A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Heresiarch of Chicago Blase Cupich, "I wouldn't exclude anyone" from Holy Communion. Is this what you meant Pope Francis?

Pope Francis! 

Does Blase Cupich speak for you?

Is this true; is this what you meant?

Responde mihi!

“It can no longer be said, according to Pope Francis, that all those living in an ‘irregular situation’ are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace,” Cupich said....Asked in what specific situations he would allow a divorced and remarried person to receive Communion,  Cupich refused to rule anyone out.
I wouldn’t exclude anyone,” he said. “I would like our pastors to have discussion in all of those folks who are in these kinds of situations. … I know in my experience as a pastor, if you’ve seen a marriage then you’ve seen one marriage. There is no instance that can be replicated. Every situation has its variables that are part of it.”

"Will this Pope re-write controversial Church doctrines? No. But that isn't how doctrine changes. Doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge such that particularly doctrinal formulations no longer mediate the saving message of God's transforming love. Doctrine changes when the Church has leaders and teachers who are not afraid to take note of new contexts and emerging insights. It changes when the Church has pastors who do what Francis has been insisting: leave the securities of your chanceries, of your rectories, of your safe places, of your episcopal residences go set aside the small minded rules that often keep you locked up and shielded from the world."
With that quote, (originating at the NCReporter) Father Thomas J. Rosica, on numerous occasions, laid out the plan of the Synods on the Family and the Apostolic Exhortation.


Ana Milan said...

Cardinal Burke must be aware of the mindset of these rainbow usurpers of the CC and the sly way they go about getting what they want, so why didn't he lambast the footnotes of AL where all the deception lies? Is he looking to return to the inner circle any day soon OR does he actually believe these implied changes are OK and in the spirit of Vatican II which he & other members of the Hierarchy accept?

Still silence from Cardinals Sarah, Pell, Müller & Polish Bishops.

GMUA said...

It was bound to happen. Just a matter of time before this goes mainstream.
"Live in sin", talk to your Novus Ordo priest, ask for mercy based on discernment from Amoris Laetitia. He will give it to you and to your...significant other. :)

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, I know that the following is off-topic. Please remove this comment if necessary.

For those who understand French, here is the audio of Bishop Fellay's recent sermon during which he discussed his meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis. I believe that Bishop Fellay's comments about Amoris Laetitia are on the audio.


Click on the following..."Ecoutez le sermon audio ici"...which appears below the photograph of Bishop Fellay (on the left side of the page).


Mark Thomas

Michael Dowd said...

My guess is that it will not be long that folks who regularly go to Confession will be considered fundamentalist. I wouldn't be surprised if confession was eliminated or made part of each Mass via general absolution.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Amoris Laetitia.

With this document, it appears obvious what his game plan is. The Pope appears to be inaugurating a New Church that is or will be essentially a grouping of dis-unified "denominations" nominally under a vague form of authority of the Seat of Peter.

In Germany we already have essentially a new Lutheran denomination. In England, the Catholic Church leadership leans Anglican-ish. In the USA we will see all sorts of antagonistic "branches" of Catholicism if the Pope gets his way.

Basically a New Protestantism.

Probably in a hundred years the liberal and heretical branches the Pope seems to favor will have died off and withered away. In the meantime, much chaos and heresy will be turned loose and the name of Holy Mother Church will be disparaged and the Mystical Body bloodied and beaten by heretics and sodomites.

This really does make me ponder on who the "Man of Lawlessness" is as cited in 2 Thessalonians. Especially in light of the Pope's misquoting of the words of Jesus on which is the First and Greatest Commandment in paragraph 161 of Evangelii Gaudium. WHO in Church history has EVER produced such a misquote? He attacks order and law of every sort...most recently the law of Christ on marriage and divorce and remarriage.

While we know the Pope cannot "change Church teaching" he can and has changed Church practice. The Devil is happy either way.