Friday, 22 May 2020

Voris fires at Bernard Fellay - accuses him of lies and cover-up and has witnesses to prove it!

Voris is full throttled on this. I can't blame him. I feel sorrow for the victims and those good priests and friends in the Society. However, we must never forget that the truth is the truth and a pervert's a pervert no matter how trad!

Yesterday, this explosive report was released.

Unlike those professional paid "Catholics" who won't pick this up, I am beholden' to nobody.


Anonymous said...

Having read the article and comments on Church Militant, there seems to be a lot of, shoot the messenger, and blame the victim,.

Brian said...

Yes, expose the filth. I wish Voris would do just that and leave aside his visceral hatred and jealousy which to a great extent fuels his trashing of the SSPX. Does Voris really think that the Church Militant platform is the Gold Standard for Catholicism. Every opportunity in a theological storm eh Micheal? There is no sense posting this comment on Church Militant. It would be promptly removed.

Peter Lamb said...

NO and SSPX - two horns of same frankenchurch beast. One the controlled opposition of the other. One heretical, the other schismatic. Both follow non-Catholic doctrine and theology - one says an heretic can be Pope; the other says magisterial teaching can be sifted by the faithful. Two paths to the same perdition.

Justina said...

I respect you for refusing to shy away from this, Vox. What I find horrifying--other than the suffering of the victims themselves, inflicted by both abusers and enablers--is how the same Catholic media outlets baying for the blood of McCarrick and Wuerl have nothing to offer in defense of the SSPX but the very arguments they themselves ridiculed in the first place.

The abuse in the Society is "decades old"? Didn't you guys laugh yourselves breathless when Wuerl played that card?

The Society isn't perfect? Then why do you guys keep insisting that we all think it is? Not going down that rabbit hole, are we?

But I am not, quite frankly, in the mood to defend Church Militant, either. Voris goes on and on about people who put their own agenda before the truth, when there is no one more guilty on that score than he is. He wants the SSPX held to the same standard as everybody else; well and good. The day I see Voris and his team doing the same where the Abuser-in-Chief Jorge Bergoglio is concerned, I'll believe that truth really is CM's first concern.

Frankly, I'm not holding my breath.

Badcatholic said...

After Voris quit covering for Pope Francis, I returned to reading his site. Posted a inquisitorial question on his site and he gave a snide response and blocked me. Too bad, he has done some good work, but seems rather pompous and sensitive to anything but praise. All perverts and their protectors should be outed and preferably jailed, regardless of their affiliation. The only problem I see is that Voris is using this as part of a larger agenda to destroy the Society because an irrational hatred of them.

TLM said...

I see what you see Badcatholic. It's not like his bias wasn't an issue prior to this outing. It's a well known fact that he has had complete disdain for the Society for quite a number of years. A lot of people don't really appreciate his 'in your face' bashing of the Society, I for one, and I'm not associated with them! Never have set foot in one of their Chapels! That said, yes root out all the evil predators no matter where! They need to be jailed with the key thrown away, but don't damn the entire Society and for issues not even related to abuse let alone not yet verified. Voris' angst and vile demeaner toward them is a real turn off.

Anonymous said...

We were attending an SSPX chapel
for a few months. Long enough to know it was a cult and our priest was a narcissistic homosexual and close friend to Fr Urrutigoity.
He started his own thing taking some of his SSPX priest worshipers with him.
I am not a big fan of Voris' but I am happy his site is an outlet for the victims and their families to tell their stories.
CMtv did have an excellent article about the political origins and leanings which Catholics should read in order to understand the SSPX hierarchy. We heard the priest from the pulpit praise Hitler and the Nazis for ,"Saving Catholic Art.Later we questioned him asking why he did not understand Hitler and Goebels were actually stealing
Art from museums like the Louvre
for their own personal enrichment. He turned his head and walked away. We witnessed one time friends turn into competitors vying to have the priest favor their sons above others in his "Commando" group which for all the world imitated Hitler Youth complete with the French Nazi Malice Vichy Regime berets and clothing. The mother of one family had proudly displayed a book accusing the Anne Frank story of being a lie.
How sad is it that Catholics who long for the Latin Mass get caught up in all of this too?
May God have Mercy on them and their children.

Peter Lamb said...

Why are the vast majority of good Catholics seemingly incapable of recognizing the Truth before their noses?
Why do so many, who are knowledgeable, stubbornly cling to the heretical NO?
How can any Catholic subscribe to the non-Catholic tenet of the SSPX in Recognizing, yet Resisting what they perceive to be a valid magisterium?

Is their blindness willful?

A mountain of objective evidence together with Catholic Doctrine decries and condemns both positions, clearly and unambiguously.
Well, I have finally found an answer to my questions - in a sermon just heard.
Our Lord gives a special grace of discernment to the few. It has always been so. Those that receive the grace must be willing to accept it.
Noah and his family were the faithful few saved from the deluge; so also Lot's family, the faithful remnant from five sodomite cities; St. Athanasius stood alone with his little band of faithful Catholics against the Arian hierarchy; St. John Fisher the only faithful Bishop in England. Why does God do this? His ways are inscrutable.

We are told there are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. I recently read that there are an estimated 10,000 sedevacantists. If these figures and my maths are correct, then there is 1 sedevacantist per 600,000 Catholics.
Once again the faithful remnant are few.

If you consider yourself a Catholic, please, please spend a few minutes listening to this sermon. You will not regret it. It is terribly important.

Tom A. said...

Bp Fellay is a weak man. He made many horrible decisions. Most of all he led the Society in a direction of collaboration with the NO false church for years. To me it shows an attitude of compromising with error. If one can compromise with the heretics in Rome, then one can surely compromise with deviants. The SSPX needs hardline leadership if it wants to remain relevant. Otherwise it will simply be absorbed and neutered like the FSSP/ICK and other Indult communities. This episode with the SSPX abuse scandal should convince every Catholic who holds the Catholic Faith to flee from the Novus Ordo V2 church and have nothing to do with them or those in union with them. The NO is an infectious disease. Stay away from those infected and those in contact with them. It is time the SSPX starts acting like its namesake.

Brian said...

To Peter Lamb
The subject of this post is not the integrity of the Novus Ordo or SSPX platforms. Please, with all your comments, stay on track and address the theme of Vox's post. Your condescension towards those who are not "Born Again" Sedevcantists reminds me so much, of the Gospel pharisee, standing on the corner: "...I'm so glad I am not one of those..". Your RnR (Reproach and Ridicule) does far more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

Do people pray for God's guidance before joining SSPX chapels? I prayed and believe it was answered, stay where you are, so I did. I thought I felt somewhat of a spirit of anger and rebellion there that I did not want.

Dad29 said...

Errrmmmmnnnn.....Living in Milwaukee which, like Boston, seemed to have a predator priest on every corner, I am surprised that Voris is making SSPX the object of a lengthy war.

We know now that since about the 1940's we have had a homosexual network in the priesthood in the US (and other places, I suppose.) That network includes hundreds of priests, Bishops, and Cardinals who have molested pre-pubescent boys. Some were in Orders, some were not.

ALL OF THEM should have been reported, indicted, tried, found guilty, and imprisoned, of course. And when it became clear exactly which seminary Rectors and Bishops were pushing these creatures through Ordination, the Rectors and Bishops should have been indicted for criminal conspiracy--then tried, imprisoned (or executed.)

I hold no brief for SSPX. Have never been inside of their local chapel, don't know any of their priests. Let the chips fall where they may! But Voris could--I'm sure--find lots more problems OUTSIDE the SSPX than inside.

Barona said...

Vox you are to be congratulated for raising this issue as there must be no favourites. Silence means at minimum collusion in a coverup. If this were Pope Francis, or the local bishop, the very people who try to put this scandal in "context" or gloss it over would be all over the Pope or bishop like a dog on bone. Sin is sin no matter who commits it. On the contrary, the SSPX leadership if this be proven true, is even more guilty than the Laws, Wuerls etc., of this world, as the SSPX professes a higher moral standard.
Catholics need to understand that there was a serious homosexual problem in many of the rich western nations, well before the Council. These sodomite (or "ladies man") priests were all 100% "traditional. Moreover, when ordained, they were more than happy to continue in the "traditional" lifestyle. The destruction of the Liturgy was not in the thoughts of the young homosexual joining the priesthood in the 50s and earlier. They were more than content in lace, smoke and sodomy.
The late, great Fr. John O'Connor spoke of one of his seminary professors telling him that he (the professor) had been propositioned by a sodomite in the seminary (that was way back in the 1930s). It was not isolated. Fr O'Connor relates that his professor laughed at his "naivete" about not knowing that there was a homosexual problem decades before the Council. So this homosexual and/or sexualized subculture existed, and from here the SSPX recruits would come (as they came to every Order and diocese). Fr. O'Connor even spoke once about St. Bernard's Seminary being closed in 1969, because of rampant homosexuality. This information has been scrubbed from the web.
Fr O'Connor was suspended after he confronted his homosexual superiors. Eventually they even expelled him from the Order. Fr. O'Connor sought a canonical trial in Rome (in the 90s). His lawyer was Neri Capponi. Fr. O'Connor related his lawyers opinion to the question: "what are my chances of getting my faculties back"? The answer was: "zero, there are TOO MANY homosexuals in the Vatican backing up Donald J Goergen. That was 25 years ago, and we know that homos just recruit more homos. Readers should know that Georgen wrote the blasphemous and disgusting pro-sodomite book: "The Sexual Celibate".
We should not be surprised about the tragedy befalling the SSPX. It would be abnormal if it did not happen. Satan has sifted the Jesuits, the Dominicans: why should he not succeed in sifting the SSPX? As to Church Militant, I have also noticed a strong shift, particularly over the past year towards a much more man centred and worldly view of the Church. Church Militant is being sifted and we will see what happens. Time will tell.
Why do I say what could be more normal in seeing the SSPX fall? Because the Shepherd is struck and the sheep are scattered. Jesus wants us to reply more on Him and not on men, in whom we will only be disappointed. Until the Pope regains his Catholic mind we are all up the creek without a paddle. And the regaining of his mind is up to us. When God sees more and more Catholics living holy lives He will convert to Pope, or his successor (or the next)... this all depends on us. But we are also living in a time of mystery and the mystery of iniquity. So too was it on that fateful day on that first Good Friday, when during that day of iniquity the holy women stayed faithful by the Cross but the disciples all fled. St. John returned, but he probably was dragged back up there by our Blessed Mother. We must keep confident even during this recent scandal knowing that victory was won on that same Good Friday.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Brian,

Ad hominems and insults achieve nothing and tend to reflect on oneself. I know you are better than that. :)Actually, when Vox is reporting sodomy and cover-ups in the SSPX, then I'd say that the subject of this post does reflect very much on the integrity of the NO and SSPX. :)

Yes Brian, I do thank God on my knees for letting me be a Catholic. The Catholic Faith is the greatest gift that God can give a man. Yes, I thank God that he has given me the grace of being one in a tiny remnant of faithful Catholics. Faithful to the Faith as it always has and will be.

Who are you defending? The NO which preaches heresies galore, or the SSPX who pray with an heretic , communicatio in sacris ,which is forbidden to Catholics?

Yes Brian I thank God I am not one of those! I obey Catholic doctrine. Do you?

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Brian and Peter,

You are both dear friends.

Be kind to one another.


James Joseph said...

I don't do the SSPX thing but they did save Christian art from the Jews.

I am still confused why the Jews lie about the holocaust instead of admitting they did it repeatedly to Christians whether it be Ireland, Armenia, Ukraine, Assyria, Georgia...

I've lived in the Middle East and I tell you some doozies. But let's save Jews shooting children and human trafficking for later.

Vox Cantoris said...

James Joseph or whoever you are. I've published your hate-filled, anti-Semitic screed to out you and expose you. Your comment violates every element of charity and this bloggers tolerance.

You are not welcome to comment here ever again. Your name is forever etched in my memory and anything you post will be deleted. Don't read this blog. Call me a Zionist, whatever, but the get the heck off my page.

And go to Confession!

David A. Domet

Anonymous said...

Did you know holding false relics and displaying them for the public to worship is an excommunicable offense?
Look it up. Fr Angles, Bishop Fellay's homosexual Hitler loving canon lawyer had a vast amount of relics he left to St Mary's College in Kansas. They were all listed on the Angelus' website a couple decades ago.
i remember laughing at the hem of St Joseph's cloak, but when I saw the skull of st Thomas More. I called an Archimandrite priest friend. He gave me the address of the Saint's descendants and I sent them a a copy of Fr Angle's fake relic list. You see THEY have their ancestor's skull since the time of his execution.
The list was removed from the Internet and they sent me a letter of thanks.

Anonymous said...

Vox Thank you so much for banning the man above. It was difficult enough hearing these obscenities from Fr David Hewko at the pulpit and in the chapel basement, let alone on a Catholic blog.
He taught the children not to listen to rightful authority even here in the USA, i.e. starting a bon fire in a national park where it was clearly posted on needed a permit, Then when told to extinguish the fire by a female park ranger he told the children she was a lesbian and ,"We do not follow the laws of man , we follow only God's laws."
I guess god told him to to start a bonfire in Valley Forge Park without special permission as stated on the sign.Then the praises of Hitler over and over again......yuck.

Vox Cantoris said...

Ah, Father Hewko. Clearly, he and his ilk have forgotten Our Lord’s instruction to “render unto Cesare” and St Paul’s various statements on legitimate civil authority.

Thank you for your kind support.