Monday, 3 November 2014

Father Rosica! your producer at Salt + Light, Alicia Ambrosio, does not speak for me or the Catholic Church!

You can be assured that the interview given by this producer from Salt + Light has not gone unnoticed. It is currently being transcribed and dissected by our friend Barona and will be analysed and challenged and then published on our blogs. This woman Alicia Ambrosio of Salt + Light, had no right to distort the Synod and do it on public television whilst being paid to do it by Canadian Catholics and an old man too infirm to realise how his wealth is being taken advantage of.

Alicia Ambrosio does not speak for the Catholic Church!

Voris nails it and gives a recommendation for her future. 

We are in a war friends.

Gird your loins and pick up your sword.

And if the interviewee thinks that Cardinal Burke lives in an "ivory tower" perhaps she should read Coming Out of Sodom!

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