Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Cardinal Burke interview is revealing

Interview with Raymond Cardinal Burke.

V. Let us pray for Raymond Cardinal BurkeR. May he stand firm and care for us in the strength of the Lord, in the might of thy name, O Lord.

Dubia: What was the main reason you the four cardinals made the dubia public?

Because there is so much confusion in the Church about fundamental questions which are defined with regard to intrinsic moral evil, with regard to Holy Communion and the right disposition to receive Holy Communion and regarding the indissolubility of marriage.

There is so much confusion that we, first of all, asked the Holy Father to clarify please these questions, these fundamental questions. We limited our request to those four questions in the dubia. When there was no response, because so many people were saying to us: “But why do you cardinals not do you duty and teach clearly about this matters?”, we knew that we had to let the people know about the dubia. Yes, we are trying our best, we are trying to receive from the Holy Father the direction which the Church needs right now. Because there is a very dangerous confusion and also, with the confusion, come divisions.

Priests against priests, and disagreements among fellow catholics about whether you are able to receive the Sacraments, if you live in an unvalid marriage union. We even find disagreements among the Bishops, and this should not be…This is not for the good of the Church.

Why only four cardinals signed the dubia?

I can tell you there are more than four cardinals who support the dubia, but for various reasons they do not want to say so publicly. The four cardinals who signed the dubia, simply knew that it was our duty, not thinking that we needed to have a certain number of cardinals with us. We four knew we had to do this, and so we did it.

So you have private support from other cardinals?


What would you say to those who said that you were challenging the Pope?

There is no challenge whatsoever to the Pope. In fact, the practice of bringing dubia or questions to the Pope is a very ancient practice in the Church, and the document showed respect for the Pope who is leading the Church in a critical moment or in a time of confusion or in a time even of error. So if you read the dubia, we are very respectful. We don’t accuse the Holy Father of anything. We simply ask him for the benefit of the Church to make these matters clear.

You spoke about some precedents of formal correction to the Pope in the history of the Church…

I think, for example, of Pope John XXII who was teaching wrongly about the Beatific Vision.  Certain bishops and theologians pointed this out to him. At first he resisted their correction, but then, before he died, he did retract what he had said that was in error.

There are other cases that are similar in the history of the Church. Some are about major practical matters, even the administration of temporal goods. For example, the Cardinals have gone to the Holy Father and said to him, “in our judgement you are not administering well the goods of the Church”, and then the Pope corrected himself.

Do you think there will be a formal public correction to Pope Francis?

That it is not clear yet. Normally speaking, before taking that step, the Cardinals would approach once again the Holy Father personally to say: Holy Father, the matter is so grave that we must correct it, and I trust that the Holy Father will respond at that moment.

But you don’t think that the Cardinal Müller’s interview in Il Timone was an answer to Dubia?

I believe so. It certainly pertains very much to the whole discussion, and it makes very clear what the Church is teaching regarding such matters. I believe, but I do not know, since I have not talked to Cardinal Müller, that the interview, is a pastoral effort, on his part, to present the Church’s teaching clearly.

But the Pope hasn’t answered yet…

To my knowledge, not to me and I don’t think to the others three cardinals. I don’t think he has given any answer.

What about the date of the formal correction?

I really cannot speak about that because it is a matter which has to be approached with great respect and delicacy. And I do not want to suggest a date that would in any way affect negatively the handling of the matter or would show disrespect to anyone involved.

In the previous moments and after you published the dubia, have you kept in contact wih the Emeritus Pope?

No, I have never spoken with him about the dubia.

– Valileaks: The leaks spoke of 1.000 flats of the Holy See throughout Rome. Do you believe that being the Church the biggest landowner of the caput mundi takes away the credibility of its evangelical message?

First of all, I don’t know the truth about that. What I would say is this: I don’t think that, if Church owns the land, it takes away credibility, but the way the land is administered will affect very much the credibility of Church. In fact, having all these properties, the Church could use them for many good purposes, but the administration has to be strictly according to Church law. I am not saying it is not, but for my part, the only scandal would be if that in some way these properties are not being correctly managed.

Vatican diplomacy has changed so much in the last years. How do you value that the Holy See treated as a “consort” the homosexual lover of the President of Luxemburg?

I think something has to be done to address the public image that is given by such acts. In the past, the Holy See simply, in a very discreet and respectful way, refused to permit such a thing. We have to return to that because by openly permitting this, the very strong impression is given that now the Holy See approves such situations. So that has to be made clear. I think too the terms for choosing those who are invited officially to come and to speak to the conferences at the Holy See have to be clear. I don’t understand how people who have openly opposed the Church and her teachings can be invited to this kind of conference.

Like Paul Ehrlich…

Exactly, Paul Ehrlich…A prime example.

Yes but the one that was responsible for that invitation was Cardinal Ravasi who wrote “Cari fratelli masoni”  in Il Sole 24…

Yes, I haven’t read that book yet (Alberto Bárcena: Masonería, religión y política) but whoever is responsible, is also responsible to give an answer for that.

The letter of Cardinal Ravasi?

I haven’t read that letter. I didn’t read it, but I heard about it.

Islam: Cardinal Sarah warned of two threats, Islam and gender: Do you believe that Islam is suitable with the coexistence in the Western World?

I share Cardinal Sarah’s concern. These are the two great threats of the present time. I am also very strong in my conviction that one of the prime ways to address them is through education. We have to make sure that in our schools and our universities the truth is been taught.

Both about human nature itself and the whole question of gender which is a completely artificial creation of a certain ideology. And also that the truth be taught about Islam. The nature of Islam is a form of goverment. By its own beliefs or principles it intends to govern the world. And also about Allah. The figure of Allah in the Coran and in other Islamic writings is completely different from the God of the Judaeo-Christian faith.

What reasons for hope does a Catholic family have in today’s world, marked by a culture of death and where gender ideology is considered as the only truth about the human being?

Of course, there is reason for hope because Christ is always giving his grace to individuals and to families. And this whole situation can be transformed through individuals and families. I travel a great deal now to various parts of the world. In America and everywhere I go I find good young people and good young families and other families who maybe are not young but are very committed Catholic families. This gives me hope, because the more that we can encourage one another to be faithful in Jesus Christ, then the world can be transformed.

What advice would you give to these Catholic families who want their children to grow in freedom?

My advice would be to make prayer, especially the Holy Eucarist and regular confession, the center of family life, to pay very careful attention to educate their children clearly in the teachings of the Church and in the moral law, and thirdly to work together with other families to encourage one another and to become a great force for good in the world.

The Pope made a statement that from now on, the weddings celebrated by the priests from the FSSPX are going to be recognised

I did not read that yet. That is a very significant action of the Holy Father, and it also indicates that in someway there must be a reconciliation of the FSSPX because basically what the Pope is saying is that the priests in this society, when they witness marriages, are exercising jurisdiction in the Roman Catholic Church. So that is very interesting.

Do you think the personal prelature is a good way for the reconciliation?

I believe it could be a very effective way for the reconciliation.

Would it be great news?

Yes. I pray for it, and I hope that it will come about. But the reconciliation of course has to be based on a common understanding. We cannot just simply will it. In other words, if there is not a common understanding, what we reconcile will result in all sort of conflicts and difficulties. We have to make sure that there it is a common understanding in regard to all the questions which, in the past, the FSPPX has had about the Church, the Holy See and the direction of the Catholic Church.


Ana Milan said...

When Cardinal Burke made the Dubia public last November & said that a formal correction would be made after Christmas, if by that time no response was forthcoming from PF, he made a commitment that he hasn't kept. Did he really expect that PF would benignly agree to a private audience to be softly rebuked for his errors & requested to correct them, or else?

Something has happened in the background & Cardinal Müller, it would seem, is implicated. They cannot expect us to believe they are afraid of 'creating' a schism as the schism is already here, created by PF & his Modernist cronies who have separated themselves from the teachings of the CC. Can we really convince ourselves that PF was properly elected to the Papal Office when the Sankt Gallen Mafia have admitted to electioneering & collusion & when the rules for papal elections laid down by JPII were totally ignored? Can we also accept that PB was not improperly forced out of the Papacy? Never before has the CC had two living popes & no acceptable explanation given.

Cardinal Burke has said that numbers didn't matter only Truth & that he was more concerned about the Last Judgement. Why then did he allow himself to buckle when the moment came to do God's Will to issue the correction publicly & call for an Imperfect Council to warn His followers not to follow PF & dissenting members of the Hierarchy? He knows very well that PF is teaching heresy & wants to destroy Catholic Doctrine by a change in praxis, that he has stated there is no Catholic God & Hell doesn't exist because it would go against the Gospel. That his friends & advisers are actually the enemies of Christ & are being given important appointments & authority within the Vatican & Episcopates. When precisely does he separate himself completely from the Magisterium? One would consider the constant stream of heresies & blasphemies ushering forth from his lips on a daily basis was more than enough evidence.

Greg J Ben said...

The Vatican has to make up its mind.

Either to tell the world the truth, that Christianity is man-made therefore it can be amended over time and because of circumstances, like the U.S. Constitution or any Constitutions.

That the Bible is not written in stone, it's relative, changeable, is subject to different interpretations and it's not black and white.

Or stop the farce, the acting, the lie, close shop, go home, shut down the churches, give back the money they stole and pay back their millions of victims who fall into that 2000 year old hoax.

But to leave people wondering and hanging, not knowing or understanding what's going on in the church and keep fooling others, is a crime that, in my opinion, should be punished by doing jail time. Stealing under the guise of anything, especially of religion, is a crime.

No, I don't see another choice for the Vatican. The lie, the perversion is so deeply rooted, the Catholic Church will never admit her guilt.

No wonder we see a similarity between Islam and the Catholic Church: Both are terrorists.

One uses soft terrorism against kids, men and women.

The other blows them up.

Both seek the world's "understanding." Both play the "victim" card to get the world's sympathy.


Anonymous said...

Greg Ben, what's an atheist doing in this blog?

The church (institution) has to return to the hands of the Church (the Lord's disciples).

The only thing needed is that impostors and usurpers, wolves and demons, leave it for good.

The good thing is God promised He'd do that, separate one from the other. So all we have to do is remain in his flock.


Anonymous said...

Greg Ben asks fair questions. Whether he's an atheist or not is immaterial. Maybe it takes an atheist to ask the questions that the believers are too afraid to ask to get to the truth.

Johnno said...

Whoever Greg J Ben is, he ought to ask himself...

Is "Christianity is man-made therefore it can be amended over time and because of circumstances, like the U.S. Constitution or any Constitutions"...

Is "the Bible is not written in stone, it's relative, changeable, is subject to different interpretations and it's not black and white"...

Then what's Greg J's problem is someone should interpret it to allow themselves to cheat, steal, kill, maim and do everything that Greg J hates and even personally do it to Greg J in particular?

Why can't man make man-made constitutions to allow himself to do precisely all those bad things? It's nature and evolution after all!

Greg J... perhaps you really didn't think this through did you?