Saturday, 13 January 2018

Bishop Timmy Harris of the Bergoglian Church of the New Paradigm

Bishop Tim HarrisI expect that little Bishop Timmy Harris will block me soon on Twitter.

What did the good Catholics of Australia do to deserve this?

According to the Most Reverend Tim, we must have "loyalty" to the "Holy Father." Even if that means setting ourselves against Christ?

He challenges Bishop Schneider, to read what Cardinal Parolin said about the Church of the New Paradigm. 

It's heating up friends, the evil in the Church is no longer hidden. All of these arrogant, narcissistic infiltrators to the Holy priesthood and episcopacy are being outed by their own work on Twitter and other social media. 

They will not win this but you must not give up.

Do pay Timmy a visit. He only has 148 followers, let's give him a few more and teach him some Catholic truth.

  1. What a gift we have in Pope Francis . He’s a reminder that we belong to the Universal Church which makes us Catholic . We are in Communion with him + Tim

  2. Cardinal Parolin makes so much sense . So does Amoris Laetitia ! Let us support the Holy Father . + Tim

  3. Bishop Schneider should read what Cardinal Parolin has said + Tim

  4. An excellent contribution from the Cardinal . + Tim

  5. The Holy Father deserves our respect and loyalty . + Tim


Ana Milan said...

No 'true' pope is enabled to introduce paradigms for the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church. Christ our Founder made the rules & passed His authority to the First Apostle not to change them but to spread His Word - the Great Commission - throughout the world. When a usurper is elected by other usurpers & they hold the majority vote & intimidate the few in opposition to them & canon lawyers/theologians are also deeply divided, there is only the ordinary pew-sitter who can & must decry the situation - after all their very way of life is mainly supported by us. Since PF's election we have been subjected to a 'dual papacy' but only one holds infallibility & wears the full insignia of the Papal Office. Is it not strange that PF only calls himself the Bishop of Rome & not Vicar of Christ. That he has rejected the official regalia of his acquired office & has never spoken ex cathedra even when he tries to bind us to a papal exhortation on a synod that didn't set out make dogmatic statements?

Kathleen1031 said...

Every day it gets more obvious. I have all but run out of adjectives for these diabolical monsters.
We ought to withhold money and support, but I am not sure they need it any longer. I have long believed there are available deep pockets like George Soros and other atheists who would be able to fund the destruction of the Catholic faith once and for all. Surely when we look at Europe's willingness to destroy Christendom by facilitating the Muslim invasion, we are looking at people who have been paid to do so. What other reason could explain the willing genocide of your own people, culture, homeland, and the demographic takeover by Islam, but that you have been paid. And surely these men hate Catholicism with a white hot hatred.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's comforting to know that the Townsville diocese probably only consists of about 148 practising 'catholics' anyway. So his influence may not be as far-reaching as you suspect. It's common knowledge here in Oz, that the further north you go in Queensland, the more God-forsaken the dioceses become. Years of V2 novelties have been successful in reducing the church in Australia to a mere remnant.

raphaelheals said...

I wonder what this bishop was saying when JP and Benedict were in office? Those who have been faithful to the Magisterium are now called dissidents and are persecuted. Actually ,faithful priests have been persecuted for many years now.
The masons and the homosexuals in the Vatican have done a brilliant job over this past 70 years have they not?

Anonymous said...

Dopey Tim Harris, another D---head Pop Francis appointed.. Say no more!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, the pope is His steward...maybe Timmy needs to be reminded.

The crisis of the church has its roots in the changes to the Mass which came about through V2: lex orandi - lex credenti - lex vivendi. None of this will be resolved until V2 is completely REVOKED and the priesthood is purged of all unrepentant heretics. The Tridentine Mass has full legal force in perpetuity, as per The Council of Trent it is the Mass for all ages...this is the Mass under which the true Catholic church flourished, received graces, nurtured saints and inspired martyrs.

The NO mass is a man-made abomination which has fostered the destruction of morals, piety, virtue, and reverence. The only good thing about the NO mass is that since it's so banal and superficial that few people want to attend it.

But attendance at the Traditional Mass is on the rise. People of all ages, especially families with young children are rejecting the NO and seeking to reclaim their catholic heritage and their spiritual inheritance which is the Tridentine Mass. What was cast off by the aging V2 NO generation will be restored by the new generation.

May it please God that we will be alive to witness the glorious restoration of the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.