Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Bill Donahue, can you squirm out of this?

Voris also exposes the main investment arm of the Catholic League with over $35,000,000.00 in its account with funds invested in organisations that engage in the distrubtion of pornograpy. Donahue is paid to fight against those issues which fund his half-million dollar salary.

Christine Niles has the details.


Barona said...

Will he claim ignorance? Crosby of Hamilton will have to over the pervert Deacon; otherwise he will be exposed as a true malefactor. Presently, at minimum, these men are guilty of malfeasance in office. But the "buck stops on their desk"; they should resign.

Barona said...

Another thing: we are in a time of crisis, the Church - under vile attack from all sides and from within. Donahue dares to draw a salary? Catholics did not draw salaries during the great persecution under the Romans. Another reason why the Church in the West is in near total collapse. It will continue to implode: Our Lord Jesus Christ has had enough of the filth and corruption. Grace has been withdrawn. These malefactors are merely chasing the last few pennies they can dig out of the widows, before the big collapse in the next 20 years.

Michael Dowd said...

Bill Donahue may will use the Voris diatribe to raise more money. Bad publicity helps when it comes from enemy sources as Michael is viewed by Bill.