Thursday, 23 April 2020

SSPX United States district responds

I've stopped following a few today for their disgraceful commentary. Michael Voris' past sins are not relevant. Stop it. Any comments that detracts against him will not be published, I have already had to do it more than twice. 

I have great respect for Michael, I don't agree with his position on the Society of St. Pius X, I've stated that and my view. I can state it and still respect him. That is what debate and charity are all about. However, the exposure of sexual perverts is a different matter.

In fairness, because I had posted a few positive commentaries about the Society where I was transparent, I felt it important to be "fair and balanced" and post the ChurchMilitant investigation. The timing is not coincidental of anything, it no doubt was in the work for many months. If the Society ordained these men, they failed in the seminary to discover their proclivities and remove them. If the Society knew and did nothing after ordination, such as send them to a desert island at best, then they were in grave error. If Voris' account is accurate, then the Society must be held accountable.

What is clear to me is that as I wrote earlier today, people -- and I think I can understand the reasons, have put these Society priests on a pedestal, I know it, I've seen it, I have friends in Toronto who have and are at this very moment. Stop it now. 

It took bruises and welts for my mother to finally believe the physical and psychological assaults I had been telling her about from the Basilians fifty years ago these very months. That generation did not want to believe. They could see no wrong in their priests and the Church has paid a price for this wilful blindness and clericalism. 

Let me be clear, most of the priests of the Society, just as in our dioceses are good men. The filth must be cut out, no matter how. 

In fairness, I now post the U.S.A. District's response. 

Remember, a pervert is a pervert no matter how "Trad."


C. LaSalle said...

I concur with your comments. Anyone can be a sexual predator and so we all have to be able to recognize the signs because there are some. Generalizing doesn't help anyone especially the victims.
Predators nee to be called out because they will continually re-offend. There is no known successful therapy for sexual predators. My personal feelings are if they are jailed they should never be let out for the protection of all of us in society.

Osusanna said...

I think a good therapy for sexual predators is Catholic Church exorcism, but what do I, a pewsitter, know. I don't understand why they don't use it. Thank you Vox. I will never put a priest on a pedestal again.

Evangeline said...

It's what no parent would want to hear or consider. For parents of yesterday when we had a much more "genteel" culture, it was surely unthinkable.
But parents need to watch their children and be vigilant at all times, and this for any age child. Signs of sexual or other abuse show up, you must pay attention and notice them.

Any change in behavior or mood. New or unusual behavior, including at school, sexual interest or touching, sleep disturbances, depression, crying, fear or obvious dislike of someone who has had access to your child, resisting being alone with that person, unusual fears, new bed wetting, soiled underwear, blood, red areas on private parts, all of these and more, are signs parents need to notice. Don't put ANYONE in the category of "safe", those who would never touch your child with bad intent. Predators count on that, which is why most victims know their abuser well. They are "trusted uncle" or "friend".

Children who do not have a Dad are particularly vulnerable. Men use this loss to take advantage of a lonely, vulnerable child. Your child.
Be very wary of men who give your child gifts, or want to take them on trips or on outings, no matter where. Or if your child says somebody "takes pictures" of them.
But for heaven's sake, if your child tries to tell you something happened to them, BELIEVE THEM. What could be worse for a child to try to tell their parent something so difficult, and having their parent not believe them!
Children are often told by abusers that something bad will happen if they tell, that others will not believe them, and maybe take them away from their parents, all kinds of lies. Your radar needs to be UP.
God bless and may He help all children and grown-up victims of these vile predators who harm the least of these little ones. It impacts them for life in so many ways. Some never recover. Some kill themselves.
God promised those predators millstones.

Tom A. said...

The nature of a priest is “sacredotal.” Meaning he is set aside as a sacred thing. He is not on a pedestal. He belongs in a sanctuary. That is where his primary ministry lies. No one should put priests on pedestals but priests should remember that they are not one of the “guys” (or one of the “gals” in the NO).

mike said...

mike hurcum writes,
There are many times in the church's everyday life when exorcism should be used. I run into often wannabes who claim Christ or His mother as friendly conversationalists. They are often not. So that the children of
god are not led astray an exorcism should be exercised.