Tuesday, 15 March 2016

New York homosexual priest gang continues on. How long can Dolan ignore this?

Michael Voris keeps it coming.

As I wrote previously, "all we need to do is change the names."

A reader in New York City has written:

Our Saviour (Church in New York) is a metaphor for the destruction of the diocese.  What has gone on to undue Rutler's legacy is nothing short of criminal.  And with news of the vicar know I see why--he's covering for pastor.  Same with St Agnes.  It also seems that they--the sodomfolk, as I call them--took aim at far and away the two best parishes over the past twenty years or so in New York.
 St Agnes clearly enjoyed that standing, as an oasis for conservative and traditional-mindsed priests even under O'Connor.  I sang in the schola cantorum there back in 1994, and Rutler I think was living there then, as well as Fr Perricone, another traditional stalwart and fighter, who offered the traditional Mass in Sleepy Hollow up the Hudson yesterday for Una Voce Westchester.  St Agnes's attenbdance is down fully one-half, someone noted yesterday.  This fagola in the choir loft at St Agnes is planning to 'wed' in September, I just learned yesterday.  Miles Murphy had better get it together.  Please blog about it again--I didn't see it and it happened fairly recently--the firing of James Wentzel--a perfectly excellent choirmaster.  It's stunning for it's stupidity.
 A friend of mine yesterday said if Dolan goes over St-Jane-Chantal/Mustacciolo, we'd likely get worse.  No matter.  Such incompetence and ill will can't be allowed to stand.  Dolan's first pick for vicar was hardly better--another career clericalist (Sullivan, now bishop of Camden--a diocese as dead as a doornail) who's first official act was to drive out the Polish Dominicans up at Columbia University, friends of mine, who for the first time in three generations had brought about a convert.  Again, it was similar to Mustacciolo--whom Groeschel said "No!" but O'Brien said "Yea!"  We know who Dolan listened to--and I find it beyond belief that Dolan didn't know of O'Brien's propensities.
 And what have these bastards learned from the sex-avbuse/homosexual-pederasty crisis?  More coverup is better!!?  Unfathomable.
 But I digress!  Many thanks again for your work--your Sunday post inspired me to makethe Tridentine Mass yesterday.  The Mass ain't Bible-study is right!  A great line and insight--thanks again.
 And happy St Matilda day--my dear Grandmas patron.. Every year until her death in '07 at 96 I'd read her the Butler's Lives entry for her, and we'd raise a glass.  Salud!
 In Corde Christi,



by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 14, 2016    28 Comments

Msgr. Greg Mustaciuolo allegedly tied to fleeing priest Msgr. Michael Hull

NEW YORK (ChurchMilitant.com) - The ongoing scandal in New York deepens. Monsignor Greg Mustaciuolo, vicar general of the New York archdiocese — implicated in the gay-for-pay sex and embezzlement scandal involving Fr. Peter Miqueli, and also connected to the promotion of ahomosexual priest once arrested in a gay sex sting to the prestigious position of head of archdiocesan TV — is now being revealed as an intimate associate of Msgr. Michael F. Hull, the priest who went missing in action in 2014 after having served the archdiocese as highly esteemed professor of Sacred Scripture at St. Joseph's Seminary for nearly 20 years, and as executive director of the controversial Sheen Center for Thought and Culture. Now Hull lives halfway across the world as an Episcopal minister in Scotland with a wife and child. 

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