Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Spotlight on SSPX sexual predator cover-up

I've written some positive and supportive matters pertaining to a ridiculous online dustup by Trad Inc. pertaining to the SSPX. 

However, truth is truth and perverts are, well perverts and sometimes there is all lace and no grace. I am also well aware of Michael Voris' position on the SSPX. I don't agree with him, but that's okay. We can all still be friends. I also get clearly that some of what you will watch and hear is grinding the gears and may appear as bias, but; facts are facts and truth is truth. 

Be objective!

Therefore, in the interests of truth and for the record, I still don't think Cardinal Pell is entirely clean from the past (though he may not himself be a pervert), and that sunlight is the best disinfectant, I give you this:


Aqua said...

This was a vile piece of scandal pornography. Disgusting. No attempt to be fair or interview the other side of the scandal. Just a hit piece of accusations piled on top of one another connected by emotional code words of cult and fake and false superiority etc.

Absent honest reportage on SSPX, interviewing Superiors and Priests to get their honest response to this defamatory accusation, and why they consider themselves to be orthodox And faithful to the See of Peter, I am left with the conviction CM is a fraud as a reporting agency. A fraud and destructive to the Faith.

Get the other side. Give them a chance to respond. Report. Don’t put words in their mouth. Don’t determine the outcome in advance. Absent that honest reporting and offering of a defense to this serious calumny, CM is dangerous to the Faith as far as I’m concerned. And I intend to spread the word as best I can.

Michael Voris blocks comments that are critical of his reporting and editorial choices. I left a brief message, similar to this, which he blocked and permanently banned me for. Pathetic. Un-Catholic.

Brian said...

Sad news, but it should not surprise us. This contagion is everywhere. Is it not possible for seminaries to prepare heterosexual men who are eager for and capable of a life of holy chaste celibacy? Very difficult, I guess, as long as church leadership is infested with homosexuals who will not betray a "frater".

Peter Lamb said...

I quote Novus Ordo Watch:

A final piece of advice to all our fellow-sedevacantists: When talking to SSPXers about how wrong their theological position is, do not use this horrific sex abuse scandal and “rub it in”. They will resent it, and it is intellectually dishonest. The SSPX is wrong, but not because some of its clergy are moral reprobates, but because their theological stance contradicts traditional Catholic doctrine. Just as the scandalous (but true) Popes of the past do not disprove Catholicism, neither do sex abusers in its ranks disprove the SSPX.
It’s Catholic doctrine that refutes the Lefebvrists. Let’s fight our battle there.

Tom A. said...

Here is the States, the SSPX and sede chapels are the only ones offering Masses where there isn’t a governmental ban. This is pissing off the ICK, FSSP, and other indult groups because some of their parishioners have started going to SSPX chapels. So of course, the Voris’ and Skojecs had to get into high gear. Why all of a sudden all this clamor about the SSPX? Because the indultarians are pissed because they have to obey their NO apostate overlords. I hope this is a lesson to all Catholics who seek the traditional Faith. Stay far far far away as possible from anything to do with the Novus Ordo and Vatican 2. They are not Catholic and have been teaching a new religion since 1958. They are not the Catholic Church and anyone who claims to be Catholic should absolutely nothing to do with them or anyone in union with them. They are heretics and apostates.