Monday, 27 October 2014

Cardinal's comments clarified - Voris owed an apology

It turns out that Buzzfeed which released an interview two weeks ago with Raymond Cardinal Burke selectively edited its choice of words which seemed to indicate a directly criticism of Pope Francis. As this is now clarified, it was a "lack of clarity" that was causing harm.

Your writer apologises for linking to the now discredited quotation. The post and link has been removed and you are urged to follow the link to aleteia for the full story.

The night of that announcement, Michael Voris released a Vortex from Rome quoting from it. Two days later, he removed it and made a public apology for quoting from the article. Two days ago, I wrote a friend, publicly critical of Michael that I felt the criticism of Voris was ill-placed. Indeed, even if Voris were wrong to delete it, the real enemy is elsewhere. I explained to him that it was my hunch that Voris knew more than the rest of us at what was happening behind the scenes.

I was right; and certain Catholic bloggers, commentators and online media outlets owe Michael Voris an apology.

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Pedro Erik said...

Well, Vox, lack of clarity (from the Pope) doing harm or Pope Francis' silence doing harm is not much different from Pope Francis is doing harm. Just a little.

For me, Burke continues right and Voris wrong for making an apology. And Pope Francis still doing harm.

It seems a try to reduce the impact of the truth said by Burke.