Friday, 22 July 2016

The Protestant Pope!

“On October 31, Jorge Mario Bergoglio will fly to Lund, Sweden, where he will be met by the local female bishop, to celebrate together with the Lutheran World Federation the five hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. And the closer that date gets, the more sympathy the pope manifests for the great heretic.” Sandro Magister

ROME, July 22, 2016 - In the alarmed letter that thirteen cardinals from five continents were preparing to deliver to Pope Francis at the beginning of the last synod, they were warning him against leading the Catholic Church as well to “the collapse of liberal Protestant churches in the modern era, accelerated by their abandonment of key elements of Christian belief and practice in the name of pastoral adaptation:"

Then at the last moment the thirteen deleted these two lines from the letter that was actually put into the hands of the pope. But today they would put them back in word for word, seeing the ever more pronounced idyll that is developing between Francis and the followers of Luther.

On October 31, Jorge Mario Bergoglio will fly to Lund, Sweden, where he will be met by the local female bishop, to celebrate together with the Lutheran World Federation the five hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. And the closer that date gets, the more sympathy the pope manifests for the great heretic.


S. Armaticus said...

Francis is the "help I'm drowning" pope.

In his former diocese of 3million Catholics, the Buenos Aires seminary ordanied t h r e e this year.

Epic Fail is the common term used in this situation.

Thomas Pernice said...

Of course meeting with a so-called female Protestant bishop sends the wrong message, but it is important to remember that protestant "ministers", male and female, are not ordained and therefore merely members of the laity.

Anonymous said...

O good lets hope he resigns and joins them permanently!

Ana Milan said...

That is the day that Catholic Churches worldwide should empty. This would definitely be the signal Heaven is looking for in order to set the stage for the resurrection of the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church founded by Christ on His Apostles, not the Modernist/Masonic NO Church founded on Satan. That will be the act that SHOULD break the camel's back. But will it?

F said...

The dead flesh of Novus Ordo "church" will fall off, revealing the true Church of the faithful.

Wolverine said...

I beg all to read and understand Larson's analysis, "Slouching Towards Lund to Be Conceived" , as to this upcoming abomination. Larson's final paragraph sums up the faithful remnant's responsibility before God.

"It is not enough to pray; we must also stand and say, No. It is a word for which even the most illiterate and humble person is responsible. And we should do so now, lest we be whittled down to a mere stump of Christianity, lacking the grace and fortitude to stand with Christ: “He that is not with me, is against me….For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” (Matt. 12: 30, 37).

Peter Lamb said...

Now for the words of a TRUE Pope! Pope Pius IX, who, issuing a heartfelt appeal to all Protestants to return to the holy Catholic Church as he convoked the First Vatican Council, summarized the essential difference between the true Church of God and the Protestant sects:

"No one can deny or doubt that Jesus Christ himself, in order to apply the fruits of his redemption to all generations of men, built his only Church in this world on Peter; that is to say, the Church, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic; and that he gave to it all necessary power,that the deposit of Faith might be preserved whole and inviolable, and that the same Faith might be taught to all peoples, kindreds, and nations, that through baptism all men might become members of his mystical body, and that the new life of grace, without which no one can ever merit and attain to life eternal, might always be preserved and perfected in them; and that this same Church, which is his mystical body, might always remain in its own nature firm and immovable to the end of time, that it might flourish, and supply to all its children all the means of Salvation.
Now, whoever will carefully examine and reflect upon the condition of the various religious societies, divided among themselves, and separated from the Catholic Church, which, from the days of our Lord Jesus Christ and his Apostles has never ceased to exercise, by its lawful pastors, and still continues to exercise, the divine power committed to it by this same Lord; cannot fail to satisfy himself that neither any one of these societies by itself, nor all of them together, can in any manner constitute and be that One Catholic Church which Christ our Lord built, and established, and willed should continue; and that they cannot in any way be said to be branches or parts of that Church, since they are visibly cut off from Catholic unity."

"…[I]t is clear that the Apostolic See cannot on any terms take part in [the Protestants’ ecumenical] assemblies, nor is it anyway lawful for Catholics either to support or to work for such enterprises; for if they do so they will be giving countenance to a false Christianity, quite alien to the one Church of Christ. Shall We suffer, what would indeed be iniquitous, the truth, and a truth divinely revealed, to be made a subject for compromise? For here there is question of defending revealed truth. Jesus Christ sent His Apostles into the whole world in order that they might permeate all nations with the Gospel faith, and, lest they should err, He willed beforehand that they should be taught by the Holy Ghost [Jn 16:13]: has then this doctrine of the Apostles completely vanished away, or sometimes been obscured, in the Church, whose ruler and defense is God Himself? If our Redeemer plainly said that His Gospel was to continue not only during the times of the Apostles, but also till future ages, is it possible that the object of faith should in the process of time become so obscure and uncertain, that it would be necessary to-day to tolerate opinions which are even incompatible one with another? If this were true, we should have to confess that the coming of the Holy Ghost on the Apostles, and the perpetual indwelling of the same Spirit in the Church, and the very preaching of Jesus Christ, have several centuries ago, lost all their efficacy and use, to affirm which would be blasphemy."

Peter Lamb said...

"It is absurd and ridiculous to say that the Mystical Body can be formed out of separated and disjunct members…It is to depart from divine truth to imagine that a Church which one can neither see nor touch, which would be nothing more than spiritual in which numerous Christian communities would be united by an invisible bond, even though they are divided in faith."
(Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Mortalium Animos.)

The following links are other magisterial documents issued by the true Popes on the same question of ecumenism and religious unity — read them carefully, for they are refreshingly clear and beautiful and stand in such stark contrast to the Modernist-Masonic drivel that has come from the Novus Ordo Vatican since John XXIII and Vatican II:
Pope Pius IX, Encyclical Quanto Conficiamur Moerore (1863)
Pope Pius IX, Instruction to Anglican Puseyites on True Religious Unity (1865)
Pope Pius IX, Apostolic Letter Iam Vos Omnes (1868)
Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae (1894)
Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Satis Cognitum (1896)
Pope St. Pius X, Letter Our Apostolic Mandate on Society and Interreligious Cooperation (1910)
Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Mortalium Animos (1928)
Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Orientalis Ecclesiae (1944)
Pope Pius XII, Canonical Warning on Attending Ecumenical Gatherings (1948)
Pope Pius XII, Instruction on the Ecumenical Movement (1949)

Anonymous said...

A perfect horror for Halloween.

Mark Thomas said...

The "Protestant" Pope?

No. His Holiness is the Catholic Pope. Pope Francis adheres to the Holy See's teachings on the Ecumenical Movement that were formulated and practiced by Popes long before he was elected Pope.

Pope Venerable brought the Church into the Ecumenical Movement. He said that the Holy Ghost inspired the Ecumenical Movement. Pope Venerable Pius XII authorized Catholics to pray with schismatics and heretics.

Popes Saint John XXIII and Blessed Paul VI accepted Pope Venerable Pius XII's acceptance of the Ecumenical Movement.

Popes Benedict XVI and Saint John Paul II prayed and participated liturgically with Lutherans at the Lutheran church in Rome. They spoke favorably of Martin Luther.

For that matter, Popes Benedict XVI and Saint John Paul II prayed inside synagogues and mosques, and gave us Assisi events that featured pagans who invoked strange gods.

Beginning with Pope Venerable Pius XII, our Popes have authorized Catholic participation in the Ecumenical Movement, which includes their authorization to pray with schismatics and heretics.

Whether Catholic participation in the Ecumenical Movement has benefitted the Church is a legitimate matter to discuss.

But Pope Francis is simply following Rome's teachings that pertain to ecumenism. In that regard, he is not the "Protestant" Pope. Instead, Pope Francis is the Catholic Pope.


Mark Thomas

Peter Lamb said...

Mark, read very carefully:

Fosterers of Heresy:
Fosterers of heresy “are those who, by some act or omission, do heretics a favor that helps promote the heretical doctrine.” (Wernz-Vidal, 7:450.)

susan said...

Reading Peter Lamb's post makes me weep....that was Catholic teaching! THAT was Magisterium. Get a clue Mark Thomas....rome is teaching against the very words of Christ. francis is a apostate heretic. what he is proposing is unthinkable...what he is planning to do is blasphemy against the Holy Trinity.

Mark is NOT OK to put a buddha on the Tabernacle; it is NOT OK to kiss satan's bible, the koran; it is NOT OK to put 6 protestant 'ministers' on the committee to change the Mass of the Ages to make it more acceptable to protestants; it is NOT OK to change the Mass of the Ages....READ TRENT!!!!!; it is NOT OK to appoint a flaming flamer to ghostwrite papal encyclicals; it is NOT OK to effectively destroy 3 Sacramnents of the Holy Catholic Church!!

This man bergoglio is a protestant in the mold of the first rebel (and I mean the one long before luther). WAKE UP either stand for Christ, or you stand for a man strongly encamped against Him. There is only ONE Catholic position on this, and it is aligned with 2,000 years of Tradition and Magisterium. This modernist 'ecumenism' is straight from the bowels of hell,and it's time to wake up and stand against it. They have made a false church and a false religion....WAKE UP!'s NOT Catholic.

And just to really send some deluded souls into fits of the vapors, I will tell you the name of a book I just finished that is one of the VERY FINEST I have EVER read in my entire life...."Open Letter to Confused Catholics". It is a masterwork of honesty, Truth, prescience and prophesy. It exposes to the light the blueprint that bergoglio has used as his life-map. I have never seen so clearly; and I have never before realized the infernal depth of the crisis we are now in. WAKE UP!!!!!

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Susan, Your comment almost made me weep - with joy! XXX :)

Anonymous said...

Don says
looking forward to Mark Thomas telling us how great Robespierre`s revolution was!

I have the koolaid and rose colored sunglasses on stand bye.

Long Live Christ The King!
Our Lady of Lasalette Pray for us.
Blessed Pope Pius IX Pray for us.

VOX Keep up the good work, Keep the Faith


Maudie N Mandeville said...

But today they would put them back in word for word,...

Sandro doesn't know Timothy Dolan very well, does he? Dolan was "sitting around" with the others and got caught up in the issue of the letter, certainly not leading it. A short week later he was interviewed as to why he had signed it and he said that the pope had "urged us to be honest." “And then the pope said, let me try to respond to that,” Cardinal Dolan continued. “And I said, ‘Way to go Pope Francis; you told us to be honest, we were, you answered right to the heart. I’m grateful that you paid attention. Let’s get on with the work.’”

Dolan won't be signing another letter of question, much less criticism.