Friday, 20 May 2016

The heresy in the "but" of Bergoglio

More Friday follies from this Pope Bergoglio!

He willfully forgets his scripture.
"What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." Mark 10:9
How wily and crafty these modernists, these heretic are. They state the truth and then they say "but." Do you know what "but" does? It relegates everything previously stated to the dustbin.

He speaks of being casuistic. 

He is being casuistic equating the Truth and the Gospels with legalisms. 

Who is the legalist?

He is the legalist. It is the Law of Bergoglio, or else.

Who is the hypocrite?

He is the hypocrite, calling those who uphold the "commandments" because we love Him, as in "f you love me, keep my commandments" legalists when it is he, himself who crafts new law, new statutes, new burdens on faithful Catholics.

Who is the heretic?

Not those who uphold truth. Not those who do not accept the god of surprises.

The god of surprises is not the God of Heaven!

Will no bishop or cardinal call him out for what he said today?

As with Steve Skojec, I am sick of this. I am sick, sick, sick of this man on a weekly and daily basis undermining the faith. I have other things to do. I have other places that I need to place my energies. Yet, I cannot. I cannot sit by whilst this man who sits on the Chair of Peter abuses my faith, the Faith. 

As Skojec says, this Bergoglio is the "single greatest threat to the Catholic world today."


 Pope Francis preaching at the daily Mass. - OSS_ROM
(Vatican Radio) Announcing the word of God should never be dissociated from the understanding of human weakness. That was Pope Francis’ message during the daily Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. Commenting on the Gospel passage in which Christ speaks with the Pharisees about adultery, he said the Lord overcomes the human vision which would reduce the vision of God to a casuistic equation.
The Gospel, the Pope said, is full of examples of the Pharisees and the doctors of the law attempting to trap Jesus by catching Him off guard, seeking to undermine the authority and favour he enjoys with the people. One of those attempts is related in the day’s Gospel, in which the Pharisees tempt Him by asking if it is licit for a man to put away his wife.
Truth, not casuistry
Pope Francis speaks of the “trap” of “casuistry,” concocted by “a small group of enlightened theologians,” convinced that they “have all the knowledge and wisdom of the people of God.” It is a snare from which Jesus escapes, he says, by going “beyond,” “to the fullness of matrimony.” The Lord had already done so with the Sadducees, the Pope recalled, when they had questioned Him about the woman who had had seven husbands. At the resurrection, Jesus affirmed, she would not be the wife of any of them, because in heaven “they neither marry nor are given in marriage.”
In that case, the Pope said, Christ looked to the “eschatological fullness” of marriage. With the Pharisees, on the other hand, He referred to “the fullness of the harmony of creation.” “God created them male and female,” and “the two became one flesh.”
They are no longer two, but one flesh,” and so “no human must separate what God has joined. Both in the case of the levirate marriage and in this case, Jesus responds with the overwhelming truth, with the blunt truth: This is the truth! Always from the fullness. And Jesus never negotiates with the truth. And these people, this small group of enlightened theologians, always negotiate with the truth, reducing it to casuistry. And Jesus never negotiates with the truth. And this is the truth about marriage, there is no other.
Truth and understanding
“But Jesus,” Pope Francis continued, “so merciful, He is so great, that he never, never, never, closes the door to sinners.” And so He does not limit Himself to proclaiming the truth of God, but goes on to ask the Pharisees what Moses had established in the Law. And when the Pharisees responded that Moses permitted a husband to write a bill of divorce, Jesus replied that this was permitted “because of the hardness of your hearts.” That is, the Pope explained, Jesus always distinguished between the truth and “human weakness” without “twisting words.”
In the world in which we live, with this culture of the provisional, this reality of sin is so strong. But Jesus, recalling Moses, tells us: “But there is hardness of heart, there is sin, something can be done: forgiveness, understanding, accompaniment, integration, discernment of these cases… But always… But the truth is never sold. And Jesus is capable of stating this very great truth, and at the same time being so understanding with sinners, with the weak.
Forgiveness is not an equation
And so, Pope Francis emphasized, these are “the two things that Jesus teaches us: truth and understanding.” This is what the “enlightened theologians” fail to do, because they are closed in the trap of “a mathematical equation” of “Can it be done? Can it not be done?” and so they are “incapable both of great horizons, and of love” for human weakness. It is enough to see, the Pope concluded, the “delicacy” with which Jesus treated the adulteress woman who was about to be stoned: “Neither do I condemn you: Go forth, and sin no more.”
May Jesus teach us to have at heart a great adhesion to the truth, and also at heart a great understanding and accompaniment for all our brothers who are in difficulty. And this is a gift, this is what the Holy Spirit teaches us, not these enlightened doctors, who to teach us need to reduce the fullness of God to a casuistic equation. May the Lord give us this grace.


Mark Thomas said...

Vox said..."I am sick, sick, sick of this man on a weekly and daily basis undermining the faith. I have other things to do. I have other places that I need to place my energies. Yet, I cannot. I cannot sit by whilst this man who sits on the Chair of Peter abuses my faith, the Faith."

Vox, you cannot permit your energies to be drained by controversies attached to His Holiness Pope Francis. That doesn't do you and your family any good. Pray for His Holiness. Try your best to view Pope Francis in positive fashion. Consider the countless times that he has promoted the Culture of Life.

Vox, channel your energies into promoting and discussing the daily good news that pertains to the unstoppable TLM Movement. Vox, consider the great news today out of New Hampshire. The Diocese of Manchester will tap the FSSP to run a parish there.

Catholic Diocese to reopen city church

NASHUA - The Catholic Diocese of Manchester plans to reopen the former St. Stanislaus Parish in Nashua as a separate parish in which Masses and the entire life of the parish will follow the traditional Latin rite liturgy, church officials said Thursday.

"This is the first time the diocese, which encompasses all of New Hampshire, will open a new parish in at least 15 years - an era marked by many parish mergers, a high-ranking church official said. It is also the first church-sanctioned parish to open in New England that will be dedicated solely to the traditional liturgy..."

Vox, think about that. Amidst parishes closures and mergers in New Hampshire, a TLM-only parish will be born there.

Vox, we know that the TLM is the Latin Church's future. Novus Ordoism, bit by bit, is dying. Conversely, bit-by-bit, actually, more than bit-by-bit, the TLM Movement gains traction throughout the Church.

Vox, the best way to devote your energies in regard to Pope Francis is to pray for him. Keep calm. Pray for him. Rejoice in the unstoppable TLM Movement that you help daily to increase via your very important blog.


Mark Thomas

Ana Milan said...

What's really needed now more than ever is the voice of Tradition upholding the Deposit of Faith & Magisterium. The Traditional Orders will just have to brave the Modernist forces and cast their nets further afield in order to be fishers of men. Staying in the backwater and hoping for a positive change in leadership has not been the answer to their woes and definitely not to ours. Their lack of actual presence - churches, schools, catechesis (adults & juniors), is astounding after five decades of visible decay in the NO Church. Hoping for a miracle and yet not helping in providing one is not a good sign. As Bishop Fellay said in that interview - not moving ahead "because things are bad is by no way what God, Our Lord, is requesting from his apostles."

The gauntlet was thrown down at Vatican II and has not been vigorously confronted by any group, especially the Hierarchy, but also the SSPX, who will also be judged for their reticence. It is time they came out from the shadows and declared war on the NO Church. Whether or not they are normalised doesn't matter at this point in church history. The barque has to be steered in the correct direction towards Our Heavenly Father who is the Creator & Redeemer of all of us.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, here is all that we need to see and know as to why the Church is in shambles...and why we must return to the TLM. (I first saw the following video on Father Zuhlsdorf's blog.)

Then entire video is 8:58 in length and worth watching. But first, go to the 5:10 mark and watch for just a couple of minutes. The video is labeled "a comparison of liturgical practices at a large Catholic Church, the second largest Catholic Basilica in the world, and a large Orthodox Church, the second largest Orthodox Church in the world."

Some will insist that the video is misleading as the video does not depict the Roman Mass at its finest. However, the point is that it is simply horrific that such a Mass — incredibly and sadly, even more horrific examples may be found — could have even taken place inside the Catholic Church. The video represents the insanity that has swept through the Church.

Why is it that we are the True Church, yet engage in such horrific liturgical practices as depicted in the video? Conversely, the Orthodox Churches, devoid of the fullness of truth, continue to honor God via beautiful and uplifting liturgy.

Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, the only possible, sensible way forward within the (Latin) Church is via the Traditional Roman Mass.

Anyway, the video says it all.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Thomas

Mark said "Vox, you cannot permit your energies to be drained by controversies attached to His Holiness Pope Francis."
Dear brother, the issue here isn't a controversy or some dubious rumour regarding His Holiness Pope Francis, we're talking about his own words. Too many times he undermined the orthodoxy, misquoted Scripture, too many times he scandalised the faithful and sown confusion and disorder. Why can't you face the reality, how can you stand silent? It's only natural for Vox and other orthodox Catholics to protest and resist. Let's all pray "Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Francisco etc." hoping the situation will improve so that we can once again see His Holiness Pope as a true shepherd.
Also, I agree with you. TLM is a key factor in revival of our Church.
Peace be with you.

The Bear said...

The Bear knows what you mean. Francis is a tar baby. The Bear has other things to write about, other things to do, but every day the Pope and his minions seem to make it a game to top last week's enormity. The Bear is there with you, stuck to the same tar baby. The more he struggles, the stucker he gets.

Anonymous said...

This video compared a Roman Catholic Church with a Russian Orthodox Church??? What about the Eastern Catholic Churches? We're Catholic too!!!!

Obviously, this is to show how much more reverent the Orthodox are in the Liturgy (since it was made by the Orthodox anyway). Well, we have the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and we are Catholic!

Also, remember the words of St. Augustine that one can have everything outside the Catholic Church EXCEPT salvation. One can have Scripture, sing Alleluia, have a pleasing Liturgy etc but extra Ecclesiam nullum salus.
(Sorry, I had to paraphrase him.)

Vox, if you post this, thank you for letting me vent. I had to get that out of my system.


Mark Docherty said...

Seriously, it is so tiresome. I'm tired. I can't take a three day break, because the heresy comes so quickly.

Mark Thomas said...

Rab said..."Why can't you face the reality, how can you stand silent?"

Rab, I am not silent. I may approach the crisis in Rome in a way that differs from other people. However, that does not equate to silence on my part. One way that I approach things is to invoke always the Catholic principle that compels us to, as far as possible, give people the benefit of the doubt.

Now, if I understand the latest (perceived) controversy in regard to Pope Francis, certain folks believe that the Holy Father has attempted to portray divorce as something that is not evil. Is that correct in regard to Pope Francis? Pope Francis supposedly, by having "twisted" Our Lord Jesus Christ's words, has attempted to portray divorce as acceptable.

If that is the latest concern in regard to Pope Francis, then I would first question whether we have interpreted the Pope's homily correctly. Perhaps we've misunderstood his words.

For example, why would Pope Francis try to pawn divorce off as acceptable as #246 from Amoris Laetitia declares the following:

"Divorce is an evil and the increasing number of divorces is very troubling. Hence, our most important pastoral task with regard to families is to strengthen their love, helping to heal wounds and working to prevent the spread of this drama of our times."

Again, divorce is an evil, according to Pope Francis. Therefore, why would he possibly attempt to portray Jesus Christ as favoring evil? Nobody would possibly believe that.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Rab said..."It's only natural for Vox and other orthodox Catholics to protest and resist."

Rab, I appreciate Vox's passion for Holy Mother Church. All that I'm saying is that I fear that Vox may burn himself out.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Mark Thomas, this Pope is not a deep thinker or a mystic who requires expert interpretation. At best, he is inept, at worst, he is a full blown modernist. Either way, too often he causes harm to Holy Mother Church with his words and actions. It's almost on daily basis. Vox, Bear and the whole Church is suffering from Pope Francis. You cannot advise anyone to ignore what's happening.

Mark Thomas said...

Anonymous at 7:04 A.M., I don't advise anybody to ignore what's happening, good or bad within the Church. We shouldn't ignore reality. I suggested that we not allow ourselves to be drained by controversies that swirl within the Church. By the way, in regard to His Holiness Pope Francis, certain controversies associated with him were created by his missteps (such as Catholics need not "be like rabbits"). At other times, the controversies were clearly the fault of people very obviously having misrepresented Pope Francis' words.

Therefore, before we allow ourselves to become engulfed in controversies, real or perceived, I suggest simply that we remain calm. Let us do our best to ensure that Pope Francis actually said this or that. From there, let us make certain that we haven't misunderstood his words.

Even if we believe that we've understood Pope Francis, what good would it do to "explode" in regard to his comments? We would only drain ourselves of energy. Instead, remain calm and pray for Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Anonymous said..."At best, he is inept, at worst, he is a full blown modernist. Either way, too often he causes harm to Holy Mother Church with his words and actions. It's almost on daily basis."

Again, in fairness to Pope Francis, it is undeniable that often times he did not "harm" the Church. Rather, his words were twisted or misunderstood, often by the news media. That is a fact.

Pope Francis has acknowledged that he's made mistakes as Pontiff. Conversely, although they don't seem keen to acknowledge their mistakes, Traditionalists have made mistakes in regard to certain things that they've claimed about Pope Francis.

Perhaps the perfect example of that concerns Pope Francis' "who am I to judge him" remark. When Michael Voris announced his homosexual past recently, Traditionalists rallied around him, as was proper, to proclaim "who are we to judge him?" After all, he had repented of his sins and reformed his life.

That is very same Catholic principle, Catholicism 101, that Pope Francis had advanced. However, Traditionalists labeled Pope Francis a "heretic" when he referred to that principle.

An additional example of having misunderstood Pope Francis centers upon the claims by Traditionalists that His Holiness hated the TLM, SSPX, FSSP, ICK, etc., and planned to excommunicate the SSPX as well as "outlaw" the TLM. What has become of that popular narrative among Traditionalists? The last time that I checked, the TLM has flourished during Pope Francis' Pontificate. Pope Francis has placed the SSPX on the path to regularization.

We are brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. All that I'm saying is we're better off remaining calm and treating each other peacefully. It isn't worth draining our collective energy in regard to controversies, real or perceived, that pertain to Pope Francis.

Pray for Pope Francis. Offer Rosaries for him. Be at peace with him and each other. Is there a better way than that?


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Mark, that anonymous was me, Rab. I forgot to sign the post. Whatever, listen.
-You constantly suggest to simply put the "Pope problem" under the carpet and concern ourselves with, well, ourselves. The fact is that many Pope Francis' actions affect badly all the members of Mystical Body, the Church (whether they admit it/know it or don't). There are some overzealous people who see problems where all is fine. I agree, Pope Francis's utterances were several times judged wrongly/rashly/harshly. But, sadly, most of the time that's not the case.
- Your comparison of Catholics not judging repentant(!) Michael Voris with Pope Francis' "not judging" unrepentant(!) sodomites is so wrong it's not even funny. You see that, don't you?
- Regarding flourishing of TLM under Pope Francis, let me paste you my older comment from another Vox's post: "Just read his (i.e. Pope's) sad memories of Mass while he was an altar boy, watch his modernist tango services while he was still a cardinal, when he became Pope read his comments on TLM as "just a fashion", etc. I could go on and on. Make a logical conclusion, please." On what fact, relating to Pope Francis, do you base your optimism regarding revival of TLM?
- I like you, Mark, you are benevolent and calm. We are brethren united in Christ. We should remain calm and hopeful, but at the same time try to contribute to resolving the crisis. Many are frustrated due to inability of any direct action in spite of continued auto-demolition of the Church happening before are very own eyes.

Sandpiper said...

I don't run a blog, but it is important that you, Vox, and all other faithful Catholic bloggers maintain your vigilance. Take your vitamins, get adequate sleep and exercise, pray the rosary, and bang that keyboard daily. Many hundreds of years from now, as historians sift through the reams of archives surrounding this papacy and the uprising of the laity against its errors some grad student is going to develop his thesis around the effectiveness of one Vox Cantoris to muster support against evil in high places.

God gave us the Internet to do His will. You are a talented man as are many others. Never, never back down.

Peter Lamb said...

"...the great movement of apostasy being organized in every country for the establishment of a One-World Church which shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy, neither discipline for the mind, nor curb for the passions, and which, under the pretext of freedom and human dignity, would bring back to the world (if such a Church could overcome) the reign of legalized cunning and force, and the oppression of the weak, and of all those who toil and suffer. [...] Indeed, the true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries, nor innovators: they are traditionalists."
(Pope St. Pius X, Apostolic Letter Notre Charge Apostolique, 1910.)

Mark Thomas said...

Rab, I don't wish to sweep the "Pope problem" under the carpet. We have the right to express our concerns to our Churchmen. Pope Francis has said that he's open to criticism. He's even gone out of his way at times to contact people who have been harsh to him.

That said, Rab, I disagree that "most of the time" the controversies have been Pope Francis' fault. There have been times when the "Pope problem" has been on Pope Francis. But I believe that more often than not, he has been victimized by people who have misinterpreted him.

Again, you and/or others may disagree with my observation. I could be wrong. But Rab, I recognize that we have the right to direct our concerns to our Churchmen.


Mark Thomas

tuleesh said...


Since when is the creature greater than the Creator? As if The Wisdom of The Ages needed counsel from one of his creatures to "clarify" things for Him [Romans 11:33-36]. What arrogance.

Pope Francis does say to pray for him. We need to double down.

P.S. We are aware of what Pope Francis does because he is THE POPE, now. But, what about before? In Argentina? Imagine the "little ditties" he's "unbound" there.