Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Hey Timothy Dolan - I'm skipping you, your one of those "boring things."

From Michael Voris!

At Easter Sunday Mass, being livestreamed from St. Patrick's Cathedral, as the prayers of the faithful were being prayed from the pulpit, and after His Eminence has ascended the steps of the high altar, unaware his mic was hot, he let this slip: "I forgot my water. I thought we were skipping these boring things."

I only have one thing to say.


Brian said...

Hey Vox
Perhaps we should all join in song and paraphrase he old Rawhide theme. "Dolan, Dolan, Dolan,.........Boriiiiinnnnnnnnnnnng"

Tom A. said...

The whole NO is a boring thing and should be skipped. Permanently!

Johnno said...

Throw water at him the next time he shows up in public.

Johnno said...

Then again, considering the sort of stuff that passes for most prayers of the faithful, which are largely mere social justice things that sound just as likely to come from the mouth of a leftist making an appeal to Christian voters, it probably would be best to skip those 'things.'