Friday, 20 March 2015

Dolan's thugs caught in the act! Seen on video targeting Michael Voris

Cardinal Timothy Dolan's thugs are clearly visible targeting Michael Voris.

It's going to all come tumbling down.

Watch it for yourself.


Fox said...

WOW!! Incredible, I guess they are felling emboldened and becoming pretty aggressive...and sloppy. If one looks carefully at the video as the communications guy is giving instructions to the thug, the thug actually points right the CMT camera. In the mean time Pro Life groups were not allowed in the "Parade"... while sodomites are given carte blanche. I wonder what St. Patrick would say? St. Patrick, Pray for Us.

Luciano said...

Perhaps Mr Voris should consider criminal charges against the thug.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Mr. Vox.

I would like to address Mr. Voris, with your permission.

Mr. Voris I hope one day you'll see that the Head of the THUGS in the Church of Mercy - The Church of Nice - is sitting on the Vatican Throne....he's not just a Pope with some defects or who makes some mistakes ...he's the head Thug. No doubt about it. You are so smart, it amazes me that you continue to evade this glaring reality.

I'm not saying we should knock the person of the Holy Father , but knock and knock and knock the barrage of heretical nonsense we have had to endure for two years, I think only our duty as Catholics

The way this Pope is right now, is totally unacceptable for a faithful Catholic...


Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Yes, this is a very sorry thing. Cardinal Dolan is loved by some in the NY Archdiocese because they view him as more jovial than his predecessors. But clearly the kindness is just a facade. The Catholic leadership in the U.S. should have more respect for Michael Vorris. He's a hard working Catholic journalist. And if loyal Catholics like him had been around during the Reformation, there wouldn't have been one. Susan Fox

Vox Cantoris said...


I posted your question to Michael and I cannot speak for him.

From my perspective, I've had to struggle myself with how to address the matter. The one thing we have to bear in mind is to not scandalise the faithful beyond that which they can handle.

I think we need to look at someone like Cardinal Burke and his comments which were hypothetical; he said he would "resist" if a pope tried to do anything that would undermine the faith.

Everyone has their style and where they need to focus.

Let us pray that none of this is necessary for much longer.

God bless you and please come back and comment often.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Mr. Vox. You are undoubtedly right when you say we mustn't scandalize others regarding the present papacy. It is a very delicate matter.

You have an excellent Catholic blog and I pray that the Holy Mother of God will protect you and your family in all your endeavors not least your fine work here. It is so obvious you love the Church.

Prayers also for Michael Voris. He is a good Catholic man. I've always appreciated his work despite his few incoherencies. I sense that he is a sincere man and don't buy it that he has compromised on occasion for personal reasons.

And I certainly don't like all the bad-mouthing he receives. In my view, we should try to avoid bad-mouthing anyone and stick to the objective facts regarding the present bad leadership in the Church.

God bless us all during this tremendously hard time for Holy Church.