Monday, 6 June 2011

The Proper Movement

A number of the posts below refer to liturgical music, after all, it was the primary reason for this blog. Pope Benedict XVI, Blessed John Paul II, Dom Mark Kirby, OSB and links and references to other papal documents can all be found.

I'm a little aggressive about this because I'm frustrated at the wretched Mass settings foisted on over 500 people by the Chancery office in Toronto. It's probably not their fault, at least not directly they were, after all, following the lead of the "high priests of liturgy" at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In the United States, Father Samuel Weber is undertaking a Propers project in St. Louis, as has Father Columba Kelly. Adam Bartlett at The Chant Cafe and those at the Church Music Association of America are ready to publish The Simple Propers. the Novus Ordo and 21st century answer to what Father Rossini undertook in the 1930's. Sing the Mass!

I'm quite open to saying that on this matter, Vox is ahead of the curve. For six years I've been working on integrating these into the liturgy as they are the primary texts of the Mass and they are intended to be sung. At my current position in Toronto on Saturdays for the Vigil Mass, I began by singing the Communion Antiphon right from the missalette to a Gregorian tone. This is sung as the Priest Communicates. I then added the Entrance before the Processional Hymn (though I would rather do it after if there was incense) and I've now added the Offertory with the Communion Antiphon now including the Psalm Verses. I use The Simple Propers.

To my delight, this was published on line today.

Father John-Mark Missio is a priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto. He is a published composer on CanticaNova and he is former Director of St. Michael's Choir School. He is now at The Liturgical Institute undertaking doctoral studies.

If you are a priest or a deacon or church musician or just care about the liturgy, take the time to read his essay.

Someday, he will return to Toronto.

After the experiences two week ago, it can't be soon enough!

The Proper Chants of the Entrance, Offertory and Communion Processions
Models of Liturgical Hymnody
An Essay Based on Musicam Sacram 32
Reverend John-Mark Missio, B.Math., B.Music, M.Div.
The Liturgical Institute
University of St. Mary of Lake

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