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Pigs can fly! - - Michael Voris publishes a report highlighting a mother's allegations of a sexual abuse cover up by then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio!

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by Juliana Freitag  •  •  August 4, 2018    0 Comments

Poor treatment by archdiocese pushed sex abuse victim out of the Church

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Vatican insider Marco Tosatti recently reported the case of Gabriel Ferrini, a young Argentinian man who was sexually abused by a priest of the diocese of Quilmes, in the province of Buenos Aires, in 2002. Ferrini was 15 years old at the time, and in 2013, a court ordered the diocese to pay restitution to both Gabriel Ferrini and his mother, Beatriz Varela.
few news outlets picked up on the story, highlighting the fact that Tosatti took the article down from his blog almost immediately after publication. Speaking to Church Militant, Tosatti explained that he initially believed he was breaking a story but then realized the case had already been fully documented by watchdog website Bishop Accountability, which claimed that "Argentinian bishops are among the least transparent in the worldwide Church" years ago. Tosatti took it down as it was ill-timed.

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