Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Satire becomes reality

I first came across this humorous satire in 2010, I posted it on Facebook and it came up this morning in the memory feed. It was sent to me by a Catholic friend. When I asked him years earlier about his conversion and what he converted from, his response was, "Communism!'

How odd that given the babbling "homilies" of Father Bergoglio this Christmas we should find this and the realization that all these headlines could actually serve as papal homilies.

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Justina said...

The only thing that's missing is a piece about how Mary and Joseph tried to register as Jesus' "mother" and (foster) "father," instead of Parents A and B.

Johnno said...


Also it's missing a headline about alleged collusion between Joseph and the Romans prior to becoming the adopted father of the Messiah. Herod is investigating.

peccator said...

Very clever except it does appear to perpetuate the protestant error of thinking the Immaculate Conception was of Jesus, not Mary.

Anonymous said...