Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Oh Father Charamsa, look how lovely, your vestment is ready. Father, are you there?

There was a bishop in a Canadian diocese once asked, "Is it true, Your Excellency that half of the priests of the Diocese of Nameless are sodomites?

To which the now Emeritus replied with a sigh. "If it were only half."

If this piece of shite was only made for Sodomite Charamsa and now languishes on a mannequin who would care. Alas, it exists in a liturgical store in Rome, Manicelli's. 

I encourage all the Sodomite priests of Rome to wear it. I encourage all the sodomite priests in any diocese to buy one and wear it with PRIDE. 

Come out boys, Come on out.


Eirene said...

Oh dear! Surely this is a bad dream! It reminds me of the time
towards the end of last year when the Parish in which I reside here
in Australia (Brisbane Diocese) put a cardboard cut out figure of Pope Francis in the foyer, holding a rainbow flag in his hand with "Welcome" on it!
Despite protests from faithful Catholics; requests to have it removed; a registered letter to the Pope at the Vatican (receipted!but never anwered); e-mails to the Archbishop Mark Coleridge
and an e-mail to the Australian Nuncio, nothing whatsoever was done
to remove it for three months. In fact, it was carried around to
another church in the parish and decorated their foyer also for a spell! The perpetrators of this outrage kept insisting they did not know that the Rainbow was the international symbol of the LGBT movement! How parochial! Kyrie Eleison!

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

Perhaps it should be noted this is a customized vestment with the rainbow insignia and not the official version. It's still sad nonetheless a retailer thinks there is a market for this abomination.

Gabby said...

Genesis 9:13 I will set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be the sign of a covenant between me, and between the earth.

If we can still sing "Don we now our gay apparel" at Christmas, why should we give up this Biblical symbol because it has been co-opted by the LGBT population?

Dymphna said...

Okay. They've made it easy for us. If you walk into a church and see that vestment get up and leave.

Barona said...

The fact that there are Catholics out there who deny that there is a massive sodomite infiltration in the Catholic priesthood plays inot the hands of the sodomizer clergy.

Does your priest speak out against abortion, contraception, homosexuality, sexual sin? If he doesn't be very, very wary. He is not working for Jesus Christ; he is working for the coming of the False Prophet. If your priest talks abut vague, abstract notions of "social justice", if he drones on about "climate change", but is silent about the change from life to brutal death for unborn children at the hands of abortionists, or turns a blind eye to sexual immorality through silence: be warned: he is not working for Jesus Christ, he is working for the coming of the Antichrist.

Vox Cantoris said...

Gabby, the sodomite rainbow is six colours. God's rainbow is 7.

Anonymous said...

Will Fr. Rosica wear this chasuble so that he can "meet" and "accompany" all the sodomite priests?

God will not be mocked!!! One day judgment will come to all these sodomite perverts and enablers (priests, bishops and popes) in the Catholic Church. We pray for God's mercy on them but His justice will be served.

God will not be mocked.

Anonymous said...

The logo is the official one for the Year of Mercy, approved by the Pope himself. A closer look will show it is rather bizarre, but I cannot say if it contains anything "bad."

It's clearly an attempt (a failed one in my opinion) to look artsy and mystical together with a psuedo-Picasso post-modernist flair. Months ago I did see a detailed explanation of the symbolism, with comments by the artist, not sure where (possibly Vatican site for Year of M?)

I think we in USA on the thrilling pulse of popular culture (ha) do now link the rainbow with the homosexual movement? But I hesitate to project that on others from other cultures, as it's a shame to deprive anyone of the lovely Biblical connection if that is all they imagine in a rainbow. Is it clearly a homo sign internationally???

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes! It has six colours, God's rainbow has 7. See the difference?

Anonymous said...

There is an eye shared by Jesus and the sinner in that logo, it is evil and strange to make a common eye. It is done purposely that way, to conjoin. It is communistic and abdominal art, unholy and not accidental.