Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Vortex: Michael Coren

Today's, The Vortex: Michael Coren, is a hard-hitting call to my former friend. I will say nothing else about him. Voris does it well enough.

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Dorota said...

Michael Coren tends to change his mind a lot. Unfortunately for all of us, who had the dubious honour of exposure to his exhibitionist nonsense, this inability to decide or to shut up when in doubt, does not prevent him from making a spectacle of himself, as he does it for a living.

It is not the Church's fault, Michael Coren, that you struggle with deciding whether your flesh is given you for pleasure or whether it is to be overcome for God's purpose.

Christianity does not worship pleasure, it is not hedonistic, it does not seek truth through sexual minority activism (the Overhauling of Straight America by means of social engineering) and vilification of "patriarchy" or "patriarchal hetero-normativity". A Christian is in fact a person who believes in God The Father (not mother Gaia or anything else feminine) and who affirms hereto-sexuality as norm. Did you not know this? Really?