Friday, 12 January 2018

Stephen Walford is a liar, a deceiver and a fraud

I will not argue with this peon, nor will I debate his various outrageous statements. Father Gerald Murray (below) handles his inanity quite well. Raymond Arroyo is irritated, that is clear.

A piano teacher who puts himself forward as a theologian, Stephen Walford is a fraud, a poseur, a liar and a deceiver. A puffed up, arrogant sop who has taken up a mission to defend the heresies of the Bishop of Rome and to denigrate the Magisterium. He distorts the documents of Pope John Paul II and distorts the catechism. He lies about what is in it and what is not. 

His allegations of "demonic interference" are believable, they clearly are taking place.

The man is a danger to the faith. He is a confused Catholic and in deep need of a Twitter holiday, humility and deep spiritual direction. He can consider this a fraternal correction and a rebuke!


Anonymous said...

Walford only has a few hundred followers. Despite what he thinks, he is irrelevant.

Ana Milan said...

The Catholic media needs to put a blanket ban on this upstart. Don't give him the notoriety he craves.

Irenaeus said...

Delightful fellow, isn't he?

Fr. VF said...

Not surprisingly, one of Walford's fans is Mark Shea, the hater of pro-lifers.


The basis of Stephen Walford's error is that he supports the pope "no matter what." Catholics are NOT supposed to follow the pope, or anyone, "no matter what." Paul opposed Peter publicly (because Peter was in error)min Galatians 2:11. Cardinal Saint Robert Bellarmine, and other saints and theologians, have written that we should oppose a pope who is in error and is damaging the Church.