Sunday, 23 September 2018

Rick Stick, Bishop of Knoxville chastises Michael Voris for his past shriven sins. What sins lurk in the heart of the unmerciful and judgmental Bishop Rick?

Bishop Rick Stika has been proving to one and all on Twitter that he is the back end of a mule and about as smart. I had a little post about him a few weeks back. He blocked me on Twitter but did leave a smarmy comment on the blog.

The man has no mercy, no charity, no humility and knows nothing about repentance and redemption.

He is a stinking fraud.

Michael Voris repented long ago for his sins and for his "past."

How dare this man raise the sins of Michael's past that have been erased by the Lord Jesus Christ?

Does Rick Stika think he is holier than Christ?

Who is he to judge?

Has he no mercy?

Rick Stika is a fraud.

Someone must know something about little Ricky and the Diocese of Knoxville. How many perverts is this episcopal fraud protecting?

Is he one of them?


Anonymous said...

Wow! A bishop publicly calling out a past sin that Christ's blood has washed away,Isn't that what Satan does?. My goodness i really do believe we are now facing the final battle. Blessed be God, now and forever!

Ana Milan said...

He's a Modernist & paid-up member of PF's cabal. They are plants who never had the faith. PF underlined this fact when he stated there was no Catholic God, no Hell & all could get to heaven by good deeds. Despite the huge persecution of priests & laity all around us brought on by this usurper & VII, & now the betrayal of the Chinese underground CC, the complicity of the Hierarchy is really heartbreakingly scandalous. This is a spiritual war between Satan & God we are witnessing. The tools for ending it are not ours, they are Our Saviour's. Those who leave the Bride of Christ are deserters unwilling to stand for Christ by the only means we have - prayer, penance & actively calling out these perpetrators as the scum of the earth. They don't like being exposed & if we can keep up this pressure it might just lead to fractures appearing in their diabolical silence & cowardly remarks towards genuine Catholics which cannot be sustained. Truth will always win & God is True. Satan is the father of all lies.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

These sodomy lovers know nothing about God, catholic theology, reason and logic.

With a sense of moral superiority they bless unrepented sodomy, while condemning those who stopped practicing it and repented publicly.

They are so deceived by own sin, they call all attempts at exposing evil as coming from the devil, while reaching far in a humbled Catholic's past to discredit him.

Jesus forgave those who humbled themselves and asked for mercy.
They, who claim to speak in His Name, refuse to acknowledge sin, celebrating it instead, but will drug through the mud those who have long been forgiven by Him.

This bishop is a despicable snake.

Anonymous said...

Rick Sticka? The name alone sounds like a homo porno star. Resign you Godless bastard.

Anonymous said...

No mercy for repentant sinners, only the unrepentant

Anonymous said...

I think when Michael Voris releases vortex like the one below from this past Friday, his past does become relevant.

"Even now, the gay ones along your own ranks you tolerate or fraternize with, refusing to face the reality that they should not be bishops and you should not be supporting them. You are all terrified to come out and demand that homosexualist bishops and cardinals step down — why is Wuerl still in authority, for example?

"It has been laity that have forced the hand of that disgusting homosexualist liar who denies who knew about his predator buddy McCarrick."

If MV is a homosexual then he should also step down. Why can we tolerate, fraternize and be led by lay homosexuals but not clerical homosexuals? Why is MV going to such lengths to expose the sins and call for the resignations of SOME homosexuals but not others? Why has MV never exposed his own homosexual sins (maybe many would be convinced he is a disgusting homosexualist liar and narcissistic sociopath himself)? He was in the seminary but has never mentioned his own experience there--why?

Wuerl is a 'disgusting homosexualist liar' but surely Cardinal Burke knew all about McCarrick. So did Dolan, O'Brien, Mahony & O'Malley. But why the vicious (as only a sodmite can be vicious) attack on Wuerl?

To say that it is the laity that has 'forced the hand' is to disguise the truth that certain enemies of Wuerl like Voris and Neumayr teamed up (paid & instigated by ADNY/Opus Dei, the Vatican?) to use the McCarrick pedophilia scandal (revealed by the ADNY & NYT) to try to force the ouster of Wuerl from the ADW.

In my view MV by (1) using public crisis to take personal revenge, (2) flattering/ encouraging lay Catholics to think of this as laity vs clergy (and not a work of God) mob rule/calling for power for the laity to govern the Church (VC2) (3) turning over the church to the AG/RICO (Jesus says settle out of court; St. Paul settle between yourselves) and by (4) calling for the resignation vs. repentance of SOME bishops is doing the work of the devil.

Take Zaccheus, Matthew, Peter, Paul, Mary Magdalene or even Michael Voris himself. The goal of God is not for sinners to be humiliated, crucified, and buried under a rock by crowds of pharisees (as guilty as their victims) shouting disgusting etc. etc. etc.

MV especially seems to forget his own sins and step over the edge: "The only friends you have, even though we are mad as Hell that you let this happen, are faithful Catholics. In fact, we suspect that we actually have more respect for your offices than you do. Owing to your neglect over the decades, there now exists only a smattering of faithful Catholics who understand and love the Faith and get the current crisis.

"We are the only allies in the Church you have left, and the sooner you realize that, the less devastated you will feel.

"Do the right thing: Announce the whole truth of what is behind this evil, open your files to every state attorney general, start turning your local dioceses back to tradition, lead us to sainthood and let Heaven deal with the rest."

[All except Wuerl--he has to resign YESTERDAY!]

Anonymous said...

Beware you're not being played like fiddles by the Jesuit Opus Dei commies. Maybe they're driving you to these publications all owned by Opus Dei but making you think you're going there to fight them!~

What do these Cardinals & bishops reacting to the Pennsylvania report have in common that they appear together in Nat'l Catholic Distorter:

Stika, Dolan, O'Malley, O'Brien, Edward Burns (Dallas), Vigneron (Detroit), Gomez (Opus Dei), Michael Olson (Fort Worth - killed Fisher More College).

& Same article appear in Jesuit rag Amerika w/addition of Zubik (Pittsburgh as target; also have tried to target DiNardo (Houston now)):

Coming from the Catholic News Service w/out Zubik

Anonymous said...

One should remember his own past sins for humility. But bringing them back as a tool against other people, while the Lord Himself says "I will not remember them anymore" is one of the most unchristian things possible.

Anonymous said...

Investigate his relationship with Cardinal Rigali, with whom Stika lives.

One need to look no further than his Twitter photo or peruse his Facebook page to see what is really going on.

Do chaste, celibate and supposedly "holy" men act this way?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Does Rick Stika think he is holier than Christ?

Of course he does! After all, he's part of the apostolic succession, and the apostolic successors believe they're holier than anybody!