Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Clowning around His Crucifixion?

Is there any dignity left in the liturgy?


"The most evident mark of God's anger, and the most terrible castigation He can inflict upon the world, is manifest when He permits His people to fall into the hands of a clergy who are more in name than in deed, priests who practice the cruelty of ravening wolves rather than the charity and affection of devoted shepherds. They abandon the things of God to devote themselves to the things of the world and, in their saintly calling of holiness, they spend their time in profane and worldly pursuits. When God permits such things, it is a very positive proof that He is thoroughly angry with His people and is visiting His most dreadful wrath upon them." Saint John Eudes 

As he presided over the distribution of the Holy Eucharist ...

Voris nails it; "Cardinal Dolan is a disgrace." I could not agree more!


Barona said...

Cardinal Dolan is rupturing, not for the first time, the teachings of the Church on the Liturgy. There is a time and a place for most things - there is no time in the Sanctuary to act like a buffoon.

Barona said...

"It is principally your duty to stand as a wall so that no foundation can be laid other than the one that is already laid. Watch over the most holy deposit of faith to whose protection you committed yourselves on oath at your solemn consecration. Reveal to the faithful the wolves which are demolishing the Lord's vineyard".

Clement XIII to the bishops

When we read the words of the holy Pope, we can begin to see what a dangerous wolf Cardinal Dolan is.