Thursday, 13 April 2017

In whom do we glory, if not in Our Lord Jesus Christ

As this post appears at 7:00 P.M EST. our Schola has begun the singing of this Introit.

If we do not glory in Christ and His cross, then in what do we glory? In what do we put our faith and trust? 

Do we put it in global organisations who promote the opposite of Catholic belief, from population control, abortion and environmental-fascism? Do we glory in the powerful and rich celebrities who use their money to gain access, even in the Church? Do we glory in prelates and popes who have failed to hold fast to tradition and who dismiss doctrine for some pastoral expediency that is not of Christ but is of the world? Do we glory in putting "our trust in princes" when the Psalmist tells us no to? Do we go dare contradict the Apostle of Rome, Paul, who challenges us to put away the things of a child and to glory only in the "cross of our Lord Jesus Christ?" 

When will the Catholic faithful rise up and stand for Christ rather than go along with those men who seek the praise of the world?

At the end of the Holy Thursday Sacrifice of the Mass and procession, the Altar is stripped. The priests dressed in albs strip the altar as Christ was stripped, the Schola chants Deus, Deus meus.

And I dare say that most people tonight, even Catholics, are in bars celebrating an early long weekend while Christ is stripped and longs for us to visit him. 

Una hora.

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