Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Thomas Rosica's Muslim Dhimmitude

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 195: 

Narrated Anas:

The Prophet set out for Khaibar and reached it at night. He used not to attack if he reached the people at night, till the day broke. So, when the day dawned, the Jews came out with their bags and spades. When they saw the Prophet; they said, "Muhammad and his army!" The Prophet said,
 Allahu--Akbar! (Allah is Greater) and Khaibar is ruined, for whenever we approach a nation (i.e. enemy to fight) then it will be a miserable morning for those who have been warned."


Maudie N Mandeville said...

If only a Femme like Rosica were as strident about defending Catholicism as she is in promoting islam, homosexuals and heresy. But, of course, then she wouldn't be a Femme, would shim?

tuleesh said...

Well, perhaps Fr,. Rosica should take the initiative and start a dialogue with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself. Naturally, the meetings should not be held in tall buildings.

Anonymous said...

Down here in the states our mayor wants to welcome Syrian refugees - the same mayor who delights in performing sodomite weddings. Further proof that sin makes you stupid.