Friday, 8 April 2016

Don't blame the secular media

You know the story about the scorpion and the frog, right? Well, a scorpion does what it does. The media does what it does. It cannot be expected to be schooled in theology or philosophy or Catholic thought. 

This is why the Church must always speak with preceisio and clarity.

This is why Jorge Bergoglio is a dangerous man.

From One Peter Five is this headline summary.

Don't blame the media, blame the Pope!


Anonymous said...


I always learn something from you. I had to google the scorpion and the frog to figure out what you meant.

It still breaks my heart. I cried this afternoon.

O God, save Your Church, preserve our bishops, priests, clergy, religious and laity from heresy and all sin!

Anonymous said...

Vox, you are right we cannot expect finely tuned discernment by the media. However I'm always astonished they cannot distinguish between 'dogma,' 'doctrine' and (so-called) 'rules.'

Religion writers presumably have some minimal background, or at least the ability to spend 10 minutes with an encyclopedia? How hard would it be to figure out these important distinctions?

Then they could write accurately and would also have a better feel for topics when they listen to bishops or read documents.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

News announcement from the airheads who write the news bytes for CP24 today: "POPE FRANCIS WANTS CATHOLICS TO BE LESS STRICT."

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

"POPE CALLS FOR LESS JUDGEMENT." When was the last time you ever heard a sermon that came close to 'judgement'?

Anonymous said...

The line between dogma ,doctrine and "rules " is becoming increasingly blurred.

Anonymous said...

Work of the devil. Catholics have scripture, the CCC and all the true teachings of the Church at their fingertips if they really want to know the truth, if they want to bother to do the research, if they are serious about God and their souls. I think this is more separating sheep from goats. Thanks Vox, I always learn something from you also.