Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Joseph Sciambra on Orlando, the gay lifestyle, and his Catholic faith

I've linked for a while now to Joseph Sciambra.

Take the time and listen to this Podcast of Steve Skojec's with Joseph. 

Listen in particular to the condemnation he has for certain Catholic priests and parishes.

Most surprising? 

The most merciful priests he found were in the Society of St. Pius X!

God bless him for his courage and the truth he proclaims.

If you have same-sex attractions and are struggling, please read Joseph's blog and follow his example. 

Unlike a political ideology that masquerades as a religion which wants to send you to Hell, Catholics desire to see you saved from Hell.



TH2 said...

Everything is OK, Vox. What are you worried about?

You said: "Listen in particular to the condemnation he has for *certain* Catholic priests".

But, Vox, according our charming, sage of a Catholic Journalist, when commenting in a previous post of yours on this subject, "This is a great time for Christians to underscore that we have a problem with sins and the culture of death, not with people per se."

You see, Vox, we have to disassociate "certain", particular persons from sin. There's no connection between personal sin and the "culture of death". People don't really sin in an objective way, affecting the externalities of culture and society thereafter. Rather, sin is somewhere "out there", disconnected from our choices and behaviours. Like Rousseau said: "Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains"

Instead, let's relegate everything to an amorphous, imprecise abstraction in the distance. So much easier.

No conflict, no argumentation. Then, everybody is happy and we all get along.

Smiles everyone!

Anonymous said...

@ PaulMorphy

Vox, thank you for supplying the link to that interview at OnePeterFive. I took time out to listen to the interview and what can I say? The interview is a "must listen" for all Catholics who need to get an insight in the depravity of the psychological condition called Homosexuality.

I'm indebted to you and to OnePeterFive and to Joseph Sciambra for his candour and honesty.