Monday, 26 October 2015

Unless and until we root out the falsities stemming from the Second Vatican Council and its rotten fruit rooted in Modernism, there is no hope for the Church, short of Divine intervention

In the last few days, I've been called a few names including a "Pharisee," a "conspiracy theorist." Some has been in private email from a blogger and "lay evangelist" and some in the comment box, which have been published. The latest, is that I am "divisive" something we need to consider given what Our Blessed Lord said:
“Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s foes will be those of his own household. He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.”

Yet, we who uphold the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ who stated that the mercy of Moses was because of their "hardness of heart," are now, the Pharisees because we uphold the law given by the ultimate law-giver, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who came "not to abolish the Law, but to fulfil it! How is it then that we, who only desire to follow Our Lord are chastised by those bishops and cardinals and even the Pope himself as being false, "defenders of the doctrine" since we do not opt for its supposed, "spirit."  
“If you love me, you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, to be with you forever. This is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, because he abides with you, and he will be in you.
Our Lord promised to send the Spirit of truth; nowhere did he say that he would become the "God of surprises."

There is much to be concerned about in the Synod's report and there are some links above which will be added to as we move forward. Some will tell you that the "conservatives" won. Look, you are either Catholic or you are a heretic, we must rid ourselves of this liberal-conservative language as it politicizes the reality in secular terms when we are dealing with the something else. No, Catholics did not win this, though there are minor victories. The fact is, the lack of clarity, the ambiguities prevail and the devil is in the details as has been the case with most Vatican II and subsequent documents and he must be beaten out.

The final synod report is nothing more than that, it is a report and the Pope can do what he wants with. He can adopt some, all, or none, do something else or nothing at all. When he does something, we will deal with it on the facts of his actions.

In the meantime, if any priest such as James Martin, S.J., spreads confusion about what is in it or that it gives permission for something that is not permitted, as least not yet, call him out and those who would repeat his distortions and manipulations. Martin is taking advantage of the ambiguous words and phrases that can appear to give permission for the those in adultery to receive Holy Communion and the less ambiguous language that they could serve as Lectors and more. Let's be clear. A person living in an adulterous relationship which would be known by the priest and parish has no more right to read at Mass than the sodomite that read at the Mass in New York City. You cannot dissent from Church teaching and take on a liturgical role. If this is how the document is interpreted then it is wrong, even if your bishop recommended it.

What you need to do as a Catholic is to wake-up and wake-up your friends to what is really going on and in this regard, and at the risk of being labelled again a "conspiracy theorist," I will point you to two three items.

The first is from LifeSiteNews which published late Saturday afternoon another story on the mafia of Cardinals that met in Switzerland to stop the election of Joseph Ratzinger and attempt then to elect Jorge Bergoglio and the link with what happened at the Synod. There is more detail and fresh interviews. It is chilling reading and stomach turning; you can follow the link and read it all there. The second is a report from Hilary White at the Remnant and the third is The Vortex for today from Michael Voris and what will be coming this week from him. 

Stop the infighting!

Now, all my traditionalist friends; stop moaning about Michael Voris and his comments about the SSPX - get over it. He is not the issue nor are his views on the Society. Michael is a faithful Catholic and a true soldier for Our Lord Jesus Christ. We all have our opinions so chill on this issue and fight the real battle. His work at the Synod was important and critical and he is to be commended by all of us. What you are going to hear below is going to wake you up no matter how hard it is for you to hear it. I have sedevacantist friends and SSPX resistance supporters who would agree with him 99%. The missing 1% is, they would go back even further, as will I. He may later. Hilary White is getting there now at the Remnant.

Paul, John Paul II, Benedict, Francis

This Synod belongs to Paul VI. He created the "synodal church" that Francis speaks of. He allowed the Council to become corrupted. He tore apart the Mass beyond the Council's directive. He approved a Divine Office short of the 150 psalms. He issued a Lectionary for the Liturgy that did not speak of the evils of sodomy. He allowed Communion in the hand. He implemented heretical documents such as the Preface to the First Edition of the Roman Missal of 1970, dismissing the intervention that went beyond even the preface. He proclaimed and implemented Gaudium et Spes with its heretical paragraph 24 which states that, the "love of God and of neighbour is the first and greatest commandment" which is a total contradiction of Holy Scripture where Our Lord Jesus Christ states clearly, that:
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets.”
This Synod is John Paul II's Synod. He did it. More than half of the bishops and most of the Cardinals there were appointed or consecrated by him, including Jorge Bergoglio. 

This Synod was Benedict's Synod. He appointed more of the bishops and elevated to the cardinaliate, those appointed by John Paul II. He has remained silent whilst this has all been transpiring. 

We must admit that Francis, did not appoint any of the bishops at the Synod, though he made one of them a Cardinal and did appoint a cadre of those whom he knew, this episcopacy was 95% appointed by one of the other two and those appointed by John Paul II were often elevated by Benedict as Cardinals. This is not to let Francis off the hook, but Michael Voris is right, as bad as things have gotten, and quickly under Francis, he is not the cause of it. There is some argument to be made that Benedict XVI realised this and tried to right the ship, but then, why did he renounce the See of Peter?

The Synod, and what will come from it will unleash hell upon the Church, literally and figuratively. The document is flawed through its ambiguity, its complete lack of clarity. It is a mish-mash and gibberish and unworthy of the Church of Christ, Catholic. 

It is already being touted in some quarters as "law" when it is not and that "change" is happening when it has not, though it may. These praises come from the likes of James Martin, S.J., and New Ways Ministry, Kasper himself and more. The only one upset is Bonny from Belgium who was slapped down by Cardinal Sarah every time he raised the issue of sodomy! Thank goodness Africans speak French!

They want to sing a new church into being. Well, damn them. Don't let them. Wake the hell up because whatever it is, it will not be,The Church. It will be a false-church of false-mercy, and questionable sacraments due to questionable intent; mercy without repentance. It will offer stones instead of bread, feelings instead of Truth. The real Church will still be there, but it will be hidden - a remnant within it. Faithful people, faithful priests and faithful bishops - faithful to Christ and His Truth.

Quo vadis?

One may ask, after reading this or the above links or watching what Michael states below, "what is the point?" or "why stay in the Church?" or "let's go somewhere else!" As Peter said to Our Lord on the Appian Way, "Quo vadis, Domine?" How soon even he forgot his earlier words, "Lord, where will we go?"

The point friends is this - Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King! He is the Point. It is His Church. Not Montini's to undermine every aspect of Her tradition. Not Wojtyla's to appoint such evil men rampant today and sanction so harshly the one whom he should have done everything to embrace - the scourging of Lefebvre and the praising of Marciel is a black mark on his papacy that no proclamation of sainthood can erase. Not Ratzinger's who elevated the men who have defiled her and sat by whilst Wojtyla appointed them. Not Bergoglio's who has set the crisis aflame and verbally insulted every faithful Catholic, be they bishop, priest or lay.

Do not underestimate what we are facing.

What has come and will come upon us is the greatest crisis in the Church, not since the Protestant revolt when the rot left and the corruption in the Church was purified at Trent, but a crisis not seen since the Arians. It is a crisis from within where nearly every bishop now, as in the time of Arius, signed on to it. St. Athanasius did not. There are other Athanasius' out there; some have already made themselves known, others will. I am confident in that because God is good and has not and will not abandon us. Do you understand? God our Father will not abandon us!

Abandoned by another father

We also must come to terms with something else Michael states, "The whole reason we are here in October 2015, is because of what Pope Benedict did in February 2013." This Synod is Benedict's doing because he left us to the likes of those men who would elect Bergoglio, something they planned all along. 

Our fault

We are also at fault.  He asked us to pray for him that he not "flee for fear of the wolves." He clearly knew something. We clearly failed. We did not pray for him nearly enough. 

Forgive us, Father Ratzinger. Forgive me!

The gates of hell

What we do know is this, however. God is in charge. Our Lord's Bride will never be destroyed, but She is being shaken as ancient Israel was when she became unfaithful. It is a shaking that is necessary. Unless these bishops repent there is no hope without direct Divine intervention. Unless we repent, there is no hope for us to endure. 

The very proof that the Catholic Church is the One founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ is in what has happened over the last fifty years out in the open and the last century behind the scenes - the utter hatred of Her by some or most of Her most gifted children and their seeking of Her destruction, and yours. 

If the Catholic Church were not the One, True Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ founded upon Earth for our salvation, they would not care. These men have defiled Our Mother. You are called by your Confirmation in the Holy Spirit to defend Her.

Pray and fight, my friends; and wake up yours.


Anonymous said...

David, I read your site every day, and it's helped me follow the Synod. Thanks for all of your work for the Body of Christ - only God knows the hours you have labored here for love of the Church. I agree with much of what you write. My only reservation is naming Benedict's resignation as an act of abandoning his flock. No one really knows why he resigned. What if Christ himself told Benedict to resign, to leave the schismatic pastors to their own devices, in order that their errors might come to light, and his bride be restored to all her beauty? It can be argued that much of the Western European and North American Church has been in schism since its refusal to embrace Humanae Vitae in 1968, not to mention its leaders in theology faculties and diocesan seminaries' embrace of theologies at odds with what Vatican II actually said, subsequent to the Council. The Church must undergo its own passion as did its Lord. Perhaps we are being sifted, as was Peter, before Christ's passion, death and resurrection. He will not abandon his Church, and I know you believe that. God bless. Anthony C

My Blog said...

Frankly, who cares about who was responsible or who started it. That was the past. What matters is the present.

Who is in charge right now? Where the buck stops at? Who is making the final decisions?

I agree that if someone wants to make a historical review about the circumstances that brought the Church here, to this Synod, among other things, fine, do it, but that doesn't exempt and exonerate the person in charge right now.

No one is above reprimand, only God The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Humans are humans. Popes or not. I find amazing that some people venerate, honor (to the point of worshiping, sometimes) humans more than the Creator of these humans.

People make mistakes. Popes make mistakes and they must be called out.

I also find it hypocritical that some people would criticize everything that come from the Vatican but stop short of uttering one single word of critique toward the person who put his signature on what these people are criticizing.

They attack the Cardinals, the Bishops, the Priests, the Deacons, the Seminarians and everybody, all except the Pope who authorized and put his seal of approval and consent.

Honesty, straightforwardness, and humility must start with ourselves.

By the way, I am not addressing this comment to you, Vox, but to Michael Voris and others like him who refuse to call a spade a spade.

And I agree, there shouldn't be any in-fights among the different sections of the Faithful Catholics, but I go back again and say that if we want to correct a situation then we must name the culprit no matter whose position he holds in the Church.

You can't fix a problem without cutting off the head of snake.

Pinpoint the leader, remove him, you will have a great deal of the problem fixed. It's the same thing everywhere, in politics, in social, business and religious organizations.

Donna said...

"If he was being threatened, he had a choice. He could have stood at the window at the Sunday Angelus and told us. Every one of us would have risen up. He could have outed them right at that window and named, names."

And evil being evil, malevolent groups could have anonymously demanded his resignation and threatened not him but innocent people if he refused - even to the point of providing proof of intent.

My Blog said...

Vox, I would like to ask the Michael Vorises of the world this question, i.e. for those who refuse to name the Pope as the only one responsible for what happened in the Synod and in the Church in general, since, in my and others opinion he bears responsibility as the only person who has the last word:

Why you are not merciful to the Pope?

If, in our understanding as Faithful Catholics, Mercy is correcting sinners, is telling sinners that unless they repent, they will not go to Heaven, as Christ says, then why are we (you, the Vorises of the world) not telling the Pope that he is leading people to Hell and therefore he is a sinner?

My explanation to justify your lack of charity and mercy toward the Pope is either:

1 - You are not being honest and truthful. You are like the Pharisees, you ask too much from people, yet you refuse to do what you are preaching, or

2 - You don't think that the Pope is responsible for the mess that you always complain that it is coming from his Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, or

3 - You have some agenda that we are unaware of. Maybe you don't want to cut your access to the Vatican, etc. Who knows? Only you can tell us and tell the Pope the TRUTH.

If you don't tell the Pope the Truth, then you are in reality not that different than those you are attacking, since you are being "nice," "accompanying," and misleading a sinner into thinking that there is no sin, no Hell, and he can do whatever he wants because you are the Feminized New Church of Nice.

You call them, "The Church of Nice", yet you, Michael Voris, are acting like one of them.

Think about it.

Radical Catholic said...

A great post, Vox - one I will be sharing.

Brian said...


Voris has finally taken out the papal dart board. I wish he had the courage to go for present day bull's eye. This synod would have taken place no matter what, whether Benedict abdicated or died in office. Such dynamics at the synod are simply the inevitable unfolding of the operating system that took over the church fifty years ago. Things are going to get worse. All the bishops at the synod are whelps from the same conciliar litter. Francis and his group are just the extreme fringe. Where do you go to get some bishops who are not gagged and straitjacketed by the Spell of Vatican? I know of a few, unfortunately they, and their priests, don't have faculties.

Now, as for blaming Benedict and John Paul II, for the synod, that is like blaming Pius XI and Pius XII for Vatican II. They both appointed the vast majority of men, who, at the council, overwhelmingly approved those sixteen pollyanna puff pieces we know as the documents of Vatican II, and then, after the council, sat dosing on their episcopal lily pads while liturgical and catechetical terrorists ran amok, all under the licentious "Spirit of Vatican II". John Paul II and Benedict had no choice but to select men for the episcopacy from a vast ocean of conciliar "Catholicism".

Vox Cantoris said...

Clearly, there is something wrong with the whole manner of how bishops are appointed.

Brian said...


He (Pope Paul)approved a Divine Office short of the 150 psalms.

I prayed the four volume Liturgy of the Hours for 38 years before I discovered that not all the psalter was present. I felt cheated. Imagine that, a politically correct breviary long before the term "politically correct" became fashionable. I went a purchased a new edition of the traditional 1960 breviary. Great move...never looked back.

Anonymous said...

Vox read what Bishop Jan Pawel Lenga said about the popes picking bishops etc.. Rorate Caeli posted it earlier this year.