Friday, 25 June 2021

Toronto's Cardinal Collins throws faithful Monsignor under the Cancel Culture Bus! UPDATED - COLLINS CANCELS MONSIGNOR!


Forced to resign?

Monsignor Owen Keenan is the Pastor of Merciful Redeemer Parish in Mississauga, west of Toronto. I know Monsignor Keenan. We are not close friends, but he did bring me in as Cantor at his first parish, St. John the Evangelist. He was sent to Rome by Collins to study Canon Law and we kept in touch then and somewhat since. He is a good man and solid in the faith. I remember him telling me once about this blog and that I should always remember that, "prudence is the mother of all virtues."  

In a homily at a Mass, allegedly attended by the Mayor of Mississauga who caused a fuss, who threw him under the Facebook Train, Monsignor said, "Two-thirds of the country is blaming the church, which we love, for the tragedies that occurred there. (the residential schools) Now I presume that the same number would thank the church for the good that was done in those schools but of course, that  question was never asked and in fact, we are not allowed to even say that good was done in those schools.”

Is Monsignor correct? Yes, and good for him for saying it. Is prudence still, "the mother of all virtues." Yes, and timing is everything and so is knowing your audience. If Monsignor failed anywhere, it was there. That’s it. 

On the same day that Father Marco Testa writes in Catholic Insight on the matter of cancelling priests, Thomas Cardinal Collins summoned Monsignor to a Zoom meeting to hang him from the yardarm, lest he be forced to cancel him or send him off to Southdown for re-education adding to a long and growing list of cancelled Toronto priests, for all the wrong reasons.

Below is the statement wherein Monsignor must grovel to the Cardinal and the vultures in the media and the protestors outside the parish last evening. Collins is no better than those of a century ago. Now, as then, Church leaders in Canada took government largess to undermine the lives and rights of the faithful. Then, we went along with government policy and tore children away from their families. today, we tear the sacraments away from the people.

If Monsignor Owen Keenan can be so betrayed and unsupported and thrown under the culture wars Marxist bus by Collins, can you imagine what it is like for others who do not kowtow to this, not so latent, tyrant?  

Careful Fathers, Collins will "shut you down."

Yes, he will. 

Quite the legacy.

Statements on Last Weekend's Homily at Merciful Redeemer Parish in Mississauga

Posted : Jun-24-2021 

A number of people have reached out to the archdiocese to express their concern over a homily delivered at Merciful Redeemer Parish in Mississauga, Ont., on the weekend of June 19/20. 

We apologize to anyone who was offended by the remarks of Msgr. Owen Keenan, of Merciful Redeemer Parish. 

Below is a statement from Msgr. Keenan, followed by a statement the Archdiocese of Toronto. 

I would like to communicate to the faithful and all those who have expressed concerns about my homily the weekend of 19/20 June 2021. I want to acknowledge the pain and anger which has been magnified as the result of a portion of my remarks being circulated in social media and elsewhere. I apologize sincerely for any hurt I have caused and pledge to do better, especially at a time when there is a national conversation underway regarding residential schools. 

I am deeply sorry, embarrassed, ashamed and shocked at the revelations of abuse, destruction and harm done in Residential Schools across this country. As a Catholic and a Priest, I in no way condone the Residential School System, I regret deeply that these places existed, and I lament the harm that was caused. If and when I get a chance to meet survivors, I will seek their forgiveness. It pains me enormously to see the flags of my country, which I love, to be flying at half-staff in mourning because of something done by members of my Church, which I also love. 

I am, in my own limited way, committed to advancing the cause of Truth and Reconciliation with our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters and to listen and learn more about the pain and suffering experienced by so many. 

I am sorry for any hurt I have caused. I ask for your pardon, understanding and prayers. 

Respectfully yours,

Msgr Owen Keenan 


Statement from the Archdiocese of Toronto (June 23, 2021) regarding recent remarks from Msgr. Owen Keenan 

We are aware of remarks made in a homily by Msgr. Owen Keenan on the weekend of June 19/20, 2021, that have upset and angered many in the community. Earlier this month, Msgr. Keenan joined churches throughout the archdiocese in offering apologies, prayers and a desire to journey together on a path to reconciliation in the midst of the national conversation on residential schools. He reiterated the need for an apology in his remarks this past weekend. 

The archdiocese has been in contact with Msgr. Keenan to convey the deep pain and anger felt by those hurt by his words. Msgr. Keenan has pledged to fully educate himself, with the appropriate support, to gain a more wholesome understanding of the full history of residential schools and their impact in our country. We apologize to anyone who was offended by his remarks. 

As previously stated by Cardinal Collins, “We all seek the truth and the recent discovery in Kamloops provides yet another opportunity for us to learn more about this dark chapter in our history and the painful journey experienced by so many of our Indigenous brothers and sisters.”


P. O'Brien said...

How about: "That sermon I gave last Sunday -- if it caused you pain and anger, too bad for you. Maybe the pain is necessary."

Anonymous said...

That headline about sums it up. Collins can act very quickly when the woke mob at the CBC is involved. But thinking-people SHOULD be asking questions about the residential-school hysteria. There were voices in the `truth and reconciliation`commission that didn`t want to condemn the system completely, but they were silenced. The recent hysteria is based on `ground penetrating radar` which isn`t proof of anything. No archeological dig has taken place. No physical evidence of a burial is available. No examination of mortality rates among children at Indian reservations has taken place. There is anecdotal information that on some Indian reservations, the mortality rate for TB was 25 percent in the early 20th century. There could have been neglect that caused students to die, but having an x-ray done that indicates variations in dirt composition is not evidence. The mass media campaign has all the marks of a campaign to prematurely shame the Church.

Brother de Montfort said...

Hopefully the attention will bring awareness to a perspective more people need to hear.

There was good done at these schools, there are indigenous people who were grateful for the education they received there. It's just the CBC doesn't want to talk to them. It doesn't fit the narrative they want.

People seem to forget that in the 1800's they had different ideas about corporal punishment in education. They also didn't have the same preservation or transportation technologies for when people died (from natural causes like typhus). And for those who didn't have a family to go back to, they had to bury them somewhere.

It wasn't a mass grave to cover anything up. This is pure spin from the media.

FranR said...

So."..know your audience..." = don't say certain things when certain people are in the congregation?

Vox Cantoris said...

There was much to preach on. Putting a target on one’s back is not always prudent. That is my point.

Vox Cantoris said...

The issue is the betrayal of priests to the altar of wokism!

FranR said...

ok...but there was once (about 1975 years ago) a band of men who were more committed to what is true vs what prudent. We ... all of us who desire to be Catholic ... are called to this same commitment. Sadly.. to often.."prudence" gets in our way
..just sayin'

FranR said...

Oh?? I must have skipped over the part where John the Baptist tried to tell Herodius "I was talking about commoners... not royalty like you.."
Apologies, but... the issue is not about prudence...not about wokism (whatever that is!). Today/everyday we all...clergy & laity.. confront the same issue: will I speak Truth in charity? or is my earthly existence my pre-emminent concern?
Just say'n...

Anonymous said...

I wish priests in the archdiocese of toronto would organize themselves and stand up to Collins and his minions. There are many of them scandalized by how the archdiocese treats their fellow brothers but I supposed they are afraid that the same will happened to them if they speak up. what if majority of them would resigns as a sign of solidarity with those who were mistreated by Collins. I pray that the Holy Spirit will give the gift of courage to our priests. I do not have any hope that Collins would ever show a tiny bit of courage and stand up for his priests, instead of throwing them under the bus. Do you remember the case of the priest from Durham region who shared examination of conscious and was also thrown under the bus but his eminency weasel Neil. Grow some balls...I mean spine Neil, Collins and all others who serve Caesar and not the Lord. I couldn't be more frustrated and disappointed. Come Lord Jesus and help us to clean up this mess!

Vox Cantoris said...


What is your problem?

Three times now you write because I stated a comparison to the word "prudence." There were many things to preach on. This was not one. That is not to be politically correct. I would not have preached on this because I don't think it belongs in the pulpit.

But that is not the issue.

The issue is this man was thrown under the bus.

Address the issue. Not me.

Do it again and I delete it and your previous comments.

Got it?


Barona said...

I have ONE question for Cardinal Collins: when are YOU going to demand the resignation and then excommunicate priests in the Archdiocese who are PRACTICING HOMOSEXUALS?! Is not the SACRILEGIOUS PROFANATION of the Most Holy Eucharist infinitely more important than true (but unpopular) words spoken by a faithful priest? Need I remind the Cardinal that neither Our Lord or the Apostles were very popular when preaching the truth. All except St John died for the Truth.

Evangeline said...

I don't want to read the comments lest I am influenced not to say what I'm thinking. I do not know how someone can produce such an apology in light of what was said. There was nothing wrong with what was said. My goodness, we are all snowflakes now, aren't we, the perpetually outraged. Do we need safe spaces set up? Are these people "triggered"? This is now something they can brag about, they really showed that priest by complaining, didn't they. Yes, you are all good little horror shows, feigning your outrage over nothing.
No one knows the story of those graves. What about cholera, typhoid, TB? But assumptions are rife, and instead of defending the church, the bishop seems to be rushing to be the first to apology and point fingers at Catholics.
It is absolutely no wonder we are where we are in the world. Our bishops don't even like the church or the faith, or the flock. They quickly throw all right under the bus and signal virtue as quickly as possible.
False apologies over nothing? No. I can only speak for myself, but that I would not do. Who could possibly recommend a young man to seminary with things being the way they are. I could not. What these bishops fail to realize (yet) is you are never woke enough. Quick point, Lin Manuel Miranda wrote and produced the play "Hamilton", in which he replaced all the white founders of America with people of color. This was a big hit. He recently wrote and produce "In the Heights" and is getting slammed because he did not use actors DARK enough to suit the mob, who forgot Hamilton overnight.
You cannot appease people who hate you for long. What you have to do is know who are you and defend truth. Stick to your guns and never apologize or back down. This requires conviction and spine. Bishops too often seem to have neither.

Johnno said...

Dear Priests -

I do always admire the rule of prudence and soft spokenness and respect that is so generously given to all.

But this 'niceness' is now being weaponized against you. The enemy knows how to take advantage of your desire to demonstrate meekness and humility.



It was witnessing this strained timidity on the part of priests and the blatant habit of the bishops to throw good priests under the bus for merely doing the most basic of Catholic things that made me turn away from considering a vocation. I'm not suicidal.

Young men like me want no part of a priesthood or military or law enforcement or teaching position that has lost its salt or turned into woke sugar. We will not commit our lives to obedience to enemy superiors.

Even David had to disobey Saul. Is Collins owed loyalty for actions that blatantly destroy the Church he's suposed to serve? We know who he fears, and it is not God.

Anonymous said...

Two letters for our good cardinal - f and o. Your type are going to wish that you had, when your imminent reckoning occurs, hopefully from your buddy, Justin Castro. Otherwise, it'll be from the 'Big Guy' (hint: not Sneaky Joe) directly.