Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Cult of Mark Shea and Pathetic.com

I've never challenged another blogger before. Rarely, if ever, have I mentioned anyone by name unless it has something to do with current affairs in the Church. Rarely do I read Mark Shea. I simply don't find him interesting and worth my time. However, yesterday, I visited because someone posted a link to his page with the title giving a hint as to an update on Father John Corapi. Well, it turned out, I erred in visiting. Mark Shea of the Patheos blog portal posted an opinion piece out-of-the-blue wherein he slagged Father John Corapi and Michael Voris. Father Corapi has not been in the news for months and months. Michael Voris is daily active on his own, of course, but there is nothing out of the ordinary that should have attracted Mr. Shea's attention.

Instead, for no reason, Mr. Shea engaged in a shrill, trite and unjustified ad hominem attack on both of them. When individuals left comments in the blog post about it, even frankly polite ones, he let loose on them all with accusations that simply were figments of his mind.

How sad that an obviously intelligent and educated Catholic blogger needs to lower himself to attack, without any justification, two other Catholics -- a priest who clearly deserves our love and support and prayers and a Catholic layman who as far as I know has never preached heresy or dissent and as I know personally, is a fine gentleman and a devoted Catholic.

I think I know why he does this. Patheos pays on every hit; the more outrageous Mr. Shea is in the combox, the more people will go back there to see what he says and thus, drive up his hits and his income. For that reason, I will not link to the article or anything else for that matter that Mr. Shea writes.

As for his views on Michael Voris and Father Corapi, they were unjustified and if he wants to see an example of meanness that he accuses others of, he only has to read his own words.  


Barona said...

We don't know the present state of Fr. Corapi. About a year ago things seemed bad. if they were, and continue to be we should pray from him - as we should pray for the conversion of Cardinal Mahoney. Yet, justice needs to be done. In fairness, Card. Mahoney has a moral obligation to come clean with the police.

Shea is building a straw man here: Most people know about the tragedy of Corapi, so, (hint, hint! ) why not tag him onto an attack on Michael Voris (but mitigate it by saying that you've said something nice about him in the past. A very strange post by Shea

Anil Wang said...

I've read a few articles of his a while back and gave up because they were filled with so much bile that comes out of nowhere.

Michael Voris isn't exactly Mister Diplomacy either and he does go overboard from time to time. But there is a difference, Michael Voris tends to focus on the issue rather than the person and will praise the positions he agrees with of a bishop one day and criticize the positions he disagrees with of that same bishop (e.g. Archibishop Dolan) the next day. Mark Shae tends to get personal and never forgives or forgets.

Reading such poison without purpose only serves to inflame one's passions on irrelevancies and distract one from the real work that needs to be done.

Lynda said...

What you say is sadly but clearly true. It is disappointing to say the least that the National Catholic Register have Mr Shea write such scathing pieces on their site. I hope and pray that he will stop this very unedifying behaviour. Not only is it an unjustified, malicious attack on a person's character but it is totally uncontrolled and sounds like jealousy or hatred to the outsider. On reading this recent piece, brought to my attention through Fr Longenecker's blog, I discovered there has been a whole series of these defamatory pieces. He needs to repent and atone and desist from such scandalous behaviour. As I said in a comment on his blog, I have seen him contribute to EWTN programmes where his behaviour was normal so I was shocked to discover his Internet writing is not of a similar calibre. I would not recommend anyone to read it. The lack of humility and respect is especially bad in writing as a Catholic on matters related tithe Faith. Lord, have mercy ...