, so is the priest presiding. "Being eaten" is translated as "serving". These are just some of the things I have noticed. They are very foreign to my Catholic mind. Perhaps I, a version of the doubting Thomas, would prefer to give the mysteries I struggle with such an interpretation. My mind has always been inclined to give mysteries escaping my understanding a meaning easier to digest. But I am a fool of a small faith, always searching, never finding. I do not identify with this version of me. My preferred identity is that of a faithful Catholic. I do not approve of Bergoglio's strange, consistently radically anti-Catholic message. /This is an attempt at a joke at this dire time./ May God forgive me and help me overcome my struggles. At this time I am unable to sincerely ask for the same for Bergoglio and his clique. I really despise them.

Catholic Mission said...

JUNE 30, 2022
There are two interpretations of the apostolic exhortation Desiderio Desideravi

There are two interpretations. One is rational and the other is irrational and the pope has chosen the irrational version.

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

Is this why Pope Francis refuses to pray to demoness Pachamama in Latin ???

French Vanilla Decaf said...

As the Church goes, so goes the world, Kathleen.