Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Did Dalton McGuinty threaten Catholic Bishops?

Did Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal government cabal of CINO's, homosexualists, secular humanists, atheists and Anti-Catholic Bigots threaten the Bishops of Ontario with the de-funding of Catholic Education to demand their support for ramming a pro-homosexual curriculum that conflicts with Catholic teaching on Ontario schools?

What you read below has been spoken of for at least six months by Catholics in the know in Toronto and Ontario.

"Under threat of a withdrawal of funding to Catholic schools by the Ontario Liberal government the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario reluctantly approved the homosexual ‘anti-bullying’ clubs in April and similarly approved an ‘equity’ policy addressing ‘sexual orientation’ last October.

Passage of the Toronto Catholic school board’s equity policy is considered a watershed advancement of homosexual activism in Ontario’s education system. The Toronto board is the last and by far the largest Catholic board to implement the policy as part of the Ontario government’s sweeping “equity and inclusive education strategy”. LifeSiteNews.Com

As a Catholic, educated and of privilege, you have even more to answer to Him who said, "better that he have a millstone tied around his neck and is thrown into the bottom of the sea than to scandalise one of my little ones."

Dalton, you have a lot to answer for to the people of Ontario on October 6.

Dalton, as an educated and privileged Catholic, you have even more to answer for to your Creator and mine.

As a fellow Catholic man, I ask you to ponder these words from Our LORD and Saviour: "It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones."

Readers outside of Canada or at least Ontario, particularly those in the United States will find it shocking that Catholic schools in Ontario are government funded. It is constiutional right of Catholics in Ontario dating back to even before Confederation in 1867.


Br. Anthony, T.O.S.F. said...

McGuinty is a heretic and scoundrel and should immediately be excommunicated. Woe to him if he doesn't publicly repent and make public reparation for his atrocious sins!

Young Canadian RC Male said...

If Tim Hudak is smart as a Christian (unknown if he's Catholic. A news report just said his "Church and fellow congregants" are praying for his sick daughter at Sick Kids), He'll use this as ammo to sway the Catholic vote and turn the tide this Fall. Everybody else start the prayer train because aside from our votes, we'll need much more to rectify our current political situation.

Anonymous said...

Can you please provide proof that Dalton threatened the Bishops with yanking the funding and that the Bishops caved?

Nowhere have I heard of or seen proof of this and knowing some of amazing Bishops we have in Ontario (i.e. Collins) I find this very hard to believe.

Give the proof that they gave in to McGuinty's threat or remove this post!

Nat Giangioppo said...

it was a battle between God and Satan, but God had the upper hand. This is from Global Campus's "In The News":

In the news > Dalton McGuinty backs down on frank sex ed in schools


Dalton McGuinty backs down on frank sex ed in schools
New curriculum needs a 'serious rethink,' Ontario Premier says

Karen Howlett and Kate Hammer

April 22, 2010 03:19 PM EDT

Toronto — Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty acted unilaterally in pulling the plug on his government’s new sex-education curriculum after he was blindsided by his own bureaucrats and a backlash from parents and religious groups.

Mr. McGuinty announced on Thursday yesterday that he will not roll out the new curriculum next fall. It was his fastest policy retreat in recent memory, coming just four hours after cabinet minister Sandra Pupatello vigorously defended the document during Question Period.

Sources said that the Premier had not been briefed on the curriculum and was unaware of its contents until the complaints began this week.

The new curriculum needs a “serious rethink,” Mr. McGuinty said, and government officials must listen to parents on such a highly sensitive topic that touches children directly.

“For most parents, it came out of nowhere,” Mr. McGuinty said. “They are obviously not comfortable with the proposal we put forward.”

The political time-bomb that was his government’s new sex-education curriculum ticked away on-line for three months until a Christian group led by evangelist Charles McVety issued a statement this week threatening to pull its children from school if the government did not abandon it.

Good boy Dolton! If you want to lead Ontario by example and you are a righteous man, please don't ever put this subject out on the table for discussion ever again. Thank you and God bless!.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Nat G., don't think that it's over just yet. McGuinty's government is getting the last laugh in the form of the Equity and inclusivity poilcy that WILL NOW be allowed in all Toronto District Catholic School Boards. Our trustees failed us and allowed them in their May meeting. Essentially, the lawyer for the school board, Eric Roher, abused his position as legal council and threatened in a "claim" that the trustees should accept the policy else legal consequences were going to happen (a.k.a. lawsuits or charges against the Charter).


Another meeting happned last week to address amendments to the policy to hopefully protect the rights of Catholic teachers and students. Once again this meeting was hijacked by interest groups including the student "stool pigeon" a.k.a. student trustee representative Natalie Rizzo who basically gave a pro-homosexual speech to the Catholic parents and ratepayers and trustees there. Only 4 of the 8 amendments got passed due to the interest groups' presentations (both pro-heterosexual and anti-heterosexual, however at a "special meeting" tomorrow (which sounds like the Public won't be there or know about it) they will cover the others.


Sadly, it seems as if the Gay lobbyist and sexual interest groups, including the Liberal run McGuinty succeded this time, even with the amendments if they all pass.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

And yes, Dalton should be excommunicated being pubically in support of pro-abortion. He's a public figure contracepting a doctrine of the Catholic Church. Sadly the bishops haven't been brave enough to excommunicate him publically yet.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Anonymous at 11:15,

Please show the courage of your boldness and sign your name.

I asked the question.

LifeSite had the article and you can go to the link.

This fact has been stated to me by more than one churchman in this Archdiocese in the last few months.

Some have also said that they don't expect us to survive more than a decade.

This is not the sword that apparently our good but weak and ineffectual and disunited bishops were prepared to fall in.

There's more coming.

"Amazing Bishops?"

You mean like the ones who developed a policy so weak and in conflict with the Catechism that every CSB in this province can say nothing else but, "we're doing what the bishops have guided."

I don't blame the school boards, they have had no direction or leadership from any bishop in Ontario.

Not one!

You prove me wrong!

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Vox, what do you mean by this: "Some have also said that they don't expect us to survive more than a decade." What's this about!!! I'm getting paranoid in my mind after seeing allusions to this from Mark Mallet, The Catholic and Knight and others who predict some "chastisement" coming for us.

Vox Cantoris said...

Don't be paranoid. Lift up your head for your King is coming soon!

I was referring specifically to our current funding. At the current rate, we are going to have a hard time maintaining our historical rights.

If the people of Ontario could get rid of us they would.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Thanks Vox. That's what happens when I've read a whole host of blogs on the Catholic Blogosphere and some of the stuff I've seen alludes to this "outcast/chastizement" scenario.

Funding eh? Well it sounds like if we want genuine Catholic education, and I agree with you, we might be going down the road where only homeschooling and Privately funded Catholic education may be our only viable options left. And in some parts of Canada/the U.S. they are already attacking portions or completely those options legally.

ezadro said...

In more ways then one, a funding cut, either partial or wholesale, to the separate school system would be a positive development.

Direct government funding of the separate school boards, at all grade levels, chains the schools to government policy first and Catholic teaching a distant second - that's an inescapable fact.

In the first place, it has created an enormous bureaucracy over which the bishops have no direct control.

Parents who have only a mild cultural attachment to Catholicism (sometimes they just prefer the uniform) send their children to Catholic schools with no real commitment to reinforce that teaching at home. This has the twofold effect of (1) putting pressure on administrators to avoid "uncomfortable" aspects of Catholic teaching to avoid upsetting many parents, to avoid losing their places at election time; and (2) making it so that the majority of the student body has no personal commitment to the faith. In fact, when faith subjects are encountered in the classroom setting, they are privately mocked by many, especially when these teachings conflict with popular culture. This creates an atmosphere of blasphemy: out-and-out hostility to the sacred, as opposed to the mere ambivalence that exists in most public schools.

Likewise, the enormous size on the system raises the demand for teachers such that most of those employed themselves have no real commitment to the faith and fail to teach it effectively if at all.

The bishops may think that, by preserving the separate school system as it stands, they are clinging onto the rights of Catholics. In fact they are chaining themselves to a system which has the effect of perpetuating heresy by encouraging conflict between the undefended minimum requirements of Catholic education and a hostile secular culture.

A funding cut could be the impetus of reorganization of Catholic education in this province to a core of high-quality schools focused on actual Catholic teaching, under actual local parental control and more direct ecclesiastical oversight. This would be ideal for those parents who actually desire that their children be instructed in the faith and who would be willing to sacrifice some of their income to ensure it.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

ezadro, there is one problem that might occur at least in the short run of 5-15/20 years: If such were to happen, many schools would close, particularly those in not-well to do areas (e.g. in Toronto, Jane and Finch, some parts of scarborough, outside of central Etobicoke) as the parents wouldn't be able to afford the tuition + the uniforms + the textbooks. I went to a private Catholic high school for 5 years and I tell you it's not cheap! You buy everything! Just the Masses are free of course. Another problem which would take years to solve would be that if parents started to shift their kids to private and homeschooling, you need space, and buildings and that also would cost $$$. Furthermore, buildings take time to, well, build. So it would be a good couple of decade mess overall.