Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Canada's newest bishop

How wonderful that on the feast day of the wonder-worker of Canada, St. Andre of Montreal, that the Church in Canasda would receive a son of that city as a new Bishop. Pope Francis has appointed Father Christian Riesbeck, CC (Companion of the Cross) as Titular Bishop of Tipasa in Numidia and Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa. Bishop-elect Riesbeck served in parishes staffed by the Companions in Kingston, Hawkesbury, Pendleton, Brockville and was Houston in Texas. He was ordained in Ottawa on October 12, 1996 and was educated at St. Augustine's Seminary in Toronto (M.Div.) and Licentiate in Canon Law from St. Paul's University in Ottawa.

It may seem minor, but when I see the pectoral cross worn in the traditional way, over the heart, it sends a clear message. Friends, at age 43, this bishop is the future. He will be an Archbishop some day, perhaps of Ottawa itself. This is the future, not the weak, ineffectual episcopacy which thinks that water bottles are the greatest threat to mankind. To paraphrase Msgr. Bux, may the Patron Saint of Canada and the wonder-worker of Montreal pour out grace from heaven to open the eyes of all bishops to have the zeal for life as this one, or close them as heaven might see fit.

The Fathers of the Companions of the Cross founded in Ottawa by the late Father Bob Bedard and are filled with zeal for Christ. Below is a speech given by Bishop-elect Riesbeck at the Ottawa 40 Days for Life. We have been blest and we don't deserve it.

Let us pray for this young bishop and for the future of the Church in Canada.

Thank you St. Joseph!

Thank you St. Andre!

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