Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Hate filled and abusive commenters - some people have lost their minds

Here is an example of the abuse which I receive:
"You would not venture forth to go to Holy Mass and you demand the same of your foolish followers, yet of those who are men of the cloth you would want them to come to you and give you last rites. You are a hypocrite and a coward and you may yet reap what you have sown. Remember those of the cloth and the laity come from the same group "us sinners" . You should not demand from them anymore than you choose for yourself."
A hypocrite? A coward? Hardly. 

Friend, you have the right to catch the China Virus and die. You do not have the right to put other people in a position where they might catch it and die. Your callousness towards the elderly and those with certain conditions is simply not Catholic. This virus also attacks younger and stronger people and kills them. You simply do not know. While it tends to attack certain demographics, it is not exclusive.

In a two hour press conference yesterday, President Donald J. Trump advised to prepare that though 4,000 poor souls have now died in the United States, this is going to be potential deaths in the range of 100,000 to more than 200,000 in the United States in the next few months. Did you read that? Two hundred thousand. If nothing was done and this was allowed to run it's course, the toll would be up to or over 2,200,000 people in America alone. In Canada we can be at 10% of those numbers. Which life is not worth living? 

What a sad and degrading commentary. Degrading to the poor soul who left it. Are you mad friend? and I don't mean angry, we already know that you are, angry. As for hypocrite, why are you coming here to provoke? if I am so bad and misleading my "followers" as clearly I am a Swengali, why don't you pray a rosary for this poor sinner? I went to Confession a week ago in Toronto. The Cardinal here has not banned the Sacraments. I made an appointment, parked in the school parking lot behind the rectory and the good Father stood in the garden and through the fence, 3 or 4 metres away. I went to him. Yes, I expect a priest to venture forth and administer Extreme Unction, even if he's clothed in a HazMat suit, or not. That is his job. A Fire Fighter a Police Officer or a Soldier go into their professions knowing that they could die. In times such as this, how different is a priest? 

A priest here in Toronto wrote to those on the parish list that if one needs to go to hospital to call first and they will come to anoint, at home, in case the conditions at the hospital would prevent it. This priest, and I know he will read this, is doing the work of God. This humble man is the equivalent of our first responder hero's. Not the snivelling cowardly priests locked up and gaming in their rectories (I doubt he's read this and I know who he is) and bishops ordering "no confessions."

Here is case where a choir director for a Presbyterian community insisted on scheduling a choir practice because in Skagit County, where this occurred, there were no reported cases. What was the result? Of the sixty people who showed up, at the time of the article, 45 had developed the China Virus and two are dead, it could be more today. You may have also read about the situation of an evangelical church in Louisiana and one in Florida where something similar occurred.

Each of us has a responsibility to care and protect one another. If that means we forgo public Mass for short time then so be it. I don't like it any more than you. This is a public health crisis, it is not some kind of communist globalist plot, at least not the reality of pandemic. The pandemic is real. The plot may be too, but that is for another day as is China's comeuppance.

When I was in hospital in January I could not get a private room. There was a mean and crusty old man, a Catholic too, in the other bed. He was abusive to staff and vulgar and I finally told him to "Shut up and stop cursing with the Lord's Name!" He retorted, "I hope you get what I have and get it worse." I said, "Be careful friend, that that curse does not come right back upon you."

When Father Junipero Serra or Francis Xavier and countless other priests were on a ships for three or four months or more sailing to the New World or India or Japan they could not celebrate Holy Mass. It was not permitted. Do you know why? Because the Precious Blood would spill. They were not on big Princess Cruise ships with stabilisers, which given circumstances recently is probably a good thing. If on their journeys they had run out of bread and wine, what did they do? When St. Francis of Assisi went on his fast and retreat he had no Mass, he was a Deacon. The Dutch during the Nazi oppression had no Mass. The Japanese Catholics for century had no Mass. They kept the faith. You are being asked to keep it for a few weeks. Is it that weak?

Peace be to you, my poor friend, you who are filled with so much hate and venom. Please pay a rosary for my good health, lest your curse come back upon you.


Anonymous said...

The END is very near. The US is near total collapse as predicted by many. God's patience is running out. It's His turn now.


Kitty said...

Is the Internet going down in Canada? Someone txt'd me saying it is.

Vox Cantoris said...

No, all good. We may be overloading it, I had four Zoom meetings today with work.

Tom A. said...

Good Catholics should obey their bishops and support their decisions even if they disagree. Resisting you bishop is only allowed when/if he gives a command that is evil and against Divine Law. As Vox has shown, good Bishops have temporarily halted masses during the Spanish Flu a hundred and two years ago. It is well within their scope of authority. You don’t have to like it or agree with it, but you do have to obey it. There are plenty of ways to meet your Sunday obligation without going to Mass. That said, thank God I’m a sede and don’t have to listen to those spineless faithless effete protestant wannabes pretending to be catholic bishops.

Vox Cantoris said...


I always appreciate your commentary.

Thank you and stay well and God bless you.