Monday, 20 January 2014

Silencing of the lambs

Clearly, the people who March for Life need reminding because every year there are violent riots and blood in the streets of Washington.

Look at how the evil one has used these tweets to mock the Catholic faith and the cause for Life!

Some would like to see these lambs lead to the slaughter.

Like the One who did this, indeed, the True Lamb!

Red-robed man preparing to strike a group of other men.

Who are the real Pharisees, today?

Perhaps, he should get off of Twitter.


Barona said...

What a tragedy that it has come to this: to admonish those who defend life - those who defend prayerfully, lovingly.... may God forgive him.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

The enemies of Jesus Christ are hiding in His Roman Catholic Church!
God bless you. Susan Fox

DavidWillsMusic said...

Jesus came bearing a sword. Just try real, honest to God evangelism on for size, and see what the reaction to the Truth is. The fact is that Christ established a Christian army in the Church, an army that has far too many in it afraid to heft and wield their sword, just as our Lord and Commander told us to do. Defend pro-life causes, defend the Church as the fullness of faith it is, and defend the Traditions of the Church.

Suzanne F. said...

I don't know that he said anything that was so wrong, there are rude and aggressive pro-lifers, especially in the States. I don't think they're doing our cause any favours.

Notwithstanding his calling us "Taliban Catholics".