Friday, 20 May 2016

Barry McGrory - Another Sodomite-rapist-priest protected by his Canadian Bishops!

Promoted by the now defunct, heretical and dissenting Catholic New Times.

Activist with Pax Christi.

Protected by the once great Sisters of St. Joseph at their former Morrow Park Motherhouse.

Example of the sour cream of Antigonish and St. Francis Xavier University.

All around sodomite, rapist and filth pervert.

Protected by his Bishops!

A millstone would have been better.


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Anonymous said...

No question this guy is a creep but before we start blaming the Church, let's look at the typical ignorance in this article and even from the victim on how this works. She blames the archdiocese for not laicizing him, but that can only be done by the Vatican. It's not clear if he has suspended faculties from his bishop, or if he is laicized or not, or if he is under some compulsion from his bishop not to exercise priestly functions. The woman only accuses him of "acting like a priest" not performing sacraments. When we have all that info, we can judge if he is wrong or the Church authorities, or both, or none.

For example, there's a man in my diocese who was laicized many years ago. He has no authority whatsoever, per the usual conditions anyone on Vox's blog surely knows. However, this former priest wants his vocation back. He's since been married and divorced and is now disillusioned with the life of a layperson, and goes around the western states acting like a priest, a trad no less. He wears his blacks, carries Latin missals, hands out traditional prayer cards. He simply does not contradict people who of course assume he is a priest with full capacity.

Yes, of course this has been reported, the bishops have got involved, talked to him, etc. But, as our pope so strongly advocates, we have a secular state. The bishop cannot throw the man in jail. In the eyes of the law, this ex-priest is just a religious man who wears black and travels around quietly sharing quaint notions. Nor is their grounds for excommunication, which would be too harsh and not pastoral. The ex-priest is careful not to say mass, stops shy of serious offenses, explaining to people he is "on sabbatical." Now, this man has NOT (I repeat not) been convicted or accused of child abuse or any civil crime. But otherwise, isn't the situation similar? We can see how the Church is not omnipotent in these matters except in it's own jurisdiction.