Friday, 16 October 2015

Who was this Judas Bishop? Someone knows who this traitor is - Out him!

From Rorate:

From Yves Daoudal:

During the daily briefing of the Vatican Pravda on the Synod, the Spanish language spokesman gave an account of a "deeply touching" moment of the interventions before the plenary assembly, according to La Republica, whose journalist Antonello Guerrera says on Twitter that, it's "the story that made the Synod cry." [sic] (This is also on Vatican Insider, that speaks of "emotionally strong words.")

As everyone knows, since yesterday afternoon, the Synod speaks of nothing else, once again, than of "remarried divorcees"... Well, then, a bishop (whose name is not said) spoke of a first communion mass in which a little boy, receiving the host in his hand, broke it in two in order to give half to his father, because the latter is divorced and remarried, and cannot therefore receive communion from the hands of the priest...

When do we reach the bottom so that we can begin to climb back up? [Source]


Anonymous said...

Broke it in half?......huh.
Pray for that family, they clearly do not understand what they have done. Pray for the Bishop and priest, for it is said the devil delights in the torment of pastors.

And, of course, nuclear facepalm. Blessed be God, protect my faith!

Damask Rose said...

Yes, indeedy. The lay-led Church. The people will be making up their own Church. I take it someone removed the Communion piece from the divorced father.

TLM said...

This story is again disturbingly disgusting as it is confusing as well. Was this a 'Bishop' who gave this intervention? I did read the entire story on Rorate, but they didn't specify. It sounds far fetched to me, but I guess it shouldn't seeing the schizophrenia we are witnessing coming out of this diabolical Synod. And it made the 'Synod Cry'?????!!!!! Ugh!!! The WORST DESECRATION OF OUR LORD MADE THE SYNOD CRY!!!! For the WRONG REASON!!!!!How sick and twisted ARE THESE PEOPLE????

I've seen this called the Sodomy Synod but more generally should be called 'The Satanic Synod'.