Friday, 12 January 2018

Bergoglio grants award to abortion advocate.

It just seems that our dear Jorge Bergoglio can't get enough of slapping faithful Catholics and promoting the enemies of Christ and life.

The Lepanto Institute is reporting on the awarding the title of Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great to a notorious abortion activist. 
Bergoglio is also known for his praise of Emma Bonino, Italy's famed bicycle-pump baby killer.

But you all go ahead, you keep convincing yourself that the Holy Spirit put this evil boil on the Seat of Peter. 


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

But Vox, can you not see - in your anti-life fanaticism - the thousands of lives she saved from poverty by killing them? Can you not - in your ignorant rigidity - appreciate the privilege you enjoy - thanks to her - of not having to share the air you breathe with these invaders of our mother Gaia, these useless breathers? Catholic does not mean rabbit, you know.

Sorry for putting our beloved older brothers the rabbits on the spot... we love all species, as though they are our own. For we are all ONE.

Kathleen1031 said...

I have lost a great deal of patience with our fellow Catholics who don't get it and don't want to get it. The people who just don't know, who don't care enough to find out the truth about the pope, well that's a different category, but the traitors who KNOW what this pope is doing, the apostasy, the insults to Christ and His followers, those are the people who are exasperating. People have turned papalotry into an art form, and it's disgusting. Perhaps it is a colossal misunderstanding about what is due a pope, but when a pope is obviously rending the Church in two, how can these people continue to support him?? He is almost single-handedly destroying the Church, the faith, completely changing how we see the papacy, our Cardinals, Bishops, priests, and in his spare time, he's helping to fill Europe with a Muslim invasion that is going to wipe out whatever shreds are left of Christendom. It's beyond incredible.

Ana Milan said...

Perhaps a suitably worded award could be granted to PF by rigid, hard-hearted Catholic Traditionalists to mark his regime as- "The most obnoxious, intrinsically disordered, heretical, blasphemous, tyrannical Marxist/Masonic takeover ever in the history of the CC". It could be displayed for all & sundry to view on posters in & around Rome & Italy generally.

Anonymous said...

Everyday brings something more shocking and more outrageous from this papacy.

Anonymous said...

Are you a sedevacantist?

Vox Cantoris said...


The Law says he is the Bishop of Rome.

The Law says he is Pope.

TLM said...

And Vox, he is the WORST, most VINDICTIVE, HATEFUL, most WRECHED Pope we have seen in our lifetimes. What he is saying in essence is: Nanny nanny boo boo, you can't touch me, and I'm going to ruin the Church of Christ and do it for everyone to witness just to put a dagger in the hearts of the faithful and mainly to SPIT IN THE FACE OF CHRIST!!! This man is in desperate need of an EXORCISM!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge this pope not by his words, but by his actions because words are cheap.

Anonymous said...

He is an abysmal human being, this Pope.


Unknown said...

I am thankful to Francis. I have gone from Novus Ordo, to FSSP, to SSPX, to sedevacantism to finally home in Eastern Orthodoxy.

The problems in the "church" go back to 1054 and the assumption of papal

TLM said...

Yes, Unknown, this is the good that the Lord God is bringing out of this disastrous Papacy. He is indeed opening eyes and people are turning back to our roots of Catholicism.

Michael Dowd said...

If there is anything to be liked about the evil presence of Francis and his plan to destroy the Church, it is that he is the personification of Vatican II (Modernism/Protestantism) which may cause a rethinking of this most devastating council after he is gone.

Anonymous said...

You got this article out of the way as fast as lifesite -- now their headline is that pro abort is decrying abortion. The joke ain't bergoglio it's you people who claim you see and thus your sin remains.

P.S. JP2 appointed bergoglio and ben16 not only stepped out of the way to let him take over, he's still supporting him.

Vox Cantoris said...

You watch what a man says, instead you should watch what he does.

John Paul appointed him in spite of the Jesuit Superior’s protests that he was a “sociopath” and unfit for the episcopacy.

There was a conspiracy to elect Bergoglio in 2005 and they succeeded in harassing Benedict out of office, a father who abandoned his children.

Benedict is a prisoner.

Concern yourself with your own sin.

tuleesh said...

Just look at the mocking facial expressions on the face of that bearded punk [:19 sec] as he says, “And that despite that you are pro-abortion.”
Boy, what a knee-slapper. /sarc