Sunday, 14 January 2018

Someone preoccupied with Coprophagia and Fomenters of Coprophilia should be right at home with S--t Holes, considering he comes from one!

Truly, if Bergoglio does not want to be called a hypocrite then he should stop acting as if he is one.

It's one thing for the President of the United States to issue something that might be considered vulgar (though he denies it), it is quite another for the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It seems that potty-mouth Bergoglio, obsessed with the idea of eating excrement, which is what coprophagia is, does not want to be displaced by someone bigger, smarter and with more followers on Twitter.

To my Argentine friends, sorry for referring to your corrupt nation as a shite hole, I am quite cognizant that if our Dear Fascist Leader @justintrudeau has his way, we will soon head that list.

Maria Antonette was famous for allegedly stating, "Let them eat cake." The poor Catholic soul was considerable less vulgar that the priest dressed up as the Bishop of Rome.



Brian said...

DIABOLUS EST IESUITA! Maybe this is true after all.

TLM said...

What?? They don't think we already KNOW about the 'eating shit' comment by our fearless leader?? What HYPOCRITES!! And they accuse US of being STUPID??? RIGHT!!!

Justina said...

The liberals are "shocked, shocked" that the President they have called every name in the book (and quite a few that aren't) would lower the level of civic discourse in this way. If they think the countries certain illegal immigrants come from are so great, why oppose deportation? What's the matter with sending illegals back home, if the basic sense of what Trump either said or didn't say isn't true?

And as for all the USCCB high-horse harrumphing about not demeaning human beings made in the image and likeness of God, I'll believe it when they apply the same standards, as Vox points out, to the filthy rhetoric coming from Rome.

Besides, doesn't Donald Trump have a conscience, too? What if, in the concrete complexity of his circumstances, calling other countries disparaging names is the best he can do? One day, perhaps, he will come to a deeper appreciation of their inherent values. But in the meanwhile, if he finds it impossible not to refer to them as s***holes, then "Catholic" theology obliges us to excuse him, morally speaking, for doing so.

Right, Jorge?

Kathleen1031 said...

That term refers to something that is practiced by homosexuals. I won't be more graphic than I need to be, but it's important for Catholics to know it is an actual practice.
It is a scandal for a pope to even refer to such a disgusting thing. But this man is something different altogether.

Brian said...

"Fex Urbanis, Lex Orbis." The excrement of the city (is) the law of the world. So said St. Jerome summing up the strategies of Roman authorities to placate the mobs of Rome. Now we have the "Fex Vaticani (is becoming) the Lex Ecclesiae". The filth.......

Lord deliver us from the negligence of the Bishops.

Future Consecration of Russia said...

Indeed - was used to be a devout warm trusting catholic.

Because of the lying scum that are catholic bishops, I now know what paedophilia, buggery, homoeroticism, coprophagia and coprophilia are in addition to mental reservation, casuistry, sacrilege, abuse of consciences, fake annulments fraud, and the use of diplomatic passports to avoid arrest for child porn.

A wonderful catholic education.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I come from Poland situated in Eastern Europe, a s***hole under communism. There is a difference between a place people occupy (not through their own choice) and their ideals. This difference prompted me to leave behind all I ever knew and all who loved me but one, and come to Canada.
Little did I know what vulgar ungodly arrogant leftists were planning for our earth. This little potato Trudeau is taking us there fast, in unison with the ungodly occupier of the Chair of Peter.

Watching liberals' movies and TV programs, listening to them, I have no doubt that most if not all use very profane language, especially to describe anything that is Christian. This is the case because they know exactly, who is their only relevant enemy. If they know it on the subconscious level, the cognitive dissonance they live by every day, reveals them to us just as well.

Anonymous said...

Jorge Bergolio and his wicked men hate Trump because he values Christianity. The hypocrisy coming out of the Vatican since the *false* election of Jungle Jorge seems to be coming straight out of a shithole called Hell. It appears the matching asshole that runs the Vatican wipe using this newspaper needs to be flushed down the sewer alongside that racist Cardinal Kasper.
Did we eva see the Vatican newspaper say, Cardinal Kasper’s comments are harsh and offensive
In the interview last Wednesday, Kasper had told Vatican journalist Edward Pentin that Africa “is totally different from the West… especially about gays.” When asked if African Synod Fathers are listened to on the subject, Kasper replied “no,” adding “they should not tell us too much what we have to do.”.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Anonymous at 5:20,

you make an excellent point.

The reality is that the enemies of the Holy Church within her hierarchy have been providing all those with eyes to see with so many excellent examples of open and unrepented immorality, double standards, heresy, pastoral indifference and misguidance, and treason that it would be better for the sake of awakening of the masses, if there were only a few such examples. To make things worse, they are not addressed by Bergoglio in the way of a reprimand, but are rewarded instead.

We have been effectively desensitized.
Satan is behind this brilliant attempted overhaul of God's Church. These people are not as brilliant, especially when one considers the torture their souls will sooner or later - and unfortunately - suffer. They probably already do in some cases. Carnal pleasures they so enjoy are not helpful in the long run, and work as any addiction does - demand for more degradation, a higher dose of the poison of choice - all to achieve a lesser reward. Poor lost souls.

"The Remnant" have just released a video of Archbishop Schnider's speech at the CIC last year. It is very uplifting, while consisting for the most part of prophecies by holy Popes since 1870 until the time of Bishop Sheen.

This downfall of the Church is horribly painful to watch, but it has been expected. Is this all you have got, Satan? No, I think you have much more.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

The enemies of Christ are been exposed for all the world to see. Did Christ not say What's hidden will be brought to light.

Kathleen1031 said...

Great commentary today fellow travelers. Great points.
We are all more corrupt, thanks to this pope and this Vatican, and these Cardinals and Bishops. Thankfully, Purgatory will cleanse our hearts and minds of what we have had to learn in this world, including what these men have taught us, things we never had to know about, and things we can't possibly take into heaven.
It is insulting to compare Donald J. Trump with Pope Francis.
Donald J. Trump is a Christian. In my mind he is unquestionably more a Christian and more trustworthy than Bergolio, who, in the face of his persistent heresies and mistreatment of God, the Church, and Catholics, really cannot be considered pope any longer.
This is also Catholic teaching, even though there are not any men left virile enough to declare it.

Anonymous said...

Argentina is a BEAUTIFUL country with a lot of horrible people, I being one of them. Corrupt, liars, mafiosi, murderers, drug dealers, child traffickers, and a very long etcetera including shameful prelates.

And some of us are very ashamed and sorry for that. Appologies don't solve anything. Exposing the emperor with no clothes seems the only possible direction.