Sunday, 19 November 2017

Intellectual polarity

Austin Ivereigh, who has blocked me on Twitter, has written a column in Crux Now about a new book alleging that Jorge Bergoglio is really, an intellectual.

The original author  refers to "Bergoglio's fascination with polarities."

As Hilary White wrote on Twitter, "What an incredible load of codswollop."



Kathleen1031 said...

Well if your intellect is more in tune with the blatherings of the nuns on the bus, I guess this pope is intellectual. And I guess there are people who don't know any better and will believe he's an intellectual because some jackass said so.
But for those who are familiar with more weighty intellectual thought, it has become obvious he is long on vocabulary but short on meaning or depth. His is the meandering narrative of the pseudo-intellectual, there may be a point in there somewhere, but it's like digging in a pile of manure for the diamond buried underneath the pile, then finding out there was no diamond after all.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I read the article, and am unconvinced of the presence of intellectual value in this great synthesis Bergoglio so loves. For example, the claim that the Church is a synthesis of doctrine and pastoral practice might not be found in the great treasury of Catholic thought. I am uneducated about these matters, but will risk sounding foolish - the tension is not between law and practice (any Catholic understands that law and practice should be integrated, not conflicting in his life), but between the Creator of the Law and the rebel against it. God did not create evil, evil is not an aspect of God. God created free will, which allows braking of God's Law.
The assertion that truth is the union of opposites stems morel likely from the Cabala, not from the teaching of Jesus Christ. Although it is true that there is tension between our flesh and our spirit, the flesh is not at all necessary for the continuation of life. We know of saints who lived on the Eucharist alone. Why was it possible? - Because there was almost no flesh to them.

Therefore it seems to me that Bergoglio has strayed from the Truth long ago, and has been straying more and more toward an artificially created world of false opposites, always centering on man, divorced from the reality of God. He would be less out of plae in a Masonic lodge than in the Chair of Peter.

Anonymous said...

Well put Kathleen1031. A succinct dismissal of an intellectual lightweight and poseur.

Dan said...

"An intellectual biography?" This must be a very short book.

Sam Sham said...

I think you permanently lose any hope of being an intellectual when you're statements turn to the scatalogical. Game over, Bergoglio.

Irenaeus said...

The sign of a good writer is that they can impart the most meaning with the fewest words. Eloquence makes it sweeter, but you can forgo eloquence from time to time if you'd rather be blunt.

Neither element is present in Mr. Ivereigh's article. That screenshot is embarrassing to read.

FarmerJ said...

Reminds me of a quote from Abraham Lincoln: "That man can compress the most amount of words into the least ideas of any man I've ever met."

Johnno said...


God isn't perfect.

And God can't do anything perfectly.

God makes imperfect things. Then God tinkers with them some more so that two imperfect things have a baby.

God evolves, and we need to evolve with Him.

That's what all that gobble-de-gook means.

They worship a Darwinian Christ. In fact I suspect they all hope they catch up to God and overtake him.

Eirene said...

Vox, where have you BEEN ? I keep looking for you! Pleased you are back!

Michael Dowd said...

In this density of words and opaqueness of meaning the poison of heresy is sure to be found. Truth speaks with directness and clarity. What we have here with "Bergoglio's fascination with polarities." is a tribute to dissembling, i.e., pretend, feign, act, masquerade, sham, fake, bluff, posture. Nothing new here folks.

Anonymous said...

Not only does Bergoglio have no clothes but now we are told how finely threaded they are?

Talk about fake theology.


Unknown said...

Summa Bergoglio!

DisturbedMary said...

The words are actually very consonant with noted religious authorities and writings, namely: Moses Hess (the real father of modern dialectical materialism) and that perennial instruction manual for corruption and co-optation, the Talmud.

Only one additional ingredient is needed to bring both the Church the world to their present and abject miseries: unfaithful Catholics.

Would that faithful Catholics of scholarly and high regard to simply investigate this topic; oh how much better might we understand and explain the causes of our woes; thereby aiding our sons and their sons in avoiding the same negligence.

Wanda Sherratt said...

One of the first articles about Bergoglio I read was a gushing tribute by that phony di tutti phonies, Michael Coren, hailing him as "a brilliant theologian". Even as early as that, (and I think it was the very day after the election) I remember thinking, "Yeah, he's so brilliant that nobody's ever heard of him!"

Well, Coren went on to demonstrate just how rigorous his Catholic bona fides were, and how right I was to be skeptical from the start.

XXXXXXX said...

My opinion is that Pope Francis' fascination with polarities has more to do with how Modernists think, rather than anything truly intellectual.

Modernists play both sides, and believe that they can reconcile contradiction. Pope John Paul ll was very good at playing the Modernist game, of making contradiction look like sound Catholic teaching. I don't blame otherwise Catholics for being taken in by JPll's nonsense and his flowery blah-blah, which somehow passed for good Catholic teaching.

But now that an overt Modernist is in the Chair of Peter, the world can see what Modernism truly is, in all it's ugliness.