Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Prominent Catholic psychiatrist dissects Bergoglio and his minions hatred of John Paul II

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Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a faithful Catholic and prominent American psychiatrist has written and important editorial in LifeSiteNews.  

Without mentioning specific names, he lays out his views on what is happening to the legacy of Catholic moral theology and teaching as gloriously articulated by Pope John Paul II. 

Well worth reading.


Ana Milan said...

"The time has come to bring to an end the recent confusion caused by deliberate and planned ambiguity."

Of course we all agree with that statement, but the implementation of it is what is causing extreme difficulty. To date we have had countless publicly signed Petitions, Letters (both private & public) written by 13 Cardinals at Synod, 45 Academics, & numerous lay people, public meeting arranged by Veri Catholici, public statements from learned Canon Lawyers, Theologians etc. not to mention the daily onslaughts from Traditional websites like this one, but all came to nought because this infamous Papacy believes it is accountable to no-one - not even God, as they obviously don't believe in the Triune Godhead. Our Lady said Rome would lose the faith, which it has done, so why are we Catholics afraid of censure from an apostate pope & hierarchy? Why aren't warrants out for the arrest of PF if he steps outside the precincts of the Vatican (as they are reported to be for PB). At least if there were it would prevent him from attending Lund & also put a stop to his overseas trips & plane interviews.

Johnno said...

The cat's really out of the bag now. They probably made John Paul II a saint so as to shield themselves from criticism when they finally got around to doing the opposite of what he said.

Pope Francis' own diocese is going to allow Communion for divorced/remarried who find abstaining too hard.

Amoris Laetitia promotes sacrilege and endangers the souls of sinners further.

What will the apologists say now? That Pope Francis doesn't understand his own document?


I guess they'll have to rely on the Cardinal Burke defense that the document means nothing and is non-binding or whatever... but that doesn't let them escape from the plain truth -

Pope Francis is instituting Eucharistic abuse. He is handing Christ over. He has made mortal sin of no consequence. He has contradicted the Magisterium, St. Paul and Christ Himself.

This means Pope Francis does not have faith in the Church's infallible teachings, because he has tried to do this not so openly, but via subversion knowing he is going against commonly-understood Church teachings, hence not the actions of a man who might be unwittingly holding to heresy. But a man who knows what the Church teaches and now seeks to change it by subversive, subtle means.


America and Russia are already at war with each other. Russia is running 40-million man drills for nuclear evacuation right now. What are the nations of America and Canada doing?

Fatima - 100 Years - 2017.

The Kings are on notice.

Anonymous said...

I believe that what had occurred after Vat.II with the subsequent disasteer inflicted by liberal bishops and theologians for the purpose of furthering a liberal agenda upon the Church, will now occur with Amoris Laetitia. It is in the very nature of all bishops and priests to implement whatever Rome commands. Every bishop and priest realizes they can never oppose Rome, individually or as a group. Just looked what happened to a group of cardinals and bishops who opposed papal infallibility as defined by Vat.I. When the genie is out of the bottle, you can't put him back in. The damage is done for several generations to come, IF the world lasts that long. I honestly don't know if the Church will ever recover. It certainly will not be the Catholic Church as we have known it. I think it will dwindle to a small remnant. Europe and it's churches, monasteries and convents will be antiquatad museum pieces for the tourist industry, or for upscale real estate holdings. Islam will slowly encroach itself upon a dwindling European population. The future battle will not be between Christianity and secularism, nor even with Islam. It will be a battle between Islam and secularism throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

Card. Jorge Bergoglio, who “laughed only
when he defeated his opponent,” who “never forgot an
insult,” who was a “hard master, closed, tyrannical,
more feared than loved,” “tender with enemies yet brutal
with his brothers,” once he became “Bishop of
Rome,” suddenly begin to kiss children?.

Anonymous said...

Michael Dowd said...

See Hilary White on same subject:

"A psychiatrist has given an op-ed to LSN about the “excessive anger” the man everyone calls Francis seems to display all the time towards his predecessors (and towards everyone else.)

Here, let me help with that.

There’s this thing that malignant narcissists do. It’s called “narcissistic rage,” and it comes in weird, scary bursts whenever someone calls them on their crap or looks like he’s going to see through their web of lies." Continued on web site below.