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The Best Vortex -- EVER!

What kind of bishop would ever be a "registered Democrat" or a registered anything for that matter. 

Once again, Michael Voris nails it.

You out there, yes you who would call him and the rest of us us "Taliban Catholics" and "Rad-Trads" and "extremists." 

Watch this.

Blindness about Obama
Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
A few days ago, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence Rhode Island told a Rhode Island
TV station he was changing parties from Democrat to Republican.
The 65 year old bishop who has been a registered democrat since 1969 says the big
moment of awareness came for him when he saw the 2012 Democratic Convention and
it’s insistence of promoting the culture of death.
While all faithful Catholics should be happy about His Excellency’s self-described “a-ha
moment”, this should also be a HUGE indicator of just how deeply flawed things are in
the Church these days.
How could it possibly take SO LONG for a Catholic bishop to see the evil that the
democrats have foisted on America?
And for the record – we know the Republican party leadership in many ways, also
supports many of these same evils, but just treads a little lighter because of the rank and
So this is no homage to the Republicans .. but rather a serious questioning of what is in
the minds of many American bishops.
It has been clear since this megalomaniac appeared on the stage of an earlier democratic
convention out of nowhere that he is an agent of Hell. And if you think that is over the
top language .. actually, its quite tame when you look at his record.
From the slaughter of millions of pre-born innocents, to the advancement of sodomy, to
the continued destruction of the family through his social and economic policies, to his
almost casual race-baiting and class war agitating, and so forth, this man does the will of
Satan at every turn.
And so does his party. And enough already with the tired old line – well, they care for
the poor. They care for the poor like Hell!
Their social justice garbage and pretended war on poverty has been and is nothing more
than a giant wealth re-distribution program aimed at creating an enormous underclass that
they throw a few crumbs from the table to so they can get their votes every election cycle.
They have wrecked the schools, planted Planned Parenthood in their neighborhoods,
backed any and all thoughts, fads and philosophies that decry any reverence or thought of
God, appointed judges who dismantle whatever natural law reasoning actually was
present in the founding documents and directly caused the deaths of tens of millions
Americans who were never given a chance to see daylight.
This has been their game plan and action since Lyndon Johnson and his so-called Great
Society back in the 1960s.
And what do we have – death, destruction, marginalizing and mockery of religion and a
society rushing headlong into Hell.
And it took until the 2012 Convention for a Catholic Bishop to see this??!?!
In various interviews with a number of different bishops over the past few years, they
have each admitted that Obama enjoyed at least 50-50 support among the US Bishops
and some said he enjoyed majority support.
So here is a serious question – how on earth can a bishop who supports this agent of
Satan be trusted to ensure that the Faith is being faithfully transmitted? Seriously?
The great defense on the part of these liberal-minded bishops is .. oh, the poor, oh, the
poor. The death penalty. The death penalty. Poverty and execution are not intrinsic evils
– check the Catechism – but abortion, sodomy, euthanasia, contraception certainly are
and they are the backbone of the democratic party and have been for decades.
Yet, every election, we hear this liberal bishop pabulum conflating intrinsic evil with
social ills as though they are the same. They will not take a stance against these things
because they, in their minds, are locked in the halcyon days of the 1960s and live in a
pretend world of peace and joy and flower power.
For the liberal bishops who have contributed to such an undermining of the faith all these
decades – there is much more here than coming to some dim awareness of the evil that
has been staring you in the face all these years.
There is a requirement to renounce your personal contribution to it – not bemoan some
vague set of social circumstances that are complex and difficult to get your hands around.
You liberal bishops have helped create this culture of death directly, by the work of your
own hands. Don’t think that the blood of those babies, of those souls that fall into Hell
because of their evil sexual practices will not weigh in the scales against you on your
judgment day.
You are successors of the Apostles – not political operatives for an evil agenda that
sounds nice and sugary on the surface, but is evil to its core on the inside.
You need to repent – all of you liberal bishops. You liberal bishops who stamp on
tradition in the Church, who let the rot of horrible catechesis flourish in your own
diocese, who let abuse after abuse remain unchecked in parishes under your care.
You have supported a political system which has brought morality in this country to its
knees and made a virtuous life the butt of jokes. Yes you! Do you think you will escape
responsibility for your deeds and their consequences – your sins of omission and
commission – what you have don and what you have failed to do?
The truth of the Faith has been strangled on your watches with your complicity.
Your are shepherds appointed by GOD Almighty to souls to Christ, but you have led
souls right into the arms of the enemy. You have compromised with evil – you covered up
the rape of children and plead ignorance afterwards.
You have allowed hordes of homosexual men to become priests and then promoted them
after ordination to influential positions on the Church where they could reign down their
spiritual terror on the unsuspecting faithful.
You have not just allowed but encouraged a spirit of radical feminism to run wild in the
Church, in your own ranks and in the pews, universities, parishes, seminaries, houses of
formation and so forth.
You have sat atop a near total destruction of the faith unprecedented in the history of the
Church that it would have made Nero blush.
You have coddled murderers and sodomites and evil men of every sort. You have rolled
out the red carpet for them in your cathedrals. You have delivered Holy Communion to
them as surely as Judas handed over Our Blessed Lord.
You have abdicated your role as shepherd and let the wolves ransack the flock.
In all the sincerity it is possible to muster, with the deepest charity for your souls, you
need to repent publicly. You need to say much more than I switched parties.
You need to do much more than simply say we were gun shy when it came to talking
about sexual morality as Cardinal Dolan told the WSJ last year.
You need to say, I have been unfaithful. And then you need to open your eyes and see the
destruction of the faith that YOU have brought about and you need to spend your
remaining days trying to amends.
GOD Love You,
I’m Michael Voris

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