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Monday, 31 October 2016

Hilary White - Eyewitness to Norcia destruction

Image result for hilary whiteMany people in Toronto remember Hilary White.

She is safe and in Rome.

"I and the kitties are safe. We have been taken in by friends in the centro of Rome, and I spent the night last night getting up repeatedly from terrifying dreams that we were all trapped in a skyscraper and all I had to carry them out was a bird cage that was too small for them. It seems the kitties are recovering faster than I am. They were up last night doing their usual romping about. They don’t seem to mind being refugees.

I don’t know how long we will have to be away. I had a text message from the monks to say they are still there. They have spent the last few months building themselves a pretty sturdy camp-like home up on the hill. I think they’ve even got independent water and electric. They’re able to stay, but even they are at a loss."

To help the monks at Norcia and the people they are aiding:


Anonymous said...


THANK GOD that Hilary is all right. She said that she can use financial help. I know there's an address for the monks but how would one send her funds directly?


Dorothy B said...

It may help to know that Hilary has another blog, called Orwell's Picnic. It has a Paypal button.

Vox Cantoris said...


Here is a donation button for Hilary. The right, Hilary with one, "l".


Anonymous said...

If you'd rather help homeless Italian families with children, send money to the monks and tell them it's for the locals.

Norcia Lover

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you Norcia Lover I forget about that and will put it up right away!

Anonymous said...


Is there a "snail mail" address where I can send a donation? I don't trust PayPal.

Thank you!

Yours in Christ the King,