Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Marie Collins: Not to be trusted as a reliable "expert" on the Church's predator and abuse problem.

Marie Collins of the Marie Collins Foundation is an abuse survivor and was appointed by Pope Bergoglio to a Vatican commission on abuse from which she has since resigned. 

A few days ago, she put out a Tweet:

I engaged in back and forth. 

After which I asked, "Marie, do you agree with the Catechism of the Catholic Church's teaching on same-sex attraction, Ratzinger's instruction not to ordain men with homosexual inclinations and that sodomy is a sin against God?"

Her response?

People like Marie Collins are not part of the solution. They are part of the problem.


TLM said...

She's a CLASS A FRAUD. Just like the rest of the pervert CRIMINALS in the Church. If Bergoglio appointed her, what does THAT tell you? Pray that God will give us the means to PURGE THESE PREDATORS! Pray that He will open doors to expose them all and send them packing, including Bergoglio!

Ana Milan said...

No matter what name you care to put on their pederasty, these are deviant criminals & should be thus treated. Bandying about titles is a waste of time & answers nothing. Anyone approaching young seminarians & altar boys should receive automatic expulsion from the CC & face civil charges at their own expense. It is beyond criminal what these perverts have got away with to date at our expense but what can we expect when their Boss is a semi pope (one part of a dual papacy) who doesn't believe in a Catholic God, Hell or Sin & has stated that there is no point in going to Mass if you don't really believe in it (independent & la stampa).

Benjamin Van Dyck ☩ said...


People like Marie Collins are in denial about evident facts. The organised networks of abuse are operated by esoteric, gnostic sects, and sodomy has always been a part of their rituals. They think they get "magic powers" from violating male children and young men, and demons appear to their druidic high priests, when they are practicing their gruesome rites, to give them commands. The devil has his own church, and Our Lord calls it the synagogue of satan in Holy Scripture. If you read the Letters to the Seven Churches in the Apocalypse of St. John, you see that the Church was already during the lifetime of the Last Apostle doing battle against gnostic infiltration. The nicolaites mentioned were a gnostic sect, and all gnosticism came forth from jewish kabbalism. Saint John wrote his Gospel against Cerinthus, a gnostic possibly of jewish ancestry since he was circumcised. To understand the battle that is going on inside the Church, meditating on the Letters to the Seven Churches is an excellent spiritual exercise. Highly respected Catholic writers have said that the whole history and future of the Church is narrated by these Letters.

To think that to push a feminist agenda, which originates from the same esoteric networks as the widespread abuse that one seeks to extirpate, is to effectively fight against the pervert networks of McCarrick and others is to be deluded. The enemy is pantheism which pretends all visible matter to be one huge blob of divinity; that is why pantheists reject fixed principles, laws and hierarchies in nature. They pretend those things to be imaginary and they want to transcend it all. They do not believe that a person has rights of property, and they do not believe that a person has a right not to be violated by filthy old men (the same system of thought denies the Godgiven rights of unborn children not to be murdered in the womb of their mothers). They do not believe that persons exist, but they pretend that persons are mere cells of the 'big blob of divinity', that the Patriarchs, Moses, the Prophets, and the Apostles invented laws to divide this 'big blob', and that they must abolish these 'artificial barriers' so that the 'big blob' of pantheism can be one again. Modernism has come from this pantheistic pile of excrement, which is why the gnostic infiltrant, Mariano Rampolla, was spreading it inside the Catholic Church when he was the secretary of state of Leo XIII, who was unaware of his secretary's membership in a satanic sect.

The gnostic enemy wants a world where man has become the wild man of Rousseau and the other obscuration 'philosophers' of the 18th century, a world of savage men that walk naked (the insane goal of nudism is actually incorporated in the freemasonic initiatory rituals), who rob and kill in public and who violate women and children before the eyes of all, without being impeded by any authority; a world where authority, ecclesiastical as well as temporal, no longer exists.

The secret sects are not a pleasant subject to talk about; it is deppressing and horrid. But it is necessary for people to know what sort of men have been running rampant inside the Church and outside in places of influence and power. Clerics in the past such as Messeigneurs Ernest Jouin and Henri Delassus, Father Nicolas Deschamps SJ etc. have given much time and efforts to study and expose the secret sects, and, had they received more attention from the Catholic world after the Great War, the 20th century would not have become what it has.

Johnno said...

Just goes to show that even abuse victims are beholden to the genderless carnal gods of the LGBT and Political Correctness.

Is Marie herself a homosexual? Genuine question. It might explain a few things...

Anonymous said...

I'm an abuse victim and I received several opportunities from the Church in the form of paid jobs and participation in exchange for my complicity and silence. I would never accept their terms. Seems Marie Collins said yes.

Irenaeus said...

Ironic, isn't it?